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  • [/b]Teaming up?
FROM: timpy@exstudent.com
TO: Dave&Raider (springfield@oneshot.net
SUB.: RE:Teaming up?


Well, you can find me on the BBS all the time, it was natural that I read your advertisement. ACDC town is a little bit far away place for me, but actually I don't have anything to do right now, so if it's okay with you I can be there even today. How does 3:00 pm sound? We could meet in front of the metro station, if that's okay with you.

I hope you read it in time!
Tim & Enchanter

P.S.: Here's my phone number. It may be easier to find each other if you know it.

[Attached: Timothy's Phone number]

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FROM: Dave&Raider (springfield@oneshot.net)
TO: timpy@exstudent.com
SUB.: Teaming up?

Hi, this is Dave and Raider,

I'm glad you got interested in our advertisement, and replied so fast.
I suggest to meet somewhere, for example in ACDC town, I know some good coffee shops here, you just got to tell me when, if that's okay for you.

Dave & Raider