The Lawton Jr. Unoperated Navi Shelter

The Lawton Jr. Unoperated Navi Shelter is known as an object of curiosity to many experts on the Net War; while it was founded by a retired policeman and stays open by the funding of several known NP sympathizers, it receives frequent visits from the Creel family and the Mafia has become popular amongst several of the navis there.

Right now, the small building complex is mostly empty. Most of the attention is focused on a festive red curtain, framed by white fluff. The curtain hangs over a stage where Holly, Rank 1 of the Creel Family, has prepared to put on a performance with a few of her Creel family subordinates. The Creel members hang around backstage discussing the upcoming performance while the orphan navis gossip out front. Musou's coordinates bring him down backstage...

Three navis stood backstage, worrying that their fourth supplemental member would fail to make an appearance. The first and most clearly upset was a short girl in a red and yellow bodysuit, overlapped by vibrant red armor. Her emotions were clear in that she had pulled off her helmet, revealing her messy orange hair, and was tugging at it as though overcome with grief.

Attempting to calm her was another slightly taller girl, a much more shapely figure with chocolate brown hair. Her outfit consisted of green clothing like an elf's with bells on the neck, gloves, and boots.

Near the back stood a tremendous creature with a body consisting of a green ball of armor atop a giant gloved hand. Extending from the top of the ball was a small black pillar with a smirking, inanimate face sketched on. The navi scratched at that appendage with a mechanical glove extending from inside its armor on a tube-like arm. He didn't really seem as worried as the others, but perhaps that was just because the closest thing he had to a face was frozen in a vacant grin.
Following the link he was given for the mission, the martial-arts navi appears in a flash of light and energy. He blinks and looks around, trying to get accustomed to his new surroundings. Clearly he wasn't used to appearing in the middle of a building, let alone backstage with three colorful navis already around him.

He was loosely filled in on what the job was but not the details so he gives a slight bow and says simply "Hello. I'm Musou. I'm your extra member, for today at least. What do you need me to do?"
"Oh, thank goodness! We were having quite the dilemma since, as you may know, one of our members cut out at the last moment. My name is Holly; it's good to meet you, Musou," the brown-haired girl introduced herself. "JankenMan over there and I are part of the Creel family. My friend Zazz from Teksqp is also here to-"

The frantic girl didn't seem like she was willing to let someone else handle her introduction. "I'm Zazz, expert in pyrotechnics! And fireworks! And magic! A-And probably improv plays too, but I don't know yet!" she exclaimed, shaking his hand vigorously. She seemed way too wound up over nothing, grinning from ear to ear while flashing eyes that looked like she had just downed a few gallons of coffee.

"At this point I should mention, for everyone's benefit, no weapons or 'attacks' are allowed on te premises due to the shelter's policy. So Zazz, please don't think about fireworks right now," Holly requested with a smile. Her friend made a face like she was hurt, then smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

"Hey, does this kid have any experience working for others? We're all performers in some capacity but this kid..." the creature near the back spoke up in an annoying, lazy-yet-arrogant way.

"It shouldn't matter... The important part is just to stay animated!" Holly reassured Musou. "We are going to do a sort of improv play, Musou. Basically, we all have roles and the audience calls out actions we have to act out. This gives them a feeling of involvement, besides hopefully entertaining them," she elaborated. "I brought costume .GMOs for a prince, princess, witch, and a story reader. Besides the princess, you can be basically whichever you'd like. The reader will speak with the audience."

"I also brought costumes though! Mine are a lot flashier! The crowd would love them!" Zazz butted in.

"I see... Um, okay, we will use those,' Holly replied. She seemed like the type who had a hard time saying "no." "So what do you think we should each be, Musou?"

Zazz waved on hand in the air to garner attention. "Make me the prince and Holly the princess! B-because we're the best actors!" she pleaded.

"Wait, I have performing experience and I'm a guy. I should be prince," JankenMan spoke up.

"No way, you'll get booed off the stage! And how do you qualify as a guy anyways?"

"You wanna play rock paper scissors for it?!"

