Mill Alidine's Homepage

Despite the possibilities, Mill opted to lock down this homepage as private and create it for little else but online storage of files. As such, there is not a whole lot to behold visually in this square, dull white, tiled warehouse, other than the large wooden crates strewn and stacked around, which themselves are only a graphical substitution for the files being stored within. Rather... there wasn't always a whole lot to behold about this place, prior to Anyis's discovery of it. Having an appreciation for a private space to write things down, she started storing some files of her own, in form of frozen crates that Mill could not crack despite his best efforts. Failing that, Mill responded by installing electrical locks on his own crates, which didn't need to zap Anyis more than once to make her severely displeased. This whole affair quickly turned into a battle of gamesmanship, and to current date, the warehouse's crates are effectively divided in two, with each side having their respective degree of security measures strong enough to make SciLab raise a collective eyebrow.

Mill alloted himself a full-scale automated security system armed with sentries, trip-wires, and all sorts of traps, while Anyis erected a moderate ice fortress that exudes a cold so bitter that few but herself can even approach the crates within. Magna only curiously observed this increasingly unnecessary defense of a private homepage for a while, but eventually desired some storage space of his own. Mill and Anyis mutually agreed to grant Magna some crates of his own, and as such the golem SP finds his territory smack in the middle of the warehouse, in between the eternally warring Operator and Navi. Unlike them, Magna established no external defense for his crates, leaving them only as a neat collection of stacks for all to see. Fortunately, neither side has or would make an effort to besiege Magna's private files, as both understand that his brute power was enough to probably smash straight through their respective defense systems and their crates within with one good smash. In short, aside from its intended purpose, Mill and Anyis use this contained, private Net-space to grief each other in a figurative cold war, while leaving Magna to his business since the golem could easily crush their little game into microscopic fragments.



(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 2)
(Event: Frozen Crate locks up Mill's explorer, Anyis raids file during reboot)

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Since Anyis seems like a pretty complicated Navi, I'm writing down anything I might need for modification or design purposes later, or whatever about her just seems weird.

--Still don't know her exact age, but Anyis is definitely over 50 years old, maybe closer to 75
--Measurements: Height 5'4", Hair 10.4", B/W/H 31/23/32
--Is sensative about her age and height, dangerous to bring up
--Her physical abilities far exceed her body type
--The only way to remove her gloves/gaunlets is a direct edit of her programming, seemingly
--Has a strong distaste for sweet foods, despite the artificial nature of a Navi "tasting"
--Has 3 siblings: younger sister Euthenia I gave to Lilia, somehow or another my father has the younger brother Aecher, and I haven't met the older brother
--Surprisingly concerned about appearance given her personality, making GMOs more complicated than I'd like
--Extremely (over)confident in almost everything she does
--Does have an acute fear of electricity, though, despite being more ice-oriented than water
--Very defensive over gender comparisons, i.e. don't tell her "only a man can do this"
--Probably has been digging around my computer more than she should be
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 3)
(Event: Electro-Lock trap knocks out Anyis and melts a Frozen Crate, Mill extracts file)

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Too many things to keep track of now, writing down the stuff I shouldn't forget.

--The Prog in charge of the apartment water heater has been instructed to take a break on the third Thursday of every month exactly 5 minutes after Mill gets in the shower. Occassional re-instruction is needed so Lilia doesn't trigger the event if she takes a late shower that day.

--Magna is currently possessed by a ghost of a character file from a fighting video game. Conditions will occassionaly be met that force Magna to quote attack lines from Ultra Backalley Brawler 9. Ghost should not remain for more than 4 weeks, else it might become permanently ingrained in his systems.

--The freezer in the kitchen is currently running at 150% power. 3 consecutive days of thawing each month are needed to relieve stress on the power grid, but otherwise I love the climate on its network.

--Mill has exactly 3.76 GB of "private material" located at C:\Users\Mill\Documents\Media\Business\Personal\Research (folder is password-encrypted to his birthday). He seems to have a particular thing for long-haired girls.

