Most Wanted

For your convenience and to help promote the safety of the Net, I am going to create dossiers on any NetCriminals that are active in the Net. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide accurate information regarding NetCriminals in order to protect your Navi in their day to day activities.

((Disclaimer: In no way does the NetPolice condone the use of this bulletin to promote illegal vigilante activities. If you see one of the Navi posted on this list, do not engage. Please contact the NetPolice immediately. This is for the safety of you and your Navi.))

Navi: Alias "326J"

Wanted in connection with malign viral manipulation, assaulting a Police Navi, resisting arrest and malign viral creation. Considered armed and dangerous. Usually accompanied by several "Fusion-Class" Viruses.

Description: A corrupted NormalNavi clad in fractured blue and purple armor. Grey skin with white eyes. Four long, black arms protrude from suspect's back, giving him a spider-like appearance. Damaged vocal synthesizers resulting in corrupted speech patterns. Speaks in third person. Very territorial. Warning: High possibility of mental imbalance. Proceed with caution.


Navi: Stunt.exe
HP when last seen: 1000 HP
Description: Purple hair. A red bandanna on his head. And what would otherwise be normal clothes: a gray t-shirt, black jacket, black pants, and some red shoes to complete the outfit. This is Stunt. One of the former Rogues. Stunt's got all the attitude of a pervert, and the skills of a master trickster. Stunt, oddly enough, doesn't use weapons, aside from the occasional bomb or two, and his Smoke. He, instead, likes to let his fists do the talking. Has an odd tendency to give his opponents weird nicknames.


NetOp Name: Rayth Ayori
Aliases: U.N. Owen, Benjamin Beige

Wanted in connection with several acts of NetTerrorism, including the NetSquare debacle of several months ago. Suspected of the attempted murder of a sixteen year old boy, vehicular manslaughter, several counts of armed robbery, grand theft auto, resisting arrest, arson and assaulting a police officer. Believed to be armed and dangerous.

Former Navi: Chaos.Exe(Alias: Naviman, RegalMan) ~ Status unknown, believed to be deleted.

Current Navi: Unknown

Description: Suspect is tall and lean with an athletic build. He stands at a little over six feet and weighs approx. one hundred and ninety pounds. He has short, dirty blond hair and green eyes. His right arm and hand are badly scarred from a fire.
Added something of a recent encounter Zan.
Do, in fact, contact the NetPolice when you see this guy.

-Fujiwara Shin
Allow me to thank you for this information. Any knowledge of these NetCriminals brings us one step closer to their capture and allows us to better protect the denizens of the Net.

~ Det. Zan Espial