Holly sighed, then turned to Musou with an apologetic smile. "Would you mind deciding? It sounds like they need a tie-breaker," she whispered.
Musou blinks again, at the flurry of attention this time. Though he is definitely here to help, he can't help but be somewhat tense, since he was told ahead of time who this Creel family belonged to. The comment about them all being performers to some extent wasn't wasted on him either. He shook his head though and just kept telling himself "Today is about the orphans, not me or the Mafia".

He smiled sheepishly to Holly and said "Ohh Holly? I've heard of you. I've sent in a couple chips to your holiday event now, your replies were always cheerful and insightful". He is taken aback at the sudden handshake but catches himself and returns a nice strong handshake. He believes in strong handshakes. And he is a melee type who has a boosted power. No, he isn't trying to break anyone's hand or hurt people but he does have a rather 'firm' handshake. "P-Pleased to meet you Zazz", he says.

He glances back to JankenMan and replies "Hello to you as well. Acting experience? Not really, but I am a martial artist. Quite a lot of that involves memorizing actions and striving to master my own movements and emotions through hard training and practice. I can appreciate and relate to what you are doing"

A dilemma is put before him and he quickly switches to the thinking on his feet mode that he uses in combat so much. Anything to forget that these people belong to the Mafia. He opens himself up to the flow of energy coming from the actors, the stage, the orphans and anything really. And surprises himself at how easy he finds it (since part of it is now done passively).

"Holly. You are friendly, sweet and approachable. Traits orphans expect in a princess. You be the princess". He turns to Zazz quickly and continues "Zazz, you are full of lots of energy, great at special effect and ready to have plenty of fun. You would make the perfect witch. Don't think of it as being a nasty role either, your going to be driving the whole story forward. Just a prince and princess? Boring. You add intrigue and depth".

He turns to JankenMan and adds "JankenMan. Your right, I'm not trained as an actor and if I jump into improv, my muscle memory is as likely to make me break or blast something as it is perform. Also? Your Holly's friend and, though you have a good voice for narration, you would be good playing beside her. Use that strong voice and presence to be royalty. But remember, it's for the orphans so try not to be completely dry and dull. Powerful, sweeping arm motions and a firm stance. Be the hero".

Musou scratches the back of his head and says "I guess that leaves me as the story reader. I'll try not to let you all down, but no matter what happens, it's your guys great acting that will get us by. It's all for the orphans". He pauses for a moment and gives a sheepish grin "I don't know how many times you guys have done this before, your probably way more experienced and all, but you did ask me to decide".
Everyone seemed fairly pleased with their compliments, although it was impossible to read JankenMan's expression. "I'm going to be the prince? Oh, yeah, it makes sense, I have seniority," he agreed, shaking his long wooden head up and down in a clumsy imitation of a nod.

"I guess I do have the best special effects. But it will be a shame when the witch steals the show, huh? Or maybe it will be an exciting twist? Maybe it will be hailed as a triumph of creativity! I'm going to light up the stage with fabulous magic!" Zazz cheered.

Holly laughed, then gave her friend a pleading smile. "Let's see if we can stick to noncombusting magic, okay?" she urged Zazz. "Anyways, that setup will be fine. Let's go ahead and get our costumes ready. In the mean time, Musou, why don't you head around front and scope out the audience? Not that I think it is likely, but occasionally some thugs from the families show up to give me a hard time when I hold these events."

The three went to dress into costumes while Musou wad urged around the front. Navis of all shapes and sizes occupied the area, talking busily. The idea of "orphans" had been somewhat misleading. Most of the navis weren't children, at least not in terms of apparent age. Thankfully, nobody had any particular action to seeing him emerge... almost nobody, anyways. One navi scampered forward from the back to greet him.

"Citizen! A moment of your time?" the navi cried, waving one white-gloved hand. It was another woman, again fairly short. She was dressed in white armor, covering her legs, arms, head, and body in a presumably inefficient one piece swimsuit style. Her long, brown ponytail swung behind her as she ran forward. "I'm DimensionGirl White. I noticed you're not with the Mafia and I wanted to talk to you."