--Euthenia's damn flowers have been spreading into my side of the apartment network. Need to talk to her, or otherwise reroute the freezer's climate to her garden.

--It is seriously impossible to dig up dirt on Lilia. I'm not sure if that makes her a goddess or a devil...

--Probably need to call Aecher at some point and tell him what happened with Euthenia back in Sharo... I'm not in THAT much of a hurry, though. It can wait a bit longer.

--On the verge of a breakthrough. If I can get the fridge and ice maker Progs to finally collaberate, I could make... snowcones! Gotta keep the sweet taste out of them, though...

--Mill currently owes me 2 favors. One for clearing the viruses from that infernally hot toaster last Tuesday, and now one for force-finishing his download for that dumb video game he likes so much.

--Still need to transfer that memory file I wrote to a crate in here. Better do that soon.
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 12)
(Event: Publicly issued by Magna to Operator and Mother Unit)

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The following data has been compiled over a 6 month period, prior to and after the establishment of the Mother Unit. Omissions in the data set are largely a result of my temporary period of deletion. My intent is to have this data reviewed by the Operator and Mother Unit, such that its conclusions may be applied to improve collective efficiency.

--Operator's Battlechip selection process is 32% efficient. Discussion with the Mother Unit on Battlechip selection gambles an average of 77% of time allotted to chance for a preemptive strike on enemy targets. Issuing direct orders on attack plans would average 96% efficiency, far superior to seeking consensus.

--Mother Unit engages in combat in 82% of all possible situations, compared to 47% on a Net-wide average. It is highly advised that the Mother Unit investigate alternative, non-violent solutions, as such an extreme deviation from the average poses a safety risk.

--Data on Operator's attention paid to the PET is inconclusive, being spread across an abnormal 7 standard deviations from the mean. A subjective conclusion has been reached that the Operator tries to focus on Netbattle situations, but is easily distracted.

--Mother Unit has yet to yield to the designation of Mother Unit, due to a misinterpretation of the definition. It is merely an acknowledgment of general program structure, as the Mother Unit is the host structure to my Support Program base. Any sociological meaning drawn from the term have been misconstrued.

--A continuous tally of Operator's nutritional patterns have noted that Operator has a slight deficiency of vitamin C. A higher yield of fruit in Operator's average diet is recommended.

--Mother Unit seems unaware that her processing of ghost data is only 98% efficient. The 2% residual will build up in her systems over time, with an effect similar to excess fat cells in a human body. Occasional system purges are recommended.
----Subnote: Residual ghost data seems most prone to accumulate in the Mother Unit's stomach and pelvic areas. Purges may be required more frequently than in other areas.

--Operator's interaction pattern with female human units is flawed. Script branches applied to Unit Lilia can not be further applied to female human units outside the immediate familial structure. Limited observations of Unit Rania have yielded a conclusion of distress on Unit Rania's part due to Operator's course of interaction.

--Mother Unit yields more negative interactions than positive actions, based on recent observations. Unit Euthenia produces high amounts of irritation in the Mother Unit for unknown reasons. Unit MeleeMan yields an excessive degree of competition from the Mother Unit, perhaps due to similar combat specifications. Further data will be compiled as cases arise.
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 4)
(Event: Ice Wall expands into Mill's territory, Anyis captures file)

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To my son, Mill:

I can't really say when you'll read this, but I'm sure a lot of things have happened in your life since I passed away. I'm sorry I couldn't be there after school every day, for your graduation, on your birthdays, when you were hungry, happy, sad... Just keep in mind, though, that you should never be lonely. I always loved you, and still always will even when I'm gone. I'm sure your sister feels the same, as well as your father, despite what you may end up thinking.

