NetPolice: Department of Navi Prosecutions

Department of Navi Prosecutions
(Primary Function: Special operations. While Justice deals with open warfare, members of this department favor single target missions to execute an arrest warrant issued from higher up. Some of the NetPolice's most combat-capable are assigned to this department, well aware that they have some of the best chances to go head to head with the NetMafia's toughest operatives.)

Leader: Gridlock.CMD (PaladinGC)
Assistant Leader: Runeknight.Exe (Zan)
Rank 1: Circle.EXE (Asator)
Rank 2: GreaveMan.EXE (Grim)
Rank 3: GunAim.EXE (RevivedSin)
Rank 4: Cuffs.EXE (Aim)
Rank 5: Pierce.EXE (Twi)
Rank 6: Factor.EXE (Fera)
Name: Factor.EXE
Position: Rank 6, Department of Navi Prosecutions
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Factor isn't much in terms of looks. A simple white light in a humanoid-shape, about 170cm tall, Factor has nothing to see on the outside, being immaterial light and all. The only thing that he does have, however, is yellow eyes where a head should be, a mouth opening for talking, and a shining white cape made of the same material he is: light. His white 'hair' is shock-styled. His Navi emblem is placed on his chest, speckled dots arranged in a diamond-shaped pattern.

Factor likes talking. A lot. Since he can, outside of battle, be in several (hundred) places at once, he's known to be very annoying to others with his talkative nature. He's good at heart, really, but he can't help but gabble about the latest this and that. It's for this reason that Factor is kept in a low rank, as he might spill some NP secrets accidentally when he's talking. Also, there's the chance that Factor might go unstable. When Factor's done dividing for the day, he recalls all of his copies and likes to relax to some nice classical music, as he says self-copying is a very stressful business, since the integration of all the copies back into one at the end of the day takes a lot of processing power to master.

-- Normal Weapon --
Factor can't do much damage on his own, owing to the fact that he's quite weak in terms of strength, being a light-being and all.
Name: Pierce.EXE
Position: Navi Prosecutions, Rank 5
Element: Null
Subtype: Cursor

Pierce is a what some would call a physically attractive navi, though she doesn't really see herself as such. Her body is all curves, with an ample bosom, rounded hips and an hourglass figure overall, and her hair accentuates this, being a long, wavy silver, as well as volumous and shining. Her skin is a healthy, rosy red, and she has a very cute face, especially for a navi. Pierce's outfit is the standard Netpolice uniform; namely, she wears a navy-blue jacket and skirt, a white blouse underneath the jacket, and has a gold Netpolice badge pinned to her left breast pocket. She wears a pair of flat shoes and nylon stockings to accentuate the outfit, giving the whole outfit a dressy, but athletic air. One could, if they had the mind to, attempt to glance under Pierce's skirt-- it's not that long, after all, for the reason of being viable in combat-- but this is highly inadvisable for the sheer reason of her customized, nigh-omnipresent spear which has a full range of about 12 feet... and that's when she isn't twirling it about her absent-mindedly.

Pierce's spear in and of itself lacks a name, being an extension of her, but its' appearance is something worthy of note. The haft of it is made entirely out of what appears to be an oaken wood, emblazoned with blue, glowing runes all along its' length, and the head is a golden, razor-sharp thing with jagged edges. While it would be a very effective weapon even if used to swipe, it is at its' most effective when jabbed into an enemy and then twisted and yanked out. As a personal token, Pierce has tied a length of silver cloth around the area where the wooden haft meets the golden head and left part of it loose, dangling long enough to reach halfway down the spear when it is held upright. It is this spear which has earned Pierce her nickname of 'Eight-y' or '8-strike', namely for the fact that Pierce often twirls it about absent-mindedly as she walks, making a span of eight feet around her a danger zone. Many a recruit has been warned about this and yet failed to taken it into account, leading Pierce to hurriedly apologize to just as many of them as she pours on the healing chips and signatures. She does this enough, in fact, that even those outside of her department-- at least the smart ones-- know instinctively to stay a good distance away if they see her coming.

The reason Pierce doesn't get reprimanded for this penchant of hers is very simple; Pierce will pour on the healing and apologies if she slices you. Some 'hot' criminal in the field will not be so kind. This comparison leads most recruits who 'encounter' her to vividly recall her when out in the field, and has actually lowered the number of incidents involving recruits being tricked by criminals with 'sexy' appearances by 60%.