She finally pushed through the crowd and into speaking distance, pushed somewhat uncomfortably close (her face revealed that she was somewhat uncomfortable with it as well). "I'm a member of the NetPolice Public Safety Department. The Mafia you're working with back there are high profile members of their respective families. My problem isn't with them; the problem is the potential for someone to hide in the crowd and use this as an opportunity to try and create chaos by taking a hostage."

She lowered her voice, a tad too much to start with; she had to get in closer to speak quietly. "Unoperated navis make the perfect hostages because they lack the mechanism needed for self recovery. What I need you to do is watch the crowd while you perform and give me a sign if you see anything suspicious. Any kind of sign is alright, so long as it does not create panic and lets me know who the culprit is."

As they were thus seriously engaged, another navi bumped her from behind, pushing her so that her face collided with Musou's. It would have been the complete cliche if their lips had locked, but instead, it was more like a headbutt. "I-I apologize, citizen!" she stuttered; the helmet seemed to have protected her fairly well thanks to the slitted medieval visor, which had made the headbutt a little worse for Musou than it otherwise would have been. "At any rate, please do this... I made a mistake in the past that nearly got some orphan navis killed. I have to make it up to them somehow."
Musou nods at the other navi's brief discussion, pleased with himself that it went so well. He looked out over the audience, beginning to pan his extraordinary senses around the area, until suddenly he finds himself approached upon. Pretty close too. Too close for comfort. He doesn't want to outright strike anyone in this room but nonetheless he clenches a fist and prepares to defend himself if he has to.

"Er, e-excuse me what are you-", the navi begins before being cut off by her hushed whisper. As he listens, his fist begins to unclench but he remains weary. Yeah, she says she is with the Net Police, but lately Musou wasn't sure whom to trust. He processes what she says and nods, at just about the time she 'nods' too, helmet into his headband, hard. He winces as he leans back and gives her a frown.

She quickly apologizes and he grumbles "Yeah, it's alright-" and motions her off "I'll see what I can do. Honestly though, you should just stand right at the front door and watch everything in plain view. Let them know who you are and-" but she had walked off to go back into the crowd. Musou sighs and shakes his head.

The martial artist turns back to he curtain and glances behind his shoulder partially with a glance, which Kenji takes as a question look, for his advice. The boy speaks in a quiet tone, to not tip anyone off and to not upset any of the crowd who didn't have an operator "Honesty is the best policy Musou. Sneaks want to hide in the shadows? Pull em right out into the light. Or cast it over em all. Anyone you see that's fishy? Maximum audience participation"

The navi nods and ponders for a moment, before heading backstage. He arrives, covering his eyes just in case anyone isn't decent. He has no idea why they wouldn't be around each other, but he isn't going to judge. "A-are you all decent?" he asks. At any rate, he quickly goes on..

"We might have a problem. A woman from the audience says she is with the Net Police and says she thinks one of those 'thugs from the families' you mentioned might be here to grab an unoperated navi as a hostage. Try to have fun when you do the show, but if you guys catch anyone doing anything.. Ehh.. Illegal? Let me know or just offer out of the blue to involve the thug in the show. Full audience participation, eh? We might make 'em embarrassed and leave.. Or at least separate 'em from any possible victims"

He scratches the back of his head, finally lowering his hand to see if not only people are decent, but if he has been talking to thin air for a minute or two now.
"Listen, I would do it if I could, but the Mafia isn't going to want an NP officer on stage with them during the play," the girl in white explained. That sounded like an assumption. "The front door is useless as a vantage point right now because of the crowd. You'll only be able to see them due to the elevation of the stage." That part sounded like fact. "Thanks again and please, try to keep an eye out!"

The navi hurried away as Musou rejoined the actors backstage. Nobody was indecent... well, at least not intolerably. All of the outfits were sparkly and ridiculous, with JankenMan looking ridiculous in a gold, curly wig, crown, and cape. Holly didn't have a wig but was in similarly gaudy attire. The low bustline of her dress may have been intentional, as the other girl, Zazz, now seemed to have her eyes locked there. Nobody was giving much attention to Zazz's miniskirt, although it was quite mini. The flashy giant hat and staff sort of drew the eyes away.

