Has anyone seen any anomaly viruses? There seems to be subgroups of viruses, like they are evolving. I've heard of things like this happening, like Metool2 or SpikeyEX, but I mean ones that appear just like normal versions, but aren't. Here is what I mean:
I recently picked up a weird data signature, and I had ScytheMan follow it. What I found was interesting - just two normal Spikeys, but it was led by a Metool! This Metool was a lot smarter than most seem, issuing commands to the two Spikeys, beeping some kind of code to them. When the two Spikeys were confused, it looked at them, and decided to take up the initiative and attack. When that happened, the Metool looked annoyed (if possible...). I fought this particular group of viruses in ACDC Net.

Let me know if you have had any similar encounters.
-Ray Shade

I must admit, the virus was much more experienced than any Metool I have ever seen, though I also admit I haven't seen mny Metools. It led the two Spikeys to attack me, and it wasn't confused when I ran around in circles, switching between GMOs. I wonder if there are any more commander viruses, and I take finding out on as one of my life goals.