Even when you were four years old, you already seemed to be on edge against your father. I suppose that's to be expected, since you and your father are so much alike. I can already imagine the grown-up you frowning as you read that, too! Oric just... expresses himself though his work. He doesn't always explain why he does what he does, but I can promise you he always does it for the right reasons. If I had to guess, he hasn't really said anything about me since I died, and you aren't happy about it, Mill. Just believe me in that he won't forget about me. Honestly, I hope he does move on at some point, because all I can ever want after my life is for my family to be happy. He's probably not going to do that, though, so just do your best to put up with it, Mill. Your father always wants the best for you and your sister, even though he might not alwasy be there to give it to you directly.

Your little sister... Gosh, I'm never going to know Lilia as anyone but a giggling little baby girl. I can trust that you're a good big brother to her, right Mill? Is she doing well in school? ... Is she still in school? I really, really hope you read this before Lilia graduates, at least. I keep trying to write a letter for Lilia too, but it's so hard when I don't know what she likes, what she hates... who she likes, depending on how old she is now. Mill, make sure she doesn't get herself in trouble, okay? You're the big brother, Mill, any boys getting to know Lilia need to go through you first!

... That had to be really awkward if you found this when she is in elementary school... But these are my last words to you, so I swore I wouldn't hit backspace when I started writing. This is what I'm feeling, thinking, wondering... knowing that I'll never be able to say these things to you again. Oh dear, I'm starting to get choked up... Oops, I scared the nurse into thinking I was having an attack. I think I'm going to wrap this letter up, because I'm just rambling now... I can't lie and say that I'm not feeling sad as I write this, honestly. But at the same time, I'm happy, because I just know that my children are going to grow up and live wonderful lives. Whatever you end up doing, whoever you end up meeting... Just know that mom's proud of you, Mill.

--Celis Alidine
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day //Record Missing//)
(Event: Junk data from Mill's e-mail, surrendered to buy time for fortification of other components, Anyis captures file)

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Kendou Exhibition Matches
2 Boxing Tickets
What does Mill like to do???


Hello, this is Rania. We busted together a little while ago; you remember my navi, MeleeMan, right? This Sunday's
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 4)
(Event: Publicly issued by Anyis as apology for capture of ToMill.txt)

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Didn't think you had anything that personal in here... So, I guess I ought to apologize, and to make it even, I'll give you a little something of mine. My hard-save memory banks get filled every once in a while, so I need to transcribe some memories to text to keep my head clear. This is about as early as it gets, so enjoy. Oh, and since we've both got this kind of stuff out in the open now, it's all fair game from here on.


...? What... Where... Hmm. This is a... hakama I'm wearing? It's very traditional... Why do I know that? I...? I see... This is a lot of information to realize at once. were my first thoughts as a disheveled-looking oriental man observed from a strange window in front of me. He was not alone, as several other people could be seen moving around in the window's background, but this one was the only one looking at me currently. He took a moment to mash away at a keyboard... Why do I know what a keyboard is? before turning his attention back to me directly and spoke. "Have you finished booting up?" Despite his appearance, his accent was mild at best.

"Booting... up...?" I said, initially unsure of what that meant. As I heard it, though, knowledge rushed into my consciousness, and suddenly it all started to make sense. I see... 'NetNavi'... Strange term, but I am what I am: an artificial intelligence given form on a digital plane. There are... various intricacies to my design. As I realized my being and situation, I began examining my body. This large hakama covered the majority of my body, but the lower half was overlapped by a dark blue pleated skirt, apparently a staple of this arrangement of clothes. The long, baggy sleeves went all the way to my wrists, but even past that my hands weren't exposed, instead clad in equally white gloves, each with an orange topaz gem embedded on the back. I reached to the back of my head, where I found tufts of purple hair to tug on. It seemed long, as it almost found its way into my hakama's collar. A cursory glance downward as I pulled on the front of my collar gave me all the information I needed on the matter of gender. So, I was a female NetNavi with purple hair, a white and blue hakama, and white gloves with inset topazes. Interesting enough, but... name... name name name... Perhaps this man was aware of my name. He had been waiting on my response long enough, anyhow. "Yes, I believe so. I do not know my name, however." I said to him.