Holly greeted him again, then listened to his concern. "There are other members of the mafia who don't like me, but I would be surprised to see them go to such lengths, knowing that would make them permanent enemies of the Creel Family. Perhaps the NP officer meant other factions? Honestly, outbursts from NP sympathizers are one of my big problems during these shows," she sighed. "Thanks for the information though. Let's be very careful and try to keep the audience on a fast rotation. That will keep any malefactors on their toes!"

"Any other questions, bud?" JankenMan asked. He sounded like he was torn between his usual moody grumpiness and thankfulness for the role Musou had cast him in.
The martial artist looks around at the actors for a moment, then nods to Holly in reply. He says to JankenMan "Just one. I know I'm the 'narrator' and I assume there's a book or file out there on a podium waiting me to read from.. But how do you want the audience brought into it? Maybe just give them little choices from time to time? Or am I going to be open for random shouting?"

Afterwords, he adds "Oh. And not a questions but.. Way back in the day I would have demanded to know why decent navis like yourselves were even associated with the Mafia, but I've had some.. Eye-opening experiences lately. I think I've switched to a 'weary of individuals', instead of a 'weary of entire factions' kind of guy. I can see your all doing what you can from your end to make things better. Kinda appropriate that your using Mafia resources to do it. Definitely some irony there".

He looks to Holly "Yeah, long story short, there's jerks and terrible people on all sides. The bad eggs in the police just get to hide behind a badge".

Trying to break from his little speech, which was as much thinking aloud as any kind of statement, he says "Costumes look great" and follows with "Let's get this show going eh? Oh and Zazz? Friendly reminder again: don't burn the place down". He turns to head out to the speaker's stand, trying to keep his composure as to not blush after seeing the revealing attire of Holly and Zazz. Focus. Concentrate on the show. Watch the audience, he tells himself.

As he settles into position, the navi smoothes down his gi and tightens his belt. He glances over the crowd with a warm smile, but at the same time his extra-ordinary senses are awake and feeling out for any viruses, mounting hostility or hidden weapons.
Holly gave Musou a sincere smile but remained quiet. It seemed like she had something to say but knew they wouldn't be able to much chat about it. It might be the time constraints holding her back. The others didn't mind talking, though.

"The concept of the event is that you call on people to provide scenes for us and we act them out... they chain into each other. For example," JankenMan explained, giving a deep, habitual sigh, "we are entering a cave. You ask 'what's in the cave?' and then call somebody from the audience to give you a suggestion, like 'dragon' or 'money.' Then we act it out. You can narrate the story too, but remember the golden rule of acting: don't talk while somebody else is talking. You also have to lead us off and start the story, just so you know. No pressure."

"I only regret that the audience has to miss out on my witchcraft and dragon breath! Isn't it tragic? It's sad for me, but worse for them!" Zazz babbled, her face a mask of misery and regret. She soon flipped her frown upside down and scampered up the stage, just barely managing to stop herself a nose length away from the curtain. The other navis followed her up more gracefully.

it was now just Musou on stage with the others waiting behind the curtain. "Introduction first... and you can set up the scene too," Holly whispered from behind the curtain. The navis were still mostly distracted and talking amongst themselves out front, so he would also have to get their attention. At least no danger or double was popping up yet.

((You will be rated on a number of factors that will change as the performance continues:

Satisfaction: 20%
Involvement: 0%
Security: 100%

These will factor into your reward at the end. Satisfaction depends on the quality of the show. involvement depends on participation and how engaged the audience remains, as opposed to distracted. Security depends on how safe the audience feels. Maximize each of these if you can!))
The navi swallows and looks out over the audience again. He didn't really have to say anything last time and now he has to try and keep everyone's security in mind and things in order. He mumbles to Kenji "I could use a hand here, Sensei".


The boy responds quiet enough for Musou to hear, tweaking the sound settings on his PC to have his voice heard from nearly within one of his navi's ears, almost like he is speaking through an ear piece. "Uhm. I can't really tell you anything but keep brave and push through it with guts-" He is cut off with a bit of talking in the background and suddenly a voice, much too loud of Kenji's mother, Mrs Kobayashi, speaks up. Whatever she says the first time just gets a wince and ringing in the ear as the martial arts navi slaps the side of his head lightly.

