Welcome to my archive. I've compiled here my operator's ongoing efforts to produce a valuable, worthwhile story. For your part, reader, we would love to hear any recommendations you have, regarding story ideas you'd like to share or input on this archival material. Thanks, everybody...

- Slay.EXE


#1: The Resurrected and Rejected

Synopsis: Heaven and Hell await the dead. Men are judged by their deeds and enter into one plane or the other. But what happens to those who want a second chance, to go down and do it all again, straighten out their life, then become heaven-bound? These are the Resurrected: zombies who rise from their graves. They lose sight of their own identity and attack living humans. One they enter the afterlife, they're judged evil and sent back down as Resurrected again, due to their transgression of attacking others. The Resurrected roam the earth... And their numbers are growing!

Feedback: Gordon, this is a good place to start because the title echoes the success you can expect from this story: rejected. And then resurrected, because you keep asking me about it. Then rejected again. This story has become the horde of zombies that inhabits it. It will never stop returning and it will never stop hurting people.

Grade: 0/10

#2: Deepest Ocean Depths

Synopsis: A creature as old as time, living only to kill... It bred itself into creation and armed itself with infinite, unimaginably sharp teeth, each lining it's innumerable mouths, scraped by its countless tongues. This creature lives far beneath the ocean, where no man has ever encountered it... It may never be seen by human eyes, even past the end of time. It is unseen and unknown, producing no effects that would alert mankind to its presence... but still it lurks and ways beneath the oceans.

Feedback: I feel bad for the monster... because he apparently never attacks anything, based on the story synopsis. You are going to have to concede the point that the monster's presence must, in some way, be realized by humanity, if you want this to get a better grade.

Grade: 1/10

#3: Wired for Death

Synopsis: An investment banker receives a message from a foreign dignitary, asking him to wire money into a foreign account for a major return on investment. As he enters in his life savings, he discovers on his bank statement that the transfer of the money is draining minutes of his lifespan with every dollar moved. When he tries to cancel the transfer, he faces a cancellation fee: his mortal soul. Calling the service line, he discovers a hefty charge for the representatives time: a minute of his life drained for every minute spent on the phone. His attempt to seek legal counsel culminates in a spine-tingling, life-shortening surprise...

Feedback: Where to begin...? It's a bad concept to start with, nobody would answer a stupid chain letter like this, and does he really have to be broke AND dying? And are we talking an additional charge of minutes of his lifespan beyond the ones he's using on the phone call to begin with?

Grade: 0/10

#4: The Cutting Room

Synopsis: A brilliant writer feels that his ideas and stories are his blood and bones... a shame, then, that his editor is hacking them to pieces! With every cut and change that his editor makes, he feels another part of his own body severed, hears it bleed and hit the floor... how can he save himself from an entity who accepts nothing?

Feedback: Gordon swears this one is inspired by a TV show he saw... I think the villain sounds intriguing, but ultimately, this feels self serving and under developed. I think the main character could get out of the mess if he focused on self improvement.

Grade: 3/10

#5: Calling Cards

Synopsis: A city filled with murderous criminals, each with their own distinct calling card. When one gets the idea to start using the calling card of another in order to avoid persecution, chaos ensues. Law enforcement starts a war on its own citizenry as identities become confused and lives are lost to indiscriminate murder.

Feedback: Why did the criminals use calling card to begin with, if they're willing to all swap them to protect their identities?

Grade: 0/10

More to come...