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Signature Attack(s):
Terra Telum (Earth's Spear):
Voulge begins to gather bits and pieces from the ground with a small gravitational force. Whether it be rocks, grass, magma, or metal, the navi brings all of them into a single point and molds the gathered materials into a giant spear three times the size of a regular navi. Using it to swing, throw, or whichever the navi chooses to use it, the earthly spear will shatter upon impact and cannot be reused.

[1st Stage: Movement 3 | 2nd Stage: 300 Damage + Break + Impact + Phasing + Seeking | Self-Slow1 & Recovery Time1 | 11TCD] {340 Points + 70 Nerf}

Grandis Invado (The Great Attack):
Voulge attacks an enemy in a flurry of stabs, slashes, and strikes with his spear's default form.

[Buster Shot (x4) / 3TCD] (x2) {120 Points}

Phalanx Aspis (Phalanx Shield):
Voulge creates a circular plate from whatever he could find the ground, gravels, grass, mud, etc, and compact it into durable shield.

[3-hit Shield {60 Passive Points} | Passive] {240 Points}

Tempero Flamma (Tempering Flame):
Voulge applies some its own fiery power into the Lancea, which causes the weapon to become superheated and transforms it into something far more powerful than before.

[Strengthen [50] {40 Passive Points} | Passive] {200 Points}

Actus Flamma (Sharpening Flame):
Voulge applies some its own fiery power into the Lancea, which causes the weapon to become superheated and improves its overall power.

[Strengthen [30] {30 Passive Points} | Passive] {120 Points}

Previous Signature Attacks
Grandis Attero (Great Impact): The Lancea transforms into an oversized jousting lance, complete with a set of jousting armor. Voulge assumes stance with his lance on his right arm and his leg quickly positions into a right ground. Voulge madly dashes towards the enemy with the lance aimed straight towards the torso (or any other open spot) of the enemy. When contact between the lance and the enemy is made, Voulge fiercely thrusts straight through and causing a fiery explosion as well. The lance is made out of silver metal, designed with a Renaissance art style angel barely clothed with a single white cloak holding a long sword straight towards the tip of the lance. Red and silver spiral designs are colored on the background. The additional armors are very simple: a single silver breastplate with the Voulge's emblem on the middle, a shoulder and arm garments for the right arm and a larger, heavier shoulder garments on the left arm, and a full sallet helm. The armor is specifically designed to keep Voulge balanced and straight as he runs with the heavy lance.

[100 Damage {100} / Break {20} / Impact {20} / Seeking {20} / Melee {Free} / 4TCD] {160 Points}

Retairius Triden: Voulge's Lancea transforms into a strange trident along with a metal net. The trident is light and completely gold, but the sharpness of the blade isn't as great compare to Lancea's other transformation. The main function of this weapon is not to damage the enemy, but to pin down them down limb by limb. Along with his trident, Voulge aims for legs, arms, or even the neck of the enemy(If the enemy isn't a humanoid, he will improvise) and throws the heavy metal net over the helpless enemy. This could go vice-versa with the net first and trident second. When he transforms the weapon, an arm guard, shoulder guard, and a full helm is added to his armor for a brief moment.

[Teleport {80} / Stun {30} / Take Aim {10} / 3TCD] {120 Points}

Vulcan Sarissa: Voulge takes his lance and faces the blade towards the ground. He doesn't wait a second or so before he strikes it down to the ground and the ground starts to crackle and venting out dusty steams from the crack. Small amount of lavas starts seeping out from the ground, but suddenly the lavas literally spikes out a needle-thin fountains everywhere and mimics a wall of spears thrusting to the sky. In a blink of an eye, the area surrounding Voulge is covered with molten lava.

[Large-Area: Lava {40} / 1TCD] {40 Points}

Aestus Intrico: Voulge's Lancea transforms into a Gichang, an oriental ceremonial short spear with a decorative flag attached to the pole, and plants the bottom of the spear onto the ground. The spear blasts a powerful explosion of heat waves and creates a sense of delusion to any enemies that was caught within the blast. Due to the thickness and intensity of the waves, the enemies have a hard time deducting the exact location of Voulge as an array of after image is left behind each time the navi makes a movement.

[Illusion (2 Turn Duration) {100} / Decoy (3 Turn Duration) {60} / 4TCD] {160 Points}

Cruenti Vox (Bloody Cry):
Dislodging one of the several rubies set on his weapon, Avaria-Lancea, Voulge proceeds to crush the gem with his own hands to unleash its power in a fiery explosion. The flames are mixed with red ashes from the shattered ruby and doesn't cause any notable harm for those who were caught in the explosion. It does, however, increases the temperature of the area within the explosion to unbearable levels and even begin melting the terrains away. With such intense heat, the enemy who are caught by this attack would instantly feel grogginess and temporary blindness from the red ashes. Voulge, being in the center of the explosion, does receive partial damage but keeps away the other ailments.