A moment passes and in a much calmer, quieter voice she speaks up again "Musou.. I didn't know you did oral interpretation! This reminds me of my college years. Need some pointers?"

Kenji responds quietly also "It's not interpretation, mother. He is on a mission. He is the narrator for an improv play to help out some navis who don't have operators.. And the audience gets to throw out ideas too and guide things".

Mrs Kobayashi puts her hand over her mouth and laughs lightly "Ken, that's still oral interpretation, at least on his part. He has to sell the event after all. How many actors are there? Is it improv acting pairs?" She seems way too into this and Musou is running out of time.

Kenji quickly whispers "Mom, there's three actors. Princess Holley, Witch Zazz and Prince JankenMan. We could use a hand, we are fighters, not-"

His mother cuts him off again "Janken? As in rock-paper-scissors? Oh, sorry" she (barely) surpresses a giggle and clears her throat calmly. Pointing at the screen as she rapidly talks, she jabs and slashes that finger like a sword, quickly cutting through the conversation as she guides him "Your improving as much as they are, just pretty much do what I say and say what I say. If you don't want to thats fine but don't blame me when you get laughed off the stage or worse".

The navi swallows hard as he listens. Time to get this show on the road.


Musou clears his throat and speaks loud and clear, though not too loudly, he hopes. "Hi there everyone! Thanks for coming everyone, and thanks for having us! We have a real treat in store for you tonight... A fun round of interactive storytelling!" The navi makes sweeping motions with his hands held high, sort of a 'taa daa' but not trying to be too cheesy.

"My name's Musou and I'll be your guide on this little adventure" He takes a short but quick bow with but a moment's pause for effect. And now the moment you've all been waiting for, let me introduce our stars. Their fate is in your hands tonight" He signals for the curtain to open and display the actors (he hopes).

"Starting off, we've got everyone's friend, the sweet and beautiful Princess Holly! Is she really pure good or is there something fishy going on? Lets find out together"

He lowers his hands and flashes the audience a grin. He begins to rub them together wickedly "And where there's light there's darkness. Our feisty, and powerful Witch Zazz! Is she truly evil or just misunderstood? That's up to you!"

He drops the grin and puffs up his chest, grabbing the collar of his gi as if he were pushing out a suit jacket. The throws everyone a confidant smile and says in a somewhat deeper voice "Last but definitely not least is our heroic and mighty Prince Janken! Does he ride off with the Princess? Maybe the Witch? Anyone at all?? Who knows what lies in store for him"

Resuming his friendly and rather unimposing stance, he waves one hand over to the actors as he keeps his eyes on the audience "Now.. Who wants to start us off? Will it be magic and mayhem? Romance and rhetoric? Anyone?" He gazes out over the audience, waiting for the first suggestion. Somewhere on the other side of the PC, Mrs Kobayashi is grinning to herself.

((For the record, unless it is not allowed or blocked, Kenji is taking screenshots of all parties involved. Holly, Zazz, JankenMan, that NP lady and a few shots of the crowd))
The audience laughed at all three of the actors as they arrive onto the stage and gave their bows. They laughed at Holly because they knew she was good-natured and could not have any ulteior motives. They laughed at Zazz because her goofy theatrical bow and giant hat were hard not to laugh at. They laughed at JankenMan perhaps mean-spiritedly, because neither handsome nor brave were descriptors that really seemed to match him.

Hands went up as people scrambled to throw out their bid for starting scenario. Some people didn't raise their hands at all and instead just called things out. Musou was blasted with the perhaps too plain "they're having a banquet," the cliche "they're fighting a dragon," the bizarre "they're conducting a witch-hunt," and the overly bawdy "wedding night!"

Holly gave Musou a smile, figuring he might be overwhelmed. Zazz was already singularly focused on the crowd, trying desperately to avoid talking out of turn. JankenMan turned to Musou hopefully, praying that Musou would choose Wedding Night, which might be as mean to Holly as it would be nice to him. Hands waved in the audience; Musou spotted a jester near the front who was trying damn hard to make himself noticed. Further in the back, a guy in a motorcycling jacket was raising his hand with amazing patience. Elsewhere, another kid was standing on the head of a man wearing a skull helmet, waving his arms enthusiastically. Musou would have to call on someone or just take a suggestion.

