Anthony was leaving the Colosseum, and took out a chip with a picture of a quill on it. Apparently he moved the quill off of the PET onto a chip, mainly because it can probably be used as a bargaining item. He puts the chip into one of his pockets, and then pulls out a time piece with a faded engraving of an angel on it. He opens it up, and looks at the non moving clock. Anthony sighs, while the thought of 'why do I even do this when I know it has been broken for at least a year' went trough his head. It was more out of habit then anything, as it is one of the few items of his father he had. He closes it, and puts it back into his pocket.

Anthony was walking on to one of the subways of the area, using his PET to look at the BBS boards in Internet city, mainly to check on that whole mission thread. Unfortunately he wasn't paying much attention to where he was going, and ended up bumping into someone, causing Anthony to drop his PET onto the ground, and the man as well. But before Anthony could go to pick it up, the man he bumped into bent over and picked up one of the PET off the ground. The only thing that stood out about the man was his white hair, and the fact his face seemed familiar. He handed it back to Anthony, with an "I think you dropped this?" Anthony took it, said sorry and walked off. After that, the man picked up the other PET, thought the hat looked familiar, and went on his way. The only problem was... they had the wrong PETs.