When the attack is finished, the flames and red ashes are instantly swallowed into Voulge's hand to re-form the ruby.

[1st stage: Slow + Blind + Nova3 {300} | 2nd stage: Medium Furnace {20} | Sacrifice 15 (Raise Cap) | 8TCD] {320 Points}

Adamas Tempestas (Steel Storm): Voulge lobs the Avaria-Lancea towards his enemy, transforming it into immeasurable amount of steel javelins that rains down on several targets.

[100 / Spread 3 / 7TCD] {250 Points}
Tux.GMO / Isabel.GMO / Lisa.GMO
Detail: For special occasions, Marius knew that Voulge's usual attire wasn't going to cut it. While he was watching one of his old favorites, From Sharo with Affection, the troubled operator had a sudden realization for the perfect GMO. Without sacrificing combat capabilities, the operator designed this GMO with the navi's social meetings in mind.

Apperance: Voulge's hair is now cut short of his ponytail, but still long enough to cover his ears and his forehead. His armors are now all replaced with an open black tuxedo with only one button buttoned around the bellybutton level, a dark red shirt underneath, a black necktie, and a black leather shoe. As for his accessories: a golden pin shaped just like his weapon, Avaria-Lancea, placed on his tie, a belt buckle with a very small engraving of his emblem, and a pair of photo chromic lenses on a bright silver rim he hangs on his shirt. Beneath the tuxedo is an array of pistol magazines, gun parts, and even gadgets that snuggly fits into the jacket and (somehow) doesn't show any sign of it outside of the tuxedo.

Personality: There are no change in Voulge's personality.

Custom Weapon: A gunmetal desert eagle with nearly infinite amount of customizable, interchangeable parts. It can ranges from sights, handles, barrels, magazines, and much more. The gun is stored in a shoulder holster.

Detail: To compliment the navi's GMO, Marius decided to create something for the SPs as well. Going along with From Sharo with Affection's basic idea, the operator decided on this strange choice.

Apperance: Ignis, who is now called Isabel, assumes a humanoid form in this GMO but takes on the opposite gender. A lean, tall woman in her early 20s, she stands at the height of 5'9 and has the approximate weight of 130lbs. Her straightened brunette hair reaches down to her chest and her wide, deep red eyes is matched with her subtle red lipstick. Isabel wears a tight red satin halter dress that extends to her ankle and has a slit on the right that goes up the middle of her thigh. She wears a casual red sandal, which was against the original design but thrown out simply because it was too troublesome, and holds a thin sunglasses between her busts.

Her measurements are 37-21-33.

Personality: Ignis's personality stays the same: cocky, arrogant, god complex, etc. However, he does feel timid about the fact that he is now a woman.

Custom Weapon: A dual skorpion SMG stored in a thigh holster under the dress.

Detail: To compliment the navi's GMO, Marius decided to create something for the SPs as well. Going along with From Sharo with Affection's basic idea, the operator decided on this strange choice.

Apperance: Licht, who is now called Lisa, assumes a female humanoid form in this GMO. A short, thin lady in her 19-20 years of age, she stands at the height of 5'5 and has the approximate weight of 110 lbs. Her short dirty blond hair is tied to a bun behind her head and her olive green eyes are hidden beneath her aviator shades. As for her wears, Lisa wears a strapless emerald dress that extends to the ends of her thigh and also wears a crop jacket of the same color. She wears a green high-heel and a pair of loose silver bracelets on her left wrist.

Her measurements are 28-17-25.

Personality: Silent at all times, the humanized Licht still won't utter a single word like its normal counterpart, but its emotions are now clearly shown through facial expressions.

Custom Weapon: Multiple pocket pistols and a folding fan with sown designs of blooming sakura trees. The pistol is hidden under her sleeve of the jacket and the fan is simple held at all times.

Detail: To save the embarrassment of undressing in front of his peers again, Voulge decided to make a quick switch if he would even need to take a dive.

Apperance: Voulge's swimsuit is nothing out of the ordinary, just a crimson red swimming trunks that matches with his reddish tanned skin. His upper body is well sculpted with a defined six pack, but is riddled with nearly uncountable amount of scars and cuts all over his body. A large stab wound over his heart stands out from the rest.