There were still no obvious security risks, unless you counted the numerous men wearing biker jackets, a cartwheeling jester, or a guy with a helmet that looks like a skull as one.

Satisfaction: 30%
Involvement: 20%
Swallowing and trying to not look nervous, Musou taps his ear a couple times as he looks around at the crowd. It was a sign to his operator and his mother, saying What the heck do I do now?.

Mrs Kobayashi looked over the crowd Musou was seeing with glee, feeling a sensation akin to her old stage days with a satisfied crowd in front of her. She just grinned sheepishly and pressed her hand to her mouth to suppress a light giggle. Yeah, she was going to be no help here. Kenji bit his bottom lip and looked around, moving his head to an angle or trying to adjust his view out of habit, since he was staring at a monitor.

Kenji hesitates but eventually says "Uhh I dunno Musou. About half the room looks suspicious but this is a place run by the Mafia so.. We shouldn't really judge, everyone deserves a chance to be happy. Why don't you pick the biggest, meanest looking one in the crowd?" Behind him, Mrs Kobayashi smiles at her son and ruffles his hear, eliciting an exasperated "Mom, Hey" from the boy.

Musou clears his throat. Biggest, meanest one in the crowd. Was he trying to flush out the culprit? Or was he just trying to be nice to someone who looked too tough to get any favors normally? Either way, Toughest.. Toughest.. he said to himself as he raised a finger and passed it around the room a couple times for dramatic flare before landing upon...

The patient navi in the back, wearing a motorcycle jacket. For better or for worse, he would be starting them off tonight. "You Sir! In the back, with the awesome-looking jacket. Why don't you start us off?" He knows more then a few people will be dissapointed and quickly adds to the rest of the crowd "Don't worry, we will give everyone a chance if we can", with a wink.

He glances to the actors and nods, giving them a just-audible "Good luck guys. Have fun"

From the 'earpiece', Musou can hear Mrs Kobayashi say "My, there are some rather.. Dashing types in there hmm?" She must have a secret thing for the 'bad boys' in biker jackets. Kenji, having no idea what she is getting at mumbles "I can't tell if any of them are speed types, yet". Both go silent as they are now apparently mutually confused.
The navi, who did indeed have an impressive, black, leather jacket with spiked shoulders, held his same expression and shifted on his feet, looking contemplative. "How 'bout the prince loves the princess but she don't love him, so he talks to the witch to get a love potion," he suggested.

JankenMan nodded, indicating that made sense, and started right up. "Princess Holly does not return my affections! So radiant is she and yet so cold, she does not return that which I give so passionately! If only there was a way that I could-!" JankenMan started in a hammy voice. Before he could get very far, Zazz interrupted.

"That's a tall order, Handy! You're going to need one strong love potion to get her with a finger- er, figure like that. Don't worry though, I make the best potions this side of the oceans!"

The audience laughed, watching her tilt back JankenMan's head and pantomime force-feeding him a potion. She pretended to clack it against his fake face, peeked in closer, then opened the head up vertically like a door. She then poured in her invisible concoction.

"I wonder what will happen to me?!" JankenMan cried out, trying to lead the story along despite his predicament. Hands went up again, this time with fewer suggestions yelled out because they'd.seen how it worked. The jester was still going at it like crazy. Another navi, a young girl dressed like a knight and standing next to the NP officer from earlier, was waving her hand. A heelnavi near the front was also raising his hand, looking sort of out of place among so many orphaned custom navis. The kid atop the skullman was also enthusiastically butterflying both arms. Everything good so far!

Satisfaction: 50%
Involvement: 40%
Security: 100%
Musou chuckled at the actors and spoke out to the crowd "What will happen indeed?" He gets out that finger of his again and starts waving it around "My my, so many people with great ideas in the crowd! Keep em comin", he says as he finally lands on the kid atop the skullman. "Lets hear from... You kiddo! And my compliments on your choice of seating this evening!"

