Dear DNR

Well hello all you webbies!

It's me DNR, just trying something new, think of this place as an advice column. Helping with busting is just one of the many things I want this place to help out with! Whether its girl trouble or that pesky nagging mother, I'm here to help!

Hey DNR,

This is Zan Espial, Runeknight's operator. I'm not sure if you can really help, but I was wondering if you knew anything about Navi corruption. I know such things happen when exposed to DarkChips and the like, but have you heard of Navi corruption that is attributed to regular BattleChips? Basically, I am just wondering if you, or anyone you know, have experienced any such phenomena.

~ Zan
Interesting dilemma Zan, I always attributed darkchips to alcoholism but regular battlechips? Hmm.... maybe .... I do remember a time with a collegue of mine who had corruption from a simple aquasword chip but... err... maybe the possibility lies with the manufacturer of the chip or maybe even the owner? Is that chip yours or did you received it from somebody else?
I received it from someone a few months ago. It's a RageClaw BattleChip. In battle, it works similar to any ordinary RageClaw; however, it seems to affect a Navi's personality, making them more bloodthirsty.
Well there's your answer dude, find that someone who gave it to ya. Now this is just a possible theory but hear me out: The owner's navi's data may have combined with the chip data. Now now, before you disable my theory, think: do you remember how chips usually work on navis mister Zanny? That's right they combine with our data and allow attacks possible on us. There may be some way of having the adverse effect: a navi's data interlocking with a chip. My guess is a faulty chip that allowed this.

Yes...That seems quite possible actually. However, it will take some work to track down the previous owner of this BattleChip. Supposedly, it was dropped off at the police station, along with a few others. Not impossible...But difficult.