Personality: There are no change in Voulge's personality.
1x AirStorm2 [60 x 3 / Variable Targeting / Pull3] {B}
1x PanelShot [100 / Terrain / 5% Broken] {B}
1x Phoenixshot2 [90+[color=red]15[/color] / Wide] {A}
1x LavaCannon [90+[color=red]25[/color] / +40 Damage On Lava Panels] {B}
1x HeatSpreader [40+[color=red]15[/color] / Spread8] {A}
1x CornShot2 [60 / Trick-Shot Spread1] {A}
1x DrillArm2 [70 x 2 (1st) / 70 (2nd) / Break / Knockback (1st) / Long Attack] {B}
2x BigHammer [160 / Impact / Break / Melee] {B}
1x GolemHit [140 / Break / Panel Break / Wide / Melee] {C}
1x FireSword [80+[color=red]15[/color] / 3 Uses / Wide / Slashing] {B}
2x FireHit2 [90+[color=red]25[/color] / Impact / Double] {A}
1x Rope2 [70 / Hold / 3 Turns / Removable] {A}
1x FlameLine2 [120+[color=red]15[/color] / Ground / Wide] {B}
1X AquaDragon [150 / Medium Sea / Terrain Changer / Ground] {C}
1X WoodDragon [150 / Medium Grass / Terrain Changer / Ground] {C}
1x Snakegg2 [140 / Stun / Ground] {C}
1x SummonBlack2 [200 / Wide / Slash / Requires Broken or Missing Terrain] {A}
1x Drain2 [70 Drain] {C}
2x Arrow2 [130 / Homing] {B}
1x Lock-On2 [15x6 / Lockon Per Hit / Omnishoe / Mobile / 80 HP] {A}
1x AirRaid [10x10 / 50+Impact (Tackle) / 3 Turns / 100 HP] {A}
1x Timpany [Hold / To-All-Clause (Enemies) / 1 Turn / 50 HP] {S}
1x Totem2 [140+[color=red]15[/color]+Spread 2 /or/ 70 Heal / Changes When Hit / 3 Turns / 100 HP] {A|S}
1x Sensor [100 / Stun / Beam / Attacks anything insight / Destroyed after attacking / 100 HP / ElecBody] {S}
1x Shadow2 [Shadow / 2 Turns] {S}
1x FlameScale [5 HP Casing / Stonebody / Firebody / Self Slow / Low Mobility / Status Guard]
1x AreaGrab [Teleport] {S}
1x DBLBEAM [40 Damage all enemies / 30 Heal all allies / Random] {S}
1x RedFruit2 [Heals 140 when hit / Placed on a random spot] {S}
1x Boomerang [60 / 3-Targets] {B}
1x AquaNeedle [20x3] {B}
1x Mole2 [Burrow or Submerge / 2 Turns] {S}
2x Pulsar2 [90 / Object Triggered Blast2] {A|B}
1x LittleBoiler [100 Aqua+Damage Absorbed+Blast3 / 2 Action Delay / 1 HP / Light] {B}
1x FireKnife [60+[color=red]25[/color] / 6 Uses / Slashing] {B}
1x Arrow [100 / Homing] {B}
1x AquaKnife [60 / 6 Uses / Slashing] {B}

Total: 41 [+6 Levels]
HP Memories: +6 Level(s)

    [li]Level 1 [+20]
    [li]Level 2 [+40]
    [li]Level 3 [+60]
    [li]Level 4 [+80]
    [li]Level 5 [+100]
    [li]Level 6 [+120]
    [li]Level 7 [+160]
  • Level 8 [+200]
Speed Upgrades: +6 Level(s)

    [li]Level 1 [+1 Action]
    [li]Level 2 [+2 Action]
  • Level 3 [+3 Action]
Navicust Memory: +1 Level(s)

  • Level 1 [+5 Navicust Points]
NaviCust: 40/45

    [li]UnderShirt [10 Points]
  • Float Shoes [30 Points]
Sub Memory Upgrades:

  • Level 0 [+0 Subchips]
Process Upgrades: 980 Points

    [li]Level 1 [+40]
    [li]Level 2 [+80]
    [li]Level 3 [+120]
    [li]Level 4 [+160]
    [li]Level 5 [+200]
    [li]Level 6 [+240]
    [li]Level 7 [+280]
    [li]Level 8 [+320]
    [li]Level 9 [+360]
    [li]Level 10 [+400]
    [li]Level 11 [+440]
    [li]Level 12 [+480]
    [li]Level 13 [+520]
    [li]Level 14 [+560]
    [li]Level 15 [+600]
    [li]Level 16 [+640]
    [li]Level 17 [+680]
    [li]Level 18 [+720]
    [li]Level 19 [+760]
    [li]Level 20 [+800]
    [li]Level 21 [+840]
    [li]Level 22 [+880]
    [li]Level 23 [+920]
    [li]Level 24 [+960]
    [li]Level 25 [+1000]
    [li]Level 26 [+1040]
    [li]Level 27 [+1100]
  • Level 28 [+1160]
PowerUPs: +4 Level(s)

