Hello every one

Welcome one and all to the Tutorial BBS!

My name is Polonius and I am here for the sake of teaching! Me and my navi DNR.EXE have traveled far and wide throughout the nets and have encountered various threats, from Metools to the Misty hand viruses, we've seen a lot. We ask that people post problems with viruses and either me or my navi will answer telling a tatic that could work well against the virus. Think of us as an virus busting thinktank.

Good luck and good fight
((I'm going to wing it and possibly throw myself over a cliff for this. :'D))

Hey Hey! How are you all doing today?
This is Fujiwara Shin, your local Ace Netbattler with some troubling news!
Though first, this is a good opportunity to thank my friend Polonius for making this Homepage of his.
So, let's get to the problem shall we?
You know those tricky Honeybomber viruses, netbattlers? If you don't they look like this:

Now the thing is, if you attack, they attack back, so you'd best get rid of them in one shot! But what chips are good for this? Even an Ace like me has trouble.
So my doctor duo friends? What say you?

-Fujiwara Shin

P.S. Red says hello.
Hello every one! It's the white blood cell with your reply ol' shinie! Huh.... Red getting a bit red with bee troubles? Interesting... Of course fire chips will light her fire enough to over take these bees but thats not fun, no siree! Now these things aren't very strong so their attacks won't do much. Now the trick is that they need to receive damage in order to attack right back, so any strong chip can do these guys some good damage. I once saw somebody use a Flameline chip to ravage them down in one shot, what I would have done is a quick pirouette to the side to avoid the bees and some whacks with a normal, ordinary sword. Course if you can't afford the bees you can always try to either one shot or dodge as much as possible, for me a good dance number always soothes creatures of the forest, true fact. I believe this should do it mister Shine, tell Red the bonnet needs a bit of blue to match her disposition! hehe.
Oh, well well well DNR, that turns out to be some great advice.
Not that I'll have the chance to use it soon, but hey, some things can happen.
Wa hey! You new netbattlers out there, take some advice from Polonius and DNR.
Happy Busting!

-Fujiwara Shin

Blue's not my style DNR-san.

Now, I don't have a hat handy to tip, but as we speak, I'm toasting you, Polonius with my coffee (which happens to be earning me a few odd looks from my fellow coffee-holics) for making this Tutorial Board.

Well, my Navi and I just landed in some area in ElecTown; don't even ask how I got there, as I would've had to get my Navi, Binary, out of Battle Routine, and jack him out and in again, with a different set of coordinates. I assure you that I did none of this.

And lo and behold, I got off-topic. Anyway, this is our first time in ElecTown's Net area, and we really have no clue of what to expect, aside from Netpolice and Netmafia. Could you and your Navi by chance give me a few tips on which viruses to watch out for, and how to beat them accordingly? My navi's Normal-element, so I don't have to worry about elemental advantages, but all the same, mind giving me a few clues?

-Chris Lemrock, Executive Coder and Programmer of SciLabs-

Well thanks mister Lemrock, well as for Electown I have seen so far these kinds of viruses: the always commonplace Metools, Cactys, Volgears, Billys, Larks, Honeybombers, Magneakers, and the handy Hanz viruses, those hands can pack quite a punch so I'd be wary of those.

Now comes for the elemental advantages, now I know your normal and thats fine and dandy, but Wood type attacks reign supreme in this area any wood chip at all can do some serious damage to the Magneakers. Volgears are of the heat variety so aqua chips would do the job nicely. Metools on the other hand, I think everybody has experienced those so I'll skip onto the Billys and Larks. Well Billys are of the electrical variety as well, so a Ringlog chip would more than help these guys, I received one for my navi over at Netopia. Larks are of the aqua variety, if you've done a bit of busting here I'm sure you would have received chips that would kill them in one shot! Their attacks however are nothing to sneeze at, while Billy's are weak, their electrical shocks can inhibit movement and Larks have a wide area advantage with their attacks. I believe that should cover everything, so there's your answer Chris.

Sorry to interject but for everybody whos reading this here an advice from the White blood cell: Do a little reconissance in as many networks as possible, you can accomplish getting chips for a wide variety of situations and getting a well rounded feel for your best area. Also: Nanununanu!

Polonius Carbonium & DNR.EXE
Volgears are Heat, not Elec. Send a Wood attack at them and its likely to be incinerated before it can even reach its target.

Err... not to burst your bubble but I stated that they were Heat and yes I said Aqua chips would work.

Then you must have changed it after I pointed the true element out. And thus I'll do the immature thing as well and call you a cheater and poopypants. How you like them apples?

mmh, can't we just move along, Wes? So a mistake happened. Big deal. Now, let us act reasonable and forget this ever happened and continue with the tutoring.

- Polonius
Either way, whether Volgears are Fire or Elec, I tip my coffee to you once again, Polonius, and you too, DNR. Thanks a heap.

-Chris Lemrock, Executive Coder and Programmer of SciLabs-

H-hello...Umm...previously, my navi and I went into a battle with an opponent. It would seem that the opponent was too powerful for now and has horribly damaged her system. I was lucky to jack her out before she was deleted...but she is in bad shape. I'm told that her data from her body will soon heal back together but her arm...hehehe...it would seem that it keeps falling off before hand. We've tried different methods to keep it in place for the data to reform but it tends to not work. Y-your a doctor and your navi is...I think its something in the medical field. What do you think I should do?

-Aida Ambridge

-Capuchin is too busy to notice this letter
L-let's see... you need the d-data to reform but having trouble to d-do so... W-well if you could m-meet my navi he'd have it m-mend in a flash but sadly we don't know e-each other... I could email you a-an ap-p-p-plication that can stitch her up... I'll need your e-e-email though...

- Polonius

P.S. excuse the type, I'm a bit sh-shy.
D-Don't worry...s-so am I...y-yet I am tending t-to become better at m-y stutter-ring problem. I-It's all thanks to m-my navi Capuchin. So I th-thank you for any help you give me.