A notice is sent in the form of a pop-up add upon entry which says "Daemon's homepage has been claimed by Jestergiest for the reason that without him it would be all work and no play".
After his hostile takeover, Jest set to work making the area as confuzing as possible, to confuse and harm intruders. As a constant testament to its effectiveness the page is left open for public access. As such, it gets an average population of weak to moderate (viruses/test subjects) which casually wander around in confussion and on some rare occasions emerge onto the net again nearly dead from the booby traps it had found.
The area is littered with warp panels of which only the ones that go to the net are labeled with encrypted names.
Drifting circular pannels with jestergiest's emblem float face down on the ceiling and at varried distances from the edges (Floating Emblem pannels: 80 HP Objects). A quaint little effect is that if you try to hit one and miss they will laugh and insult your skills as a marksman. On the other hand you hit one of the ones floating on the cieling it will fall and crash into the floor below crushing anything it lands on and leaves the pannel cracked.
Curse pannels are more numerous than the occasional normal pannels, of which half are cracked. One dirrectional fast lanes either send you into a lovely poison pond (now with tight rope and a high dive), or leave you nearly stranded inside of a booby trapped labyrinth of funhouse mirrors. Attempts to destroy the mirrors with light based or electric attacks will result in them ricocheting around for an unknown amount of times (attack Dmg/10=Ricochet Actions). fire attacks result in the sprinklers being set off (Dmg/20= # of targeted sprinklers). And every water or wood attack causes the temperature to rise (#= total number of effects plus the number of hits: (# x 5 = degrees)). The way out is to find one of the few warp pads hidden behind false holographic mirrors.
An uplifting point to the entire homepage, besides the eerily upbeat tune set on repeat(Blue wrath). Is the fact that jest glitched the empty area above and bellow the net space. If anybody were to fall or jump off of the net roads they would be rewarded with a lovely glitched prize and teleported above where they last set foot on solid ground. which means its impossible to "fall" into the chaos network below the page.
the secondary use for all of this craziness is to hide and protect Daemon's data storage area which contains a backup version of jestergiest, Hang out pad of the Rip scythe when (it/he..maybe) isnt being used, classified copies of his fathers work and the occasional programming work or... test navis... which should never be allowed to escape into the net...

"Other than that its exactly like every other homepage on the net... right?"- D. Zozo

"You forgot about my GIESTCOME TO JESTERLAND banner! NOW START OVER AND THIS TIME I WANT TO SEE MY capslock in its reflection!" - JG.exe
Terrain: Area1: Central area:
(Description: most frequently used portion of the homepage due to its warp points connected to nets localy and around the world.) 35% Curse 15% Missing 11% Normal 11% Cracked 9% Warp*(sends somewhere nearby, usually) 8% Dirrectional 8% Drifting*(localized to ceiling(180*) and walls(90*)) 3% False*(looks Normal but when stepped on is revealed to be a hologram)
Terrain: Area2: Poison/swamp:
(description: connected to area 1 through a one way bridge and a warp point hidden in the grass) 39% Poison 17% Grass 12% Missing 9% Normal 9% Cracked 6% Mud 4% Dirrectional 3% Drifting*(localized to ceiling(180*) and walls(90*)) 1% Warp*(sends somewhere nearby, usually)
Terrain: Area3: Mirror Labyrnth:
(connected to area 1 through a one way bridge and a few warp points) (Discription: these narrow looping passages have curved angled mirrors everywhere. Which can play tricks on the eyes, making one enemy seem like an army, or a simple mettool seem distorted and monsterous. escape can be found through the warp points which are hidden behind false mirrors. false mirrors can be identified by the fact that they lag when copying movement by a few seconds) 47% Normal 13% Glass 3% False*(looks Normal but when stepped on is revealed to be a hologram) 3% Warp 4%Dirrectional 30% Trap/prank { ----7% explosive mystery data(1-60Dmg) ----4% stink bomb (Rotten egg smell which invades the nostrils and sticks to clothing, +3 humiliation) ----3% floor spikes(30Dmg) ----3% Pie cannon (2Dmg, +2humiliation) ----3% Step on a rake (4Dmg, +2 humiliation) ----2% spring-gun(40Dmg) ----2% Slime shower (slow, +3 humiliation) ----2% Pit Fall(40Dmg) ----2% artificial snake in can (+1 to humiliation) ----2% land mines(50dmg, or shoots a small red flag out of the ground that reads "BANG") }
Terrain: Area4: Data Storage:
(Accessable through a trap door hidden in the labyrnth. (Description: In steep contrast to the rest of the homepage this room is well lit and seems constructed to survive high explosive blasts and remain intact. this isnt to say jestergiest didn't help as is evident by four numbered doors at the end of the apparently empty room. the all four doors have to be opened in the correct order (3,1,2,4) or else the alarms sound and the room seals tight and activates its jackout barrier. If done correctly the doors slam themselves shut, then spread themselves out across the four vertical walls, each door hold data of differing subjects, or was it subjects from differing experiments?) 100% Metal