    [li]Level 1 (+1 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 2 (+2 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 3 (+3 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 4 (+4 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 5 (+5 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 6 (+6 Buster Stats)
    [li]Level 7 (+7 Buster Stats)
  • Level 8 (+8 Buster Stats)

Name: SplashCross
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Guts

Description: Voulge undergoes a drastic change when the cross is activated. His once tanned skin becomes fair white, his black hair grows longer and changes to a sea-green color, and finally his crimson eye turns dark blue. Almost all of his red clothing, such as his brigandine and his pants, changes its color into a dark blue with few bright blue water veins coursing through all of them. Voulge's ring mail changes into a dull silver scale mail, his pauldron changes its shape from its wing-like into a large droplet of water, and his gauntlet has fins attached to its side. He also dons a blue visor with two crystal fins attached to each end, which allows the navi for easy swim if he ever goes underwater. [Speech = Dark Blue / 003399]

Personality: No change in personality

Custom Weapon: The Avaria-Lancea will still retain its transforming abilities, but there will be a few external changes. First, the jewels attached to the neck of the spear will change from rubies into sapphires. Secondly, the flame-shaped blade will change to a five pronged blade, resembling a splash of water. And finally, the black body will be pure white with veins of water all over and the chain attaching to Voulge's wrist will be much smaller and leaner.

Signature Attack: 240/240
Current Control: Focusing all of its aquatic energy from its body into his Lancea, as shown when the veins surrounding Voulge and the weapon begins to shine bright, Voulge can now shift the element of a null element chip into an water type.
[Imbue Aqua x4 / 2TCD]

Swirl Lock: Voulge creates a small halo constructed of a thin stream of water and blasts it towards his enemy. When the halo comes in contact, the water expands and explodes in front of the target. With the water, it begins to spin uncontrollably and traps the enemy in an artificial whirlpool.

[Hold / Freeze / 3TCD]

Aqua Glide: The sole of Voulge's feet begins to emit water, in which the navi uses it to glide across the field. In the end, a long trail of water is left behind where the navi has moved around.

[Movement x2 / Medium Sea / 2TCD]

SplashCross [Level 3: Aqua/Guts]
+20 to Aqua Chips / +40 Max HP / +1 Action
Signature Attacks:
Current Control
[Imbue Aqua x4 / 2TCD]
Swirl Lock
[Hold / Freeze / 3TCD]
Aqua Glide
[Movement 2 | Medium Sea | 2TCD]


Name: RedCross
Element: Wood
Subtype: Ground

Description: Voulge's head guard is replaced with a red bandana that wraps around his forehead while it extends down to the same length as his ponytail. His chest piece is replaced with a simple white chef uniform with his sleeves rolled up, revealing uncountable amount of scars and cuts he hid beneath his armor. He also wears a metal pin over the right side of his chest, depicting five green leaves that are placed so it would mimic the shape of a blooming flower. As for his lower garment, the armor plates are gone and his greaves is replaced with casual leather sandals, all covered by a red apron that holds many different cooking utensils. Voulge's red eye are now converted to chocolate brown to match his partner's. [Speech = Olive Green / 669933]

Personality: Compared to his reserved, silent personality, the RedCross Voulge is a bit more enthusiastic about everything. But only a little.

Custom Weapon: Avaria-Lancea is minimized into a simple kitchen knife with a char-black handle. Its transformation property still stands as the blade can change into a different form (i.e. bread knife, butcher knife, etc).

Signature Attack: 80/80
Food Prep: Organic Patch: Voulge converts a part of the field into a growing patch of organics.
[Large Grass Terrain | 1TCD]

Food Prep: Tenderizer: Voulge converts a part of the field into an enlarged magnetic cutting board.
[Large Magnet Terrain | 1TCD]

Food Prep: Soup Stock: Voulge converts a part of the field into a lukewarm soup stock.
[Large Sea Terrain | 1TCD]

Food Prep: Chocolate Lava: Voulge converts a part of the field into a pile of melting chocolates.
[Large Lava Terrain | 1TCD]

RedCross [Level 2: Wood/Ground]
+15 to Wood Chips / -20 Max HP
Signature Attacks:
Food Prep: Organic Patch
[Large Soil / 1TCD]
Food Prep: Tenderizer
[Large Magnet / 1TCD]
Food Prep: Soup Stock
[Large Sea / 1TCD]
Food Prep: Chocolate Lava
[Large Soil / 1TCD]