Hmm, this is my dearest welcome as I am Shadowess. It's been a real convenience being of service to others as well to those of the society who dare to seek out certain needs. I of course enjoy the thrill of seeking out such things for customers who see me as....beneficial, should I say? Yes! Some of us simply don't have time to diddle-daddle on tasks, so we would have others help us seek out needs of services, small trinkets from certain areas, and even a task in mind. Of course us ourselves know that services aren't free, point being that this BBS, the Bounty BBS, has been created for marks, and small tasks from others on the net who offer money to get the job done and bring back valuables others offer for, or at least give it a try.

So why get your hands dirty? Save that thrill for us of the community if you'd please. I must warn you, I'm not held responsible for others welfare here or even the risks they take, so keep this in mind. If you can't stomach such lines of work, then that of you is probably meant to have someone do it for you, yes? I myself will look forward to the thrill of this line of work.

So why not post a small mark or even a request of a certain item or trinket from an area and what you would offer in another thread on our Bounty BBS system and let them finish so they will bring you a certain need through the Battlechip Trade BBS, and "other" business, well, you will just have to creative, Yes? Just fill out a template and discuss the mark. It might even become a hot topic for dear, Shadowess.

[B]Client:[/B] (Client's Name)
[B]Mark:[/B] (Targeted Battlechip Mark)
[B]Description:[/B] (Area Battlechip is most likely located at. If known.)
[B]Offering:[/B] (What will you offer up for this chip?)

Surely someone will accept, and if not, maybe some of us were meant to just get things by our own hands, No?