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Lights fade in on a Christmas scene: a small set, familiar from the small scale previous events featuring Holly in a talk-show like setting, with three over-sized red armchairs arranged at diagonals, with a round coffee table in the center. A fireplace burned hot in the background, adding another orange back-glow to every object in the dim-lit room. Red-and-green-striped wool stockings were hung on a mantle-piece above the fire, displaying the names "Holly," "Oxybelle," and "Lee." The rest of the wall surrounding the fireplace appeared to be white plaster, but it was mostly hidden by the darkness covering the corners of the room. The carpet was red and shag. More of Holly's signature Christmas-themed decor was spread around, as Holly tended to decorate all of her events, with a big, tinsel-trimmed fir tree, presents underneath, and a plate of Christmas-y gingerbread cookies atop the table. Beside the left-most armchair, a giant, lump burlap sack was sitting, presumably filled with Holly's signature toys. All in all, it looked quite festive, season or no season.

Also worth noting were three wooden rams: one was shaped equine, a bit like a Trojan horse, with proper a saddle and rectangular bases with wheels replacing hooves. Another was much larger, shaped like a tank, with a deer's head sticking out from the upper center part of the front, rolling on treads. The last was shaped like a very tall, broad-shouldered man with a wooden body and, again, a ram's heads. All three were decorated with bell collars and red noses for the holidays. The decoration looked amusing on them, as their blocky shapes and thick-armored (albeit wooden) designs were clearly intended for some kind of combat. Navis sat in each of the seats, preparing for an introduction...

The left-most woman wore a red Santa-suit dress, including a crop-top and mini-skirt, buckled around by a black belt; all of this identified her as Holly, the event organizer. The outfit was trimmed with fluffy, white fleece at the hem of the skirt, the top near the breasts, and at the openings of her matching gloves and boots. A black choker circled her neck with a sprig of holly hanging down, which similarly adorned her gloves and boots, as well as the ball of her Santa's cap. Her shape in the skirt was fetching as always, with the pink skin of her thighs, arms, and neck showing clearly, as well as on her smiling face, framed by her bobbed, chocolate-brown hair. Her eyes were bright blue and almost always shining with enthusiasm for some subject or another, as befit a show-business professional. "Welcome, everyone! i hope you're having as spectacular an evening as I am, with great company and warm feelings," she began, almost cloyingly cute as she clasped her gloved hands together. "For those of you who missed our live show donation segment, my name is Holly. I'm associated with the NetMafia, but today, we're putting all of that aside for the common good."

The next girl was much shorter, less filled out, and a good bit younger. Her hair was white, big, and pretty round, curly like a sheep's, with black horns sticking out forward in thick curls. Her outfit consisted of a brown, long-sleeved wool sweater, along with black, close-fitting pants, and high-topped brown shoes. The pants included suspenders over the sweater, decorated with bells like reindeer reins. Her eyes were big and bright green, pretty, but with a slightly nervous expression, as though she was unused to being on camera. Sitting back in the seat rather than leaning forward like the other girl, she looked even smaller in comparison. "Thank you, Oxy, my name's Hollybelle. I-I mean, my name's Oxybelle! I'm here for the NetPolice, to take donations. Although we already finished that and this part is... oh, um, we'll talk about it later," she murmured, grabbing a cookie from the table and holding it quietly without eating it.

"And you all know me! I'm General Lee, from the Neo-Shogun Empire!" the final girl interjected, jumping up from her seat and raising both arms energetically and nearly spilling the coffee table. "Well uh, maybe you don't know me, since this is my first donation drive." Bob-cut was the style for the night, though everyone wore it a little differently. Lee's hair looked a little messy, like she hadn't brushed it after washing, and unlike the others, she had an Electopian complexion with brown eyes. While Holly had a soft, girl-next-door body and Oxybelle had a petite one, Lee's build was athletic. The outfit she wore included black mittens, knee-length black boots, matching short-shirts, and a heavy, puffed up white jacket over a white tube-top. The print on the tube top said "NICE" in big, red letters, though right now the "N" was covered up so that it looked like it just said "ICE." Topping it off was a red scarf and a flat-topped cap, a great deal shorter than Frosty's top hat would be, but evocative of it. It was an eclectic look, but she didn't seem concerned about that. "The donation drive is over! Sorry if you missed the live show, but let me tell you, we made out like bandits!"

