Special team

I am sorry if this is the wrong board, but I would like a partner of one of the below types. If you accept, please tell me which of these types best suits you. You do not need all qualities of a type, and you can have some of another, but the majority should be of one type. Most importantly, their power should play a big part in it, but their attitude should be equally important. Appearance isn't everything.

Dark - powers that involve dark energy, death, or negative status effects' evil-seeming navis; the ability to hide in, see in, and utilize darkness; "true battlers"(only care about defeating the enemy); etc.
Light - powers that involve light, healing, or support; kind appearance and/or attitude; "true heroes" (only care about others, will sacrifice themselves); etc.
Spirit - powers that involve ones soul, life and death, or knowledge; having telempathic abilities (can detect feelings); "true visionaries" (care about others, but care about all beings as a whole, rather than just one person; will make choices that may seem to jeapordize a navi's life, though knows the outcome will be important and will most likely save everyone, including the endangered navi)

I have two reasons for this. One is that I want a partner that I can count on, and the other is I am looking for a friend like one of them I used to have. ((OOC) I will reveal more about this in one of my RP posts)

Also, my appearance is somewhat frightening, so please don't go running around in circles, screaming, and sending virii after me when you see me.
(Sorry about double posting)

Holding on to memories is important, but you cannot replace lost friends. I am surprised at you for attempting that.
-Ray Shade

I apologize, master. I will not, however, close this. Instead, I would like anyone who wishes to be my ally to join me at SciLab Net. They do not have to be any of these types. They just have to make sure not to freak out about my grotesque appearance.