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Signature Attacks: 0 / 140
Crescendo (Louder): Cambiare is able to focus his strength into his next attack, accompanied a deafening explosion of sound.
[Strengthen 40 / 1 TCD / [i]Brio Form[/i]] {40 Points}

Staccato (Precise): Cambiare is able to follow the movement and the "rhythm" of his enemy easier than before, allowing him to have better accuracy behind his attacks.
[Take Aim | Passive / [i]Brio Form[/i]] {40 Points}

Andante (Steady Tempo): Cambiare's body is protected by his armor, reducing any damages dealt to his body.
[Damage Reduction 3 / Passive / [i]Tenuto Form[/i]] {60 Points}
GMO List
- None