"Indeed we did. But for a good cause! As always, we collect donations for needy navis at unoperated shelters. The chips can go directly to management there or be turned into cash to support investments by those centers. If you missed it, don't worry; we do it every year, or they'll be happy to accept your donations any time," Holly added, motioning for Lee to sit back down. "Oh, before I forget: I'd also like to introduce Zazz, our cameragirl, off-screen. She's always so good to volunteer to do that for us, thank you Zazz! Also joining us are Oxybelle's creations: Bertram, Ramiro, and Ramses, in that order," the mafioso added, pointing to each from left to right.

"Impressive, Holly! Most can't do that on first meeting," the riding ram, Bertram, spoke, clapping his wooden block mouth up and down, a man's voice projecting from inside.

Ram reached one hand out to stroke its muzzle and nodded in agreement. "That's true! They all appreciate it," she reaffirmed. "Anyway, for now, this is..."

"For those of you who missed the live portion, we ate a buttload of cookies! No girls should ever eat that much cookies-" Lee began, waving one finger.

"... 'Many' cookies," Holly coughed into one fist.

"-without doing some exercise to burn it off! Heck, I exercise all the time, sometimes even when I'm eating. Anyway, the best thing we can do right now is lose those pounds, and we're going to help everyone at home do just the same!" the general insisted, leaping back up again. "Luckily, we've got the perfect exercise machines right here! Zazz, who is also our camerawoman for the night, is gonna be remote controlling Rammy, Ramrod, and um... Rambo over here, and they're going to be our gym equipment for tonight! Oxy says she's programmed them all to help her exercise too... though, uh, she looks more lean than she does mean, ha ha ha! Anywho, let's show em how it's done! Get a flat belly like me! Woo!" she insisted, shrugging off her coat and placing it onto the chair behind her, bending over for a moment to do so.

Suddenly enthusiastic, Oxybelle hopped up. "I'll start! Bertram here's my ol' trusty, he knows how to do it," she giggled, moving her hand from the creature's muzzle to run along its side a few times, before reaching up with both hands to pull herself onto its back. Once she'd gotten situated in riding position, she grabbed the reins and looked towards the screen. "This is like a rodeo! It takes a lot of stamina to stay on. I'm going to need you other two to move out of the way a bit so there's room, just in case I fall off," she insisted, motioning for the other rams to get their distance by shooing with one hand. "It's more of a work-out than you'd think. I suggest you folks who don't have a mechanical ram try it with an old fashioned horse. How about it, Bertram, you ready?"

"Ready as ever! Please activate the program, Zazz," the ram agreed, with a slight Creamland inflection to his voice. After a moment the creature began to rock up and down, very slowly... an odd movement for a riding horse. "Er, I'm not sure that's quite the correct function you've picked out there, I appear to be in manual control," it continued.

The camera zoomed in to focus on Oxybelle from a lower view, as she bounced up and down on the increasingly speedy wooden ram frame, which was now switching from rocking just up and down to now incorporating a thrusting forward motion as well. "N-No, wait, I think something's being done wrong. B-B-Bertram! S-S-Stop!" she wailed, clutching onto her ram's neck and poking out her butt, while the camera swung around to get a better view. As the speed continued to pick up, it became apparent that the thing was not only bucking in a provocative motion, but now vibrating as well. "N-N-No! Th-Th-That's...! Ah!" the little girl continued, notably red faced as her lower body bumped up and down on top of the saddle.

"Zazz... Zazz!" Holly hissed, stepping up and heading towards the camera. The feed cut.

For a moment, the picture flickered back on, showing an image of Holly shaking someone off-camera with a worried expression. "What are you doing, why are you-?! No one was watching? Oh, viewers? What do... oh, so we need to... right, I guess we usually do something like that. So-"

When the camera came back on, Oxybelle was back in her chair, hiding her face in both hands with a red glow evident through her fingers. She kept her knees together tight and sat very still. Behind her, the ram coughed, then spoke up. "Apologies, Oxybelle, I wasn't aware I was capable of doing something like that," he insisted. She calmed down, sighed, and stroked his muzzle again. It seemed like her outfit had also changed during the break... She was now wearing doe-brown pajamas with a fluffy reindeer tail, which looked cozy, but also a little snug, even on her petite frame.

Holly, who was now dressed in a red bikini with similar adornments to her other, including white fluff around the cleavage and the legs of the bottom, with a black belt still around the hips, in turn stroked Oxybelle's shoulder encouragingly. "I'm sure bull-riding is great exercise for those who have the resources! How about it, Lee? Are you and Ramiro ready for the next event?" she asked, looking across the table.

The general, who was busily snacking on more cookies she'd need to burn off, was now dressed in a smaller crop-top, now showing "NAUGHTY OR NICE?" in smaller letters, the same hat, mittens, and boots, but also shorter shorts. These could appropriately be called "hot pants." "Yep yep! Alright, Ramrod, we're going on next! You gonna show me how you got your name, big boy?" she joked, slapping the creature twice on its broad side, laying on the innuendo a little thick and again picking the wrong name.