"That's expected, I didn't enter that into your memory banks in advance... Well, since you seem to be running well, I can go ahead and say that your name is Anyis, executable file extension. Welcome to life." he declared, though it was hard to pick up a specific emotion from his eyes, as they were both naturally squinted and obscured by a think pair of glasses. "I am your creator, Shuzo Koyama."

"... My mind is telling me that's a... rather old name. Is that accurate?" I asked, feeling compelled to do so yet unsure as to why.

"It is, traditional Electopian ways seem to have been fading in recent decades. You might have figured as much already, but I designed you around some of those old spiritual traditions." the man called Shuzo told me. His age was hard to pin down... He generally had an air of youth around him, but his face had the worn lines of a more middle-aged person. I felt it wrong to pry that far, so I just estimated him in his early 30s and moved on. "That aside... Would you know the answer if I asked for what purpose you were created?"

"... Allow me a moment to think." I responded, delaying my answer as I began to sort through my still largely unexplored knowledge. Purpose... My mind immediately jumps to the information that Shuzo is merely one member of an unnamed subsidiary of... 'SciLab'? A fledgling research compound that supposedly created the new Net model... Ahh... The base Net model was not designed with a means to manage extraneous data created during processes. As such, an immediate concern was developed when an airborne, flowing mass of this excess data So... "I was designed as part of a system proposal to manage the levels of 'ghost' data on the Net model." I was certain of my answer as I said it, but that certainty itself still felt... odd.

"Yes, very good!" exclaimed Shuzo, sounding enthused by my answer. Perhaps it was mere relief that his creation was functioning properly. "We're calling our proposal 'Project Undertaker', and you are Undertaker Unit 2, Anyis. Unit 1 was completed 3 days earlier, and Units 3 and 4 should be ready soon. You can consider them your siblings, of sorts."

"... Mm." His statements gave me a particular thought, and I opted to voice it in form of a question. "Might I... be able to meet Unit 1, if I am Unit 2?"

"That should be fine... Let me just ask his creator. Clarise...!" shouted Shuzo as he walked out of my only viewing portal to the other, 'real' world. That exit gave me a better view of the surroundings in that room, however. Multiple computer monitors were visible all across the room, and lined up against the walls was server block after server block. My creation demanded quite an amount of resources, did it not...

"Okay," said Shuzo suddenly as he returned, now with a few more co-workers in tow, "You've been cleared to enter the acclimation area, where Unit 1 is currently. Let me just give you a link..." With that, Shuzo tapped away at his keyboard, before a glowing portal split the air open in front of me. This, presumably, was the link.

I stepped through the light, and suddenly I was in a much more open area, lacking in distinguishable walls or a ceiling, showing the off-colored sky above. I glanced around to each side of myself quickly, not noticing anything of particular interest. As my vision returned focus to straight ahead, though, I noticed a humanoid figure lying flat on the ground. This is... Unit 1? my thoughts echoed with suspicion as I approached the prone NetNavi. He was... large... Neither overly muscular nor fat, so I can't call his build much besides bulky... At that point, my budding knowledge dictated to me the inefficiencies of designing a NetNavi out of proportion, though I merely filed that thought away for later consideration. His build was easy to identify, as his main garb was naught but a brown bodysuit. An olive green vest was around his chest, though unzipped, and that article had far more pockets than I found logical. He did wear rubber boots and gloves, the latter of which had sapphires embedded much like my own gloves had topazes, and yet, my attention found itself drawn to his hair. Even laid back as he was, seemingly asleep, his hair stood straight up some 6 inches or so. Its color was a sort of rustic blond... brown? Yellow? A even so slight hint of blue? Truthfully, his hair looked a patch of ripened wheat stalks. A brown headband seemed to keep that hair as straight as it was, though there was also a fisherman's hat strung behind his neck. I couldn't even begin to fathom how that hat could adorn the top of his head. Sunglasses obscured his vision, so I was left unable to tell if his eyes were open or closed. That said, he was not rendered blind by these shading lenses, yet I did not realize it at the time when his sudden voice left me surprised: "... And who are you standing over me?"

