NEw Chars

Name: Yaiba Komayaka
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears a lot of uncolorful clothes. He has a white and black baseba; cap, and long, spikey black hair. He has green eyes. He wears a white long sleeve T-shirt with a black vest over it. (un-zipped) He wears white snow-camo pants, and has black sneakers.
Personality:Yaiba has had a pretty much normal life; simple family, good friends, some enemies, but all good. He went to a boarding school when he was 11, which upset him a little, but his navi Teppouken could always comfort him and keep him in touch with his family and friends. One day at school, however, a large fight broke out in the cafeteria. Needless to say, Yaiba was in it and got expelled. Since his parents were so dissapointed, they nearly lost all intrest in him. He now goes in his home and out as he pleases. He is still a friendly boy who is fun to be around, but his life's turn of events made his person seem weaker than before, and a bit fearful.
PET Modifications: Nothing, other than the PET being white and the moniter tinted blue.


Name: Teppouken
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Teppouken (Called Tepken for short) stands at about 5'2" tall. He has white armor plates on his lower arm and wrists, lower legs and ankles, and some thinner armor on his torso and waist. He has a human face, much like many reploids, and his helmet is shaped like two back facing antennea with a black part in between them. His helmet is also white, and his Tepken has long, black, scraggly hair coming out the back. Covering his right eye is a scanner.
Personality: Tepken is rather shy when talking with people, but on the battle feild he is brave and intelligent. He prefers to be alone when he is out of battle, but still acts rather kind towards people.
Custom Weapon: A thin, purple laser katana (please?)
Signature Attack: TeppouSlash: Tepken dissapears at a great speed, and slashes the enemy so fast that they don't know what hit them. 60 dmg, 3 turn cooldown.
I posted here earlier... it got deleted!?

Anyway, the main thing I said was that "laser katanas" are the main reason we made it so only sword types can have swords. Change it. Maybe add lots and lots of detail and description and even give it a little story like why it's significant to the Navi, and I'll be more forgiving.
Could I just make him sword type?
Of course.
Doen with the edit.
Done with the edit.