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"You have reached the address of Harold Gibson, TV Executive, I shall reply to you as soon as I am able"

Inbox: 2
TO: ??? (H.Gibson@netovision.net)
FROM: NeoChipTrader@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your new chip!


ATTACHMENT: Recover30 BattleChip data
TO: H.Gibson@netovision.net
FROM: Chris_n_Nitro@lukewarmail.com
SUBJECT: RE: Let's Bust!

Hi, Chris Harper here. I'm happy and, frankly, a little flattered that you'd show such immediate interest in Let's Bust! I'd be more than happy to split any profits from the episode in question down the middle with you.

There really isn't much I need you to do, just meet Nitro at the pre-determined coordinates I've attached, and bust as you normally would. Of course, the main selling point of this show is going to be the commentary, so don't be too shy about speaking up if you or your navi happen to have a thought or notice something amusing. Heck, the most entertainment can spawn from the most inane chatter.

Also keep in mind that this is going to be streamed live, though I frankly don't expect a huge audience for the first episode. I would also like to retain all airing rights to the episode in question, as I intend to have the episodes available for viewing after the initial airing.

Looking forward to your partnership!

-Chris Harper

((Send me a PM once you're ready and I'll make the topic))