After comprehending where the sudden words originated from, I looked down at the large NetNavi and answered. "I am Undertaker Unit 2, Anyis. Are you Unit 1?"

"Something like that... Orpheus is the name." he said with a hefty yawn, affirming his prior sleeping to my curiosity. "Guess that makes you my lil' sis, then... Your face is awfully cold and stiff, though. Try relaxing a little."

"My apologies. I've been alive for all of 5 minutes, so I am... still thinking on several matters." I answered honestly, though this claim of my face being "cold and stiff" was news, as I had not encountered some type of mirror yet. I did have many concerns to deal with at the time, though, so Orpheus was just going to have to cope.

"Mm hm... I guess I felt the same way at first. Don't worry, you'll figure that stuff out pretty quickly..." explained Orpheus as he shielded another yawn with his hand. This time, though, he actually stood up to look at me, albeit slowly. Words were not needed here for me to make an observation that... there was a significant size difference between my older brother and I. "Am I... short?" I queried, unsure about how to feel on the matter.

"A bit. Don't worry 'bout it, though." answered Orpheus bluntly, as he placed one of his rubber-gloved hands on my head and patted it, only reaffirming the difference in our heights. His style of speech was... lax, in a word. It gave me concerns that he wasn't taking me very seriously. Regardless, I left that aside and moved to a more pressing question.

"Is there anything important I should be made known of, coming from the first Unit?" I asked, feeling this would get me cleared up on what my specific job was and how I'd best do it.

"... Nah. Just chill here a bit and think on simple stuff." shrugged Orpheus, almost dismissing my question entirely as he sat back down on the ground. "Our younger siblings will be here in a few days, and they're just going to give us all the same orientation. No real reason to get ahead of any of that..." I came to understand the feeling of irritation at this point, as my older brother was appearing increasingly sloth-like with every statement he made. However, he... had a fair point. Neither Shuzo nor the other creators seemed quick to assign me other tasks, so all I could do was sit and think. I downed myself to my knees and to sit on the back of my heels, and proceeded to ponder a world of information until I too had a younger sibling as Orpheus had me.
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 6)
(Event: Ice Wall triggers Thermal Laser Grid, melts, Mill steals file)

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*extracting files*
*contents: DiagX103928.txt, DiagX103928.mp4*
*playback: DiagX103928.mp4*

A black screen meets the viewer for 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds... "Hey, is this thing even working?" sighs a voice that was clearly Anyis. A sharp banging sound rings out, and then she says, "There. I just had to hit it. Stupid diagnostic scanner..." The picture then comes through, yielding to Anyis's brutish troubleshoot, only to show her clad in little but a towel, standing in front one of Yoka's digital hot springs. A scowl is present on her face (no surprise) as she stares at the scanner recording this video. "I guess I should say thanks for letting me share your scanner, but ugh... how old is this thing?"

"Hrm... I don't really remember, I've just had it for a long time~!" giggles Euthenia as she too appears on screen, sporting the same towel as her older sister. Despite the two of them having discarded all articles of clothing normally on their bodies, Euthenia still has her ear covers on, seemingly unable to remove them. "It's a little slow, but it does a complete system scan just fine, so I've never had a reason to get rid of it~"

"Eh, fine... I lost mine between Operators, so I haven't had a chance to really do a full check-up in a while... Does it really have to keep a video file of the image scanning, though?" questions Anyis as she looks back at the camera with a suspicious eye. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and while it does well to express her displeasure with the situation, it can easily be noticed how defensive her posture is.

