Welcome to Dharma Heart Payne's Experiment P1 0021 Log page. All authorized Experiment P1 0021 researchers and others with clearance specifically from the president may view this log. If you have reached this page in error, please report the intrusion directly to the president.


A0001: "Crazy Gas" induces temporary insanity.
A0016: "Barrier Gas" forms an advanced barrier around the target, which fluctuates between tangibility and intangibility. It is an unstable compound; each strain has side effects, which are wholly unpredictable. These should be recorded as tests.


N0001: "Headspin Gas" induces rotation of the head and changes glass lenses to pink or otherwise lightens hue. Other effects unknown.*
N0002: "Hearing Gas" enhances hearing.
N0003: experiment data missing
N0004: "Arousal Gas" makes certain appendages excited, perhaps sexually. Further testing suggested.
N0005: "Ink Spew Gas" causes ink to be released from half-squid components; the ink itself has its own strange affects. Doesn't seem wholly safe for further testing.
N0006: "Chill Gas" causes navi to produce a field of cold air around body.
N0007: "Frisky Gas" promotes energetic behavior, perhaps through adrenaline rush. Effect prompted in combination with N0008 (a barrier-transmission method).
N0008: See above.


V0001: "Breakdance Gas" induces breakdance competency and breakdancing.
V0002: "Pogostick Gas" induces pogostick competency and pogostick usage*.
V0003: "Dizzy Gas" induces dizziness.
V0004: "Levitation Gas" induces grinning and levitation*.
V0005: "Short Circuit Gas" causes cannon viruses to break down and become immobilized (may require more testing).
V0006: "Mustache Gas" induces facial hair growth upon the upper lip of the virus. In test, virus is overwhelmed by vanity.
V0007: "Shedding Gas" causes cannon viruses to shed their armor, decreasing their aiming efficiency.
V0008: "Disco Gas" causes a "strobe light effect" in UFOs. The virus generates music and dances. Note to self: isolate source of "dancing" effect and remove from future compounds. Dead end.

*- Experiment was cut off too soon, but appeared to be a dead end regardless.