"... What, Ramiro? My name's Ramiro!" the tank growled, clapping its mouth up and down angrily. "But yeah, I'm ready," it grumbled, extending out something like a long parking brake underneath. Two more came out on either side of the back, then the hull slowly rotated around its circumference, leaving the head upside down and the treads facing upward.

"Pretty cool, huh? You can use this one like a treadmill! And nobody burns it up like me except, uh... my sister and Yasu who both run faster than me. But my stamina's better than anybody's! You better believe that!" she cheered energetically, climbing up top by vaulting in a two-handed handspring. "Start em up!" she insisted, then began running in place. It looked like a simple enough treadmill. "There's a couple of tricks to getting the most out of this exercise. You can just use a regular treadmill, of course, no need to use a weird tank!"

"Who're you callin' weird?!" the ram ranted from underneath her.

"You, you weird reindeer thing! But yeah, the trick is to do it uphill! Give me a little incline, Rudolph!" Lee insisted, matching the tilt with seemingly little effort. "Now you gun it! It's gonna take a little more exertion to keep going and not slide off, but if you're feeling the burn, that just means it's working! Hoo! Yeah!" she cheered, now jogging at a brisk pace. "Aaand... Okay! Yep! Little high there, buddy!" she warned him, now having to really motor both legs to stay upright. "Okay, this is getting into running up mountains territory which is really more of a ninja thing than a samurai- Okay, seriously, cut it oooout!" Yelling out, the general fell onto the treadmills, reaching out with both hands to catch something of the sides and hold herself in place. In the mean time, the treads didn't stop, instantly tearing off the thin shirt she was wearing and sending it flying out towards the camera's view. It left a black, strapless bra in its place, and she pulled up just in time to keep anything from being slung off, but it was clearly all mangled. "You perv, turn off your stupid treads!" she cried out, as the camera crept up for a better look at her, slowing swinging around the side to reveal...

Holly appeared again, holding her hand up in front of the camera. "Zazz, quit it! You've got to- Oh? More people are watching? We're actually still getting donations even after we cut off, huh? Uuuum... What do you guys-

When the screen came back on, Lee was sitting with a grumpy expression, crossing her arms across her chest. She'd switched into an even smaller white tube top, basically covering just the breasts, with "NAUGHTY" written across in sexy red letters. What had been booty shorts had been replaced by a tight, black bikini bottom, riding a little low on her hips. Her entire front, from her face down to her belly, was tattooed with the red imprint of tank treads. "You uh... You guys are lucky I'm the coolest general in the Shogun's army. Cause I'd be pretty mad right now if I wasn't such a cool girl," she warned the others.

"Sorry, that did look pretty painful. I've never seen him... malfunction... like that," Oxybelle answered, with a knowing look at the camera (or the camera-woman). The little girl was still dressed in pajamas, but now reaching all the way to hands and feet, with a big hood down behind it as well. A red nose had been attached as well. It sort of seemed like her dress code wasn't being updated along with the others...

"Everyone, please be careful not to let anything like that happen if you're going to utilize a treadmill yourselves. I suggest you adjust incline and speed in moderation," Holly added, doing her best to smile pleasantly despite the subject material. She'd redressed (or been redressed) into a bikini made of red wrapping ribbons, terribly suggestive, double-wrapping the breasts and forming a V-shaped bikini on the lower body, with no other accessories except for holly sprigs hanging from bows tied at strategic points on the pieces. She seemed to be taking it well, though her cheeks were a little pink. Apparently, one never got used to this type of thing, no matter how many times they did it. "Now I'll be demonstrating another exercise. One-on-one sparring with a friend, just a friendly tussle or even a netbattle, is a great way to stay in shape," she assured everyone, standing up from her armchair and walking over to the last ram, the humanoid-shaped one named Ramses. "Are you ready?" she asked, turning her back to the crowd at 3/4th, revealing that the bikini didn't offer much coverage for her round, shapely bottom.

"Em, yes, but I should warn you, if anything should happen, just remember that it's, er, not strictly me doing it. I mean, you are beautiful, so I'm sure anyone would- well, no, I mean.... I don't want you to think I don't think you're not attractive, but I'm not a pervert or anything," the ram-bot protected his case with her, sounding amusingly bashful while hulking over her at nearly twice her height and more than twice her width.