"It's fine, it's fine~! Medical records are important to keep, you know~" assures Euthenia as she puts her hands on her sister's bare shoulders, gently pushing Anyis to one side of the device. Euthenia's posture is far less defensive than Anyis's, and it seems as if only luck, be it good or bad, was keeping the younger sister's towel pinned to her body, as she is making no effort whatsoever to keep it in place. She ultimately stands upright on the opposite side of the machine, making it painfully obvious for Anyis the disparity between their figures, despite both of them being the same height. Euthenia leans forward towards the device, granting... quite a view as her chest drops right in front of the camera's lens before she presses a button on the device.

"Initializing... Initializing... System diagonostic for Euthenia.exe, Anyis.exe initializing... Please deactivate all external systems and switch to base mode..."

"... It talks?" questions Anyis of the scanner, while fidgeting uncomfortably, clearly bothered by her sister's strange device.

"Yep~" answers Euthenia simply and with a nod. "... Oh! I guess our towels count as external systems too~! Excuse me, then~" giggles Euthenia as she turned around and entered the lucid bathwater before removing her towel.

"Great..." sighs Anyis as she too enters the bath and removes her towel. "This good enough?"

"Preparations complete... Initializing... Main scan starting in 10... 9...

"Oh, right!" remembers Euthenia aloud, pounding a fist into the palm of her other hand and creating a splash in the water in the process. "It starts off kind of strong, just so you know~"

"... 6, 5..."

Anyis had just gotten comfortable in the bath, sliding down enough that everything up to her mouth was submerged, but Euthenia's comments make her head pop back up. "... What does that mean?" she asks with a noticable degree of caution in her voice.

"... 3, 2..."

"Oh, well, you see-" starts Euthenia, but she only gets that far as the counter hits zero and a blinding flash of white light emits from the scanner. Screams can be heard from both girls, as even though Euthenia knew what to expect, Anyis's last second question distracted her enough. Several more seconds tick by before the light actually fades and the video becomes clear, though all is seen is one bare leg, possibly belonging to either of the sisters, sticking up and out the edge of the bath.

"Urgh... What kind of startup is that...?!" groans Anyis from some unseen spot in the bath. "... And where the hell are you touching me, Euthenia?!"

"Huh?! But I'm not... Oh my... Erm... is that your foot on- Ah~!" squeaks Euthenia from in the water basin, which causes the exposed leg to twitch slightly, likely identifying the limb as hers.

"Oh god... Just abort the diagnostic, please! I'll just go buy a new scanner tomorrow!" yells Anyis, just before the video cuts off.
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 13)
(Event: Publicly issued by Mill to Anyis and Magna; Thermal Missile launched to make Anyis accept)

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Alidine Household Chore List, Draft v3.3

The duties and obligations henceforth are mutually agreed upon and cosigned by Mill Alidine, Lilia Alidine, Anyis.exe, Euthenia.exe, Magna.SP, and Ratatoskr.SP. Failure to adhere to given assignments will result in punishment by the other parties.

--Mill is responsible for all mechanical maintenance in the apartment. This includes, but is not limited to, the heating unit, the cooling unit, the TV, both computers, kitchen appliances, the washer and dryer, and both baths.
----ADDENDUM: Mill has reached a separate contract with Lilia swearing to not violate her privacy when maintenance of her computer, bath, and/or other personal items is required.

--Lilia is responsible for all advanced cooking. This implies any food items requiring preparation beyond being eaten out of a box or can. Lilia is exempt from this duty on school mornings, and all concerned parties shall partake in box cereal for that breakfast. Mill will not cook for Lilia, even if he wishes to.
----ADDENDUM: Lilia recognizes that having a food budget means there is a maximum on how much can be spent on ingredients per week.

--Anyis is responsible for all upkeep of the apartment's heating and cooling systems. This concerns both cold and hot air, and cold and hot water. Anyis will maintain these systems under recommended configurations, not her personal opinion.
----ADDENDUM: Anyis is on probation for discriminatory treatments towards the heating programs, and has formally sworn to not favor the cooling programs again.

--Euthenia is responsible for all upkeep of the apartment's environmental systems, sans the temperature systems under Anyis's care. Air filter networks are expected to be cleaned once a week at minimum.
----ADDENDUM: Replacing junk data with flowers does NOT count as cleaning.

