Daisy was inside what appeared to be a bedroom. In it was one bed with a table sitting next to the headrest. On the wall to the left of the bed was a window and a simple three drawer dresser. You couldn't see outside of the window, due to this room being all there is to the homepage at the moment. On the opposite end of the room was a closed door... and in front of that door was a large silver sphere floating a few inches off the floor. Sitting on the bed close enough to the sphere to touch it was Daisy. She was messing with some kind floating touchscreen that was by the sphere, changing values and words or something. "Ok, I got to where I can edit what the SP will look like Virgil." Daisy said, moving her hands away from the screen. She then reached over to the table, and pulled out something that was under a small bit of cloth. She moved it to over her lap and started looking at it.

"Alright, once you get the appearance how you want it, nex- Wait...Damn it Daisy, you actually kept that thing? I told you to leave it there because we had no idea what it was." Virgil nearly yell. Daisy turned her head towards the floating display of Virgil's head. "And it isn't causing any harm to us, so it isn't dangerous! Beside, doesn't it look like one of those emblem things that we see on a lot of the other navis?" Daisy said, turning back to face the object. She picked up a cloth on the table next to her and started to wipe it down. The object was round and small, or atleast small compared to an adult, with the sides battered the chipped. The whole thing was covered in some kind of, green noise or something? Probably from a broken graphic or something... but it made it really hard to tell what the object was. Every now and then, enough of it was clears so you could see a line or a triangle on it... but then it was quickly covered by the noise.

"Besides... I still don't know what exactly I want the SP to look like other then cute... Hey, maybe I should just leave it with the word 'cute', and let it randomize the appearance? Oh, after making sure cat isn't an option, so we won't have to worry about you running up a tree thanks to the SP."

"Oh hahaha." Virgil said, Daisy gigging. "Ok, just let me know when you set it to randomize the apperence, and I'll tell you what you need to do next." Virgil said, with Diasy responding with an 'alright' before messing with the screen once more...

...Or atleast that is what would have happened... if Daisy wasn't still holding the object, which just pasted right trough he screen and touched the sphere...

...And was adsorbed by it, and the screen vanished.

"....Er, Virgil.... it ate the thingger..."


"...Yea... the object I found... I accidentally touched the SP with it... and it ate it."

"What do you mean ate it?"

The sphere started to crack, and light glowed from the broken parts.


the sphere cracked even more, until it completely fell apart and a burst of light engulfed the room.

The light vanished, and it looked like Daisy had shielded her eyes from it with her hands... And where the sphere was...

...Was what looked like a boy in some kind of robe...

"...Oh you have got to be kidding me..." Virgil said quietly, so that only Daisy could hear. "Um... do you know... what just happened?" She asked, looking at the being. "I think so...but first...

"Hey, Ozho, Hell of a promotion you got!" Virgil said loudly, the figure opening it's closed eyes slowly, and tilting it's head up so you could get a better look at it's face. "Promotion? What promotion?" the figure said, even though it had no mouth to speak trough, they heard it speak to them. "Promotion to being an SP."

The SP's eyes opened wide, and it stared right at Daisy before moving back. "What?" it said, looking itself over. "What the hell!?" it shouted before looking back at Daisy. "What the hell did you do to me you fu-"

"-nny girl!?" Virgil said, cutting Ozho off while laughing at the situation. "I don't know what she did to you, other then she might have accidentally touched the SP during creation with your emblem. But that leaves the questions why did it eat it... and why did we find it in Yumland with what was probably highly damaged graphics."

"Eat it? What do you mean 'ate' it?" Ozho asked, his tone still that of anger.

"Um... I accidentally touched the SP with it while I was changing appearance variables... And then it absorbed it or something..."

"...I hate you both..."

"What?" Daisy asked.

"Because inputting an emblem into an SP core is basically telling it to turn the navi into the SP... And you turned ME into your SP by complete accident! And the only reason as to why the emblem had damaged graphics would be if that was all that was left of the navi..."

"Which means we basically saved you... And you don't like the thought of being saved by 'civilians', do you?" Virgil said seriously, his laughter already dead. "But at least there is one thing that is good about all of this on your end... You won't have to worry about lack of assistance due to netop falling asleep." Virgil said, with a smile on his face at the end. Ozho just looked at him. "No, now I have to worry about losing assistance due to a cat showing up..." Ozho nearly snarled at Virgil.

"...I'll take the PET with me when I flee up that tree..." Virgil replied.

"...As much as I don't like all of this, I am your SP now... So just, summon me when you need my help... or something." Ozho said, before heading back to the PET.

"...That went better then expected..." Virgil said, causing Daisy to respond with "What! Better then expected!? He hates us! How could that be better then what you were expecting!?"

"...He could have called you a traitor and tried to delete you, because he forgot you aren't 'him'...

"...Oh... Um, well... I guess that is true... I, I think I'll take him someplace to get him those... bugfrags, was it?" Daisy said, looking down towards the floor.

"Yea, at least according to the manual... You know, I know the prefect place for you to do that at! Just wait in the PET and I'll jack you in! Just remember to being a swimsuit~" Virgil said, his screen disappearing. "swimsuit? Could we be going to the..." Daisy said, before returning to her PET.