"Yes, I'm aware," she giggled. "But if you take me lightly, you'll be the one who regrets it!" With that warning delivered, she reached both hands out and summoned a black wire, decorated with Christmas lights, which lit and unlit in alternating patterns of red and green. She held it up, taunting him to make the first advance; he did, shooting both hands out from his body and inwards towards her. She responded by sliding forward, very agile, and reaching up, wrapping the band of lights around the creature's thick arms. She tightened it on, then rose up, sliding her back against the creature's front with a determined expression on her face. If the creature had any thoughts about that provocative touch, he didn't get to speak them, as the girl used the leverage to kick the SP's leg out from under it and judo-throw it over one shoulder, hoisting it by the lights around its wrist.

"Bwaha!" the ram snarled, slamming into the floor with a thud that sounded like it had likely done some damage to the set. The SP was so big that its feet nearly crashed into the armchair Lee was watching over the back of as it fell. "Well done!"

"Yes, thank you," Holly huffed, wiping sweat from her brow. "That's quite a body you have! Good weight," she continued, keeping a smile on despite the exertion from the activity she'd just demonstrated. "Now, I know everyone doesn't have a large machine like this to wrestle with, so- wait, I'm not done?" she asked, turning back towards the camera. As if in answer, the first ram, shaped like an actual animal, lurched forward, dipping its head down to catch her in the butt. "Ah! Zazz!" she called out, hoisted up onto the SP's head as the cranium shifted between her legs. Not stopping, the SP carried her onward and dumped her in the direction of the tank. The tank, in response, opened up across its width, revealing a cockpit, likely where Oxy sometimes sat as a means of protection while using it; it had a small profile leather seat. Only, when Holly went in, she went in head-first instead. "I-I don't recommend sparring two on one, unless you're very confident about-!" she began, before the cockpit closed back down, sticking her upper body inside the machine while her backside extended out towards the camera, covered only by the excruciatingly erotic red gift wrap. Whatever she was saying, it wasn't apparent, as her voice disappeared inside of Ramiro's body.

Finally, the third robot, Ramses, rose back up to its feet and moved like an SP possessed, snapping the cord of lights around his wrists. "Sorry about that!" he apologized, ironically, before grabbing up a length in each hand and tying a new loop. He snatched hole of Holly's legs and slipped her out as the cockpit of Ramiro opened slightly, then he lifted the half-naked lady into the air and slightly above his head. It quickly tied her wrists using the lights, then hung the loop from one of his antlers. The next step was to grab hold of each of her legs, indecently high up on her soft thighs, and spread them apart. "Sorry! Sorry!" he added, realizing the lewdness of the new pose. "Can't do anything to stop it! Oh wow, but this is... Whoops! Sorry!"

"Oh Gosh! Zazz, stop! I submit, it's coming loose!" Holly protested, noting that the extreme and sudden fit of wrestling robots was causing her various bows to come untied; they were now only draped tantalizingly across her body, jostling slightly further out of position with each move the robot made. It began to bounce her slightly in that position by bobbing its head, causing her impressive bosom to sway with each motion. "Zazz! This is no time to be admiring how impressively responsive the remote controls are, turn it off-!"

As the next scene opened up, there were no new costumes. Oxybelle was seemingly busy reprimanding the robots, though it wasn't clear why, if Zazz had indeed been behind controlling all of their actions just now. Ramses continued to apologize, kneeling and pressing his head heavily into the floor, prostrating himself. He seemed to be taking the blame for the business, for whatever reason.

Lee was leaning back in her chair, finishing off the cookie plate. "Wow! Do all of these things go like this? They do? Wooow! I guess I shouldn't laugh, though, you could say the same about a lot of the stuff that I end up doing! Fwa ha ha!" the general guffawed through a mouthful of cookies. "Hey, do I get to make a plug before this is over? Join the Neo-Shogun Empire if you like stuff like this! We have stuff like this all the time! Well, minus the part where a treadmill tries to pull your face off," she amended.

"No, no plugs, please," Holly sighed, her face almost as red as the one that had literally been burned when it was pressed against a moving treadmill. She'd again been reduced to just holding her burlap sack over her body for modesty, as the gift wrap was now draped across Ramses' big body instead of her own womanly one. The camera moved this way and that, trying to find an angle that wasn't guarded; she shot it a glare and it seemed to shrink back to big picture mode. "Well, um... Thank you all for your donations earlier and for all the new ones! I'm glad you enjoy this sort of... thing... and I hope we made your after-snack exercises that much more rewarding. Hopefully you'll be thinking about everything you showed us while you're working up a sweat, even if it's just by your lonesome before you snuggle into bed!"

"... Um... Did you mean that like...?" Lee asked, tilting her head curiously. "I mean, uh, I think they're gonna do it anyways, but you mean like when they're spanking it, they're supposed to-?"