--Magna is responsible for all upkeep of the apartment's electrical systems. This concerns lighting networks and the power distribution grid. Each device will receive its factory-recommended voltage when active. No more, no less.
----ADDENDUM: Magna recognizes that his core energy is not a substitute for electricity, and apologizes for blowing out every lightbulb in the apartment.

--Ratatoskr is responsible for all permanent disposal of accrued junk data in the apartment's networks. Decomposition via trees is recognized as a viable disposal method. All trees are expected to be felled after use to prevent network clutter.
----ADDENDUM: Eating the junk data is NOT recognized as a viable disposal method. Euthenia is ordered to not cure Ratatoskr's stomach pains on a second offense.

--Physical cleaning of the apartment is to be jointly managed by Mill and Lilia. Both are responsible for their own bedrooms and bathrooms, and all other cleaning tasks will be evenly divided between both weekly on the designated cleaning day of Saturday.
----COROLLARY: Mill and Lilia are expected to manage their own laundry independently and exclusively. Among others to be determined case-by-case, washing all underwear in a single load is strictly prohibited.
----ADDENDUM: Mill is pending probation for washing underwear in a single load. An appeal is being reviewed.

--Anyis and Magna, and Euthenia and Ratatoskr are expected to respect the privacy of their respective Operators. Files labeled as "Private" are to be left alone unless the Operator notifies otherwise.
----ADDENDUM I: Anyis is on probation for invading files belonging to Mill that will not be named.
----ADDENDUM II: Magna is on probation for sitting on Mill's game folder.
----ADDENDUM III: Euthenia is on probation for accruing 23GB of flowers in Lilia's picture folder.
----ADDENDUM IV: Ratatoskr is on probation for obstructing Lilia's security programs with one dozen Yggdrasil Trees.

--Should a party be rendered unable to perform any or all of his or her assigned tasks, said tasks will be assumed at earliest convenience by another able party.
----ADDENDUM: Lilia waives her exemption from cooking during midterms and finals.

--In the event of a task undefined thusfar, it will be approached and dealt with in the best interest of all parties and the apartment as a whole.
----ADDENDUM: Anyis recognizes that an indoor temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit is not in the best interest of all parties and the apartment as a whole.

--This document is subject to revision when required. A version update of 0.1 will be issued for any new addendum or corollary, and a version update of 1.0 will be used on rollover and in addition of a new main assignment.
(Date: captured on Unified Dataspace Initiative Day 83)
(Event: Recon Probe locates temporary storage while Anyis rebuilds fortress, Mill steals file)

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What I've figured out about Cryos:

--Despite being composed of Grants and the Titan, Cryos himself is more like Boogeyman. Capable of physical contact, but otherwise intangible.

--Lacks self-awareness, also like Boogeyman. The AIs of Grants and/or the Titan have not shown up in any way. Cryos by default likes to shadow me. Takes some concentration and parallel thinking to separate his movements form mine.

--His armor's design is a lot like Grants's, but that doesn't translate to me. Still unsure what's dictating the model of my gauntlets, since they're neither his nor my old ones. Could equip extra armor off of Cryos if I wanted.

--Serves as the substitute for my ghost powers, but also supplanted my old ice powers as a side-effect. Cryos, and by extension I, can use colored flame like Grants, though it's a freezing blue flame more in tune with my element.

--Cryos has to be summoned for me to use any of my powers to a significant degree. No armor without him, and my blue flame control is very limited without him. Looking to fix that ASAP, though he's not really a dead weight being an immaterial spirit and all.

--Physically immaterial when not attacking, but his blue flames will still freeze anything or anyone trying to touch them. Except me, of course.

--Taxes my mental processes, so his movements become sluggish whem I'm tired or exhausted. Or bored.

--Has physical strength to rival Magna. Makes sense, he's half-Titan.

--Can run Battlechips in place of me, though like I'd want to give up any action.