He noticed the sense of urgency in the clown in the front and wondered if he should be weary or not. He should probably pick him next but he wasn't going to let anyone's appearance trick him. Or he was trying to not let it happen, anyway. At any rate, everyone seemed happy so far.
The guy below the kid smiled in a surprisingly compelling way while the kid became calm and quiet with a big grin... For a second or two. Then the kid flailed his arms and chanted his suggestion: "the prince explodes! Boom! The potion makes him explode!"

Zazz received the news with shining eyes, but all of JankenMan's many hands were waving in panic, indicating that they needed another suggestion. "How about he turns into a frog? Less mess," the skeleton-head man suggested, seeming to understand the problem.

JankenMan nodded enthusiastically, then bent his lower body hand so that it rested on four curled fingers. "Ribbit," he announced, amazingly casting aside his prideful nature in favor of not having to explode. He gave a big, thudding leap forward by uncurling and recurling his giant fingers. The audience liked that enough to forget the fiasco.

"Ha ha ha! That look suits you!" Zazz guffawed. "I wonder how you're going to get the princess now! You were all hands before and that was bad enough. Now they're all webbed hands! It's a tragedy for sure!"

Holly gave out a small sigh of relief, feeling satisfied just to see that JankenMan hadn't been made into fireworks. Out in the crowd, the same suspects were raising their hands (or cartwheeling), along with a newly active cloaked navi to the far right. It was impossible to make his identity out, though.

Satisfaction: 65%
Involvement: 60%
Security: 95%
Musou sighs, he hadn't expected anyone to offer up anything outright malicious. Especially considering he was picked th fun-looking the kid and not the creepy skull guy. So much for normal navis with normal suggestions. Maybe he had to be a little careful who he chose after all. That clown and the random psychos in the audience were looking a lot less tempting. Then again, so were young boys. Jeez.

Um maybe what they needed was- "Oh no! The prince has turned into a frog, what in the world will happend next?" The finger goes around the audience again, as Musou tries to keep a friendly and fun smile on his face. Finally he settled on the Knight girl, standing next to the NP officer that talked to him earlier. "How about you, Miss? How will the prince get out of this mess? Or will he at all?"
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The girl bobbed her head, along with its bouncy golden curls, then started into a long sprawl of what should happen next. It wouldn't be so bad, except that her voice had some obscure accent that made the emphasis of her words sound foreign. She was also speaking very quickly. "Ah, when you have ze prince in such a predicament, ze only cure for problems of amor is more'a ze amor, no? Oui! So to turn into ze most handsome prince he needs ze most amorous kiss of ze beautiful maiden, no? But no, I will not kiss him, so he needs ze kiss of ze princess and must trick her to get it! He asks ze witch for another magic potion! C'est magnifique!" she announced proudly.

JankenMan stared back blankly, apparently having failed to interpret much of what was said. Zazz spoke up, perhaps having a better idea of it. "Well, it would be too easy to give you the handsome prince potion, you know? It would cut our play short and that would be a tragedy for sure! So instead, I'll give you this special tablet that will make the princess kiss you! The catch, however, is..."

She trailed off dramatically. JankenMan himself seemed pretty interested to know, as did Holly. More hands then ever went up, many from the same crowd, but some new ones as well. One was a creepy looking doctor in a surgical mask. Another was a whole crowd of dudes with long hair that covered their eyes... otherwise, they looked like normal navis. One of them also had angel wings, which looked very out of place. Another navi wearing a beekeeper suit also joined in.

Satisfaction: 70%
Involvement: 80%
Security: 95%
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Musou chuckles lightly at the reactions everyone is giving. They seem to be having fun and that's what matters. And, hey why not? He softens up a bit as he points to the clown near the front, that he passed up a few times now.

"You there! What fun twist does fate, or at least the Witch, have in store for our Prince?"

He had no clue how he was expected to find a navi up to no good in this crowd. So many looked mean or up to no good. But he was in a shelter for unoperated navis supported by the Net Mafia, so... Well he just kept his eyes peeled and his extraordinary senses alert.