Posted by: majinbooger Dec 24 2006, 12:12 PM
I think we have a problem. you all may become targets soon. Please allow me to explain.

A while back, Soulman and I were assigned a mission. The discription made it sound simple enough: sneak into the Onsen without being seen and replace the lens on a camera. We were assured that the Onsen would be empty.

As we arrived, we noticed something was immediately amiss when the Onsen was not empty, but occupied by a male navi and what seemed to be his own personal harem. Soulman snuck around, using a few chips as distractions to cover his journey. As he reached what he thought was the camera, to both our surprise, we found that it was actually a large weapon. Finally noticing Soulman, the navi sent a few henchmen at him. In response, Soulman activated the weapon, which then fell into the pool and began to cause the entire area to boil. The navi ran as Soulman tried to deactivate the device, to no avail. He then turned his attention to untrapping the female navi stuck in the bubbling bath and used a key that the IPC had loaned us to open a secret passage, allowing their escape.

When we reported back the IPC, they merely yelled at us for screwing up the mission. They didn't take responsibility for the lack of information that they had provided us, such as the presence of the group as well as the weapon. Annoyed at being left in the dark, we managed to track down one female navi who we thought was one of the girls from that incident. When we arrived at her homepage, we were surprised to see that the girl did not recognize Soulman and seemed to be fretting over something else. Realizing it was a trap, Soulman managed to throw together a quick plan to evacuate the navi to my PET while he stayed behind to face the beings that would dare to us a girl as bait. Two heelnavis came out of the homepage, one sneaking up from behind while the other hid behind a Rockcube in front of Soulman. Incapaciating the navi out in the open, he then placed the navi between himself and the second foe. The navi behind the cube then launched it forward, taking out his comrade while hitting Soulman as well. Now in a weakened state, I was forced to use recovery measures before Soulman unleashed a devastating attack, which made the navi flee in fear. However, before he left, he threatened us, saying we were now targets, as well as those close to us. He also mentioned his boss's name, "Garundo".

I'm not sure if he realized that we were the leaders of Requiem, but if he did, anyone known as a Requiem member would be a target. I'm especially concerned about Ayumi and Capuchin, since the enemy is not above using women as hostages. I'll do everything I can to look out for each of you, but since I'm only one person, I urge you to be careful and if you're not confident you can defend yourself, travel in a group. I'll be looking into this instance very carefully and try to make myself as big a target as possible, so that they go after me first. If there are any furthur questions, please ask me here or seek me out.

-Majin Wes

Posted by: Blue and Slashman Dec 24 2006, 01:16 PM
Bad news indeed if he knewn your the lead it's put us all in the line of fire we better look out for each other and be real careful what we do on the net

Posted by: DeathByInfinity Dec 24 2006, 02:02 PM
If it's necessary, we'll help keep some of the weaker members from being target. Whether it means helping defend them or making ourselves bigger targets as well, we'll do what we can. Just say the word.

-Duke Rigel.

Posted by: RevivedSin Dec 24 2006, 02:42 PM
I see.
That what that random mission I requested was about.
I'm about to install a new technique to Shuilong, hopefully it'll increase our attack range and capability by a lot.

Yes, call us when the time comes.
Unless we're stuck in the tournament.

Posted by: King Dec 27 2006, 01:28 PM
I guess now's as good a time as any to upgrade Fenrir. If they come after us, they'll get nothing but the sharp end of a katar.

Katar? What?

Posted by: Valience Dec 27 2006, 06:25 PM
"Well, this certainly isn't a good situation to be put it. Although I doubt we'll have trouble holding off any goons, I'd feel better knowing that Aida and Capuchin are safe. Not that they aren't strong, but just better safe than sorry."



~ Ayumi

Posted by: RevivedSin Dec 27 2006, 06:32 PM
I'll check for that.
If I have the time.

Posted by: P.A. master Dec 31 2006, 04:14 PM
... Yeah. Okay. Thanks for the heads up, fearless leader.