Pierce herself is very bright and cheery, and, despite her penchant for slicing recruits up with her spear, is well-known in her department for her sheer ability to get up and go, as well as her compassion for the other officers. When she's not out on assignment, she can almost constantly be found helping out another officer who's stuck, healing any injured officers who come in, and generally being an uplifting-- if not undeadly-- sight for any agents who encounter her. She is also quite oblivious to the attention her looks get her, and has been tricked several times into doing work that puts her into rather revealing poses. Granted, most of the photographers who took those pictures ended up being spear'd accidentally, but the fact remains...

Custom Weapon:
Spear, described above.
Name: Cuffs.EXE
Position: Netpolice Department of Prosecutions, Rank 4
Element: Elec
Subtype: Ground

Cuffs has a tall, fairly well-muscled and taut body of about 5'11" with very attractive proportions. Her body is surprisingly dark-tanned, even though she is constantly wearing armor, and has tan-lines beneath her clothing that don't seem to match her outfit. Her hair is short and black, spiked outward from her head. Her eyes are brown, leaning towards hazel in hue. The natural set of her face makes her look like a scary person with upturned eyebrows and small pupils.

She wears an outfit consisting of a black undersuit that covers her full body up to her nose with a zipper down its back, typically covered by her armor. Her armor consists of shining black boots, gloves, chest armor, and a belt. She wears her trademark black hat with five points and a visor, along with a pointed badge at the front. The whole thing makes her look more like a dominatrix than a police woman. Each of her gloves and her belt have rims around them resembling handcuffs, along with a similar choker at her neck. The belt and her shiny black earpieces each feature her emblem in yellow, an open handcuff. Gold badges sit at the shoulders of her chest armor, as well as on the backs of her gloves and her knees.

Cuffs' appearance entirely contradicts her personality. Her face makes her look like some kind of thug and her outfit makes her look like a creepy dominatrix, but in reality she's a very mild and submissive person. She performs well due to her willingness to do hard work, but she's held back by her respect for mercy and regulation, which leads her to neglect opportunities that could lead to promotion. She's extremely modest and soft-spoken. The rumor mill has turned her into a "silent tormentor" type who takes pleasure in sadism and she's simply too quiet to combat the idea. She's very upset with the perception, of course.

Amongst the Netpolice, Cuffs loves to make herself useful. She'd be great at handling PR with civilians if she wasn't so creepy looking. She's always looking to please, which can sometimes even get in the way of her job as a Prosecutions officer.

Custom Weapon:
Cuffs launches a set of her taser cuffs from her gauntlets, which swing around on wires and surge with electricity. These cuffs do not latch onto the enemy, rather simply strike them and electrocute them. For this reason, the voltage is somewhat higher than when used for her apprehension techniques. If uncharged, they deal very low damage with the lack of an electric current.
Name: GunAim.EXE
Position: Department of Navi Prosecutions, Rank 4
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor

Physical Description:
GunAim, on the inside, is simply a metal skeleton of a silver chrome color with a wireframe of the same material surrounding the parts that would be muscle. The prominent features of his body are emphasized by the multitude of munitions attached to his frame. Behind GunAim's face is a powerful laser cannon, a white barrel with a red screen at the end, giving the holes of the eyes, nose, and mouth a crimson glow before the face splits in the middle and pulls back to reveal the armament. At the back of GunAim's head is his navi symbol.
Attached to each of GunAim's arms are four heavy guns. His right arm armaments consist of a Gatling gun, a Flechette Launcher, a Sniper Rifle, and very oddly, another Gatling gun, but made entirely of yellow and orange plastic, and is only capable of shooting foam bullets.
The left arm is mostly of the same arrangement, this time holding an AK-47 machine gun, an array of Derringers, which cycle after every shot, a Railgun, and a Bazooka. Two Chainguns are mounted on each of GunAim's shoulders, and the chest can open to reveal a very fearful three-barreled Magnum. A Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher seems to be attached to his spine as well.
GunAim's hands seem to be left free of guns, as they are always holding the trigger to something or another, but each finger actually contains the barrel to a ten-round revolver, the chamber implanted in the wrist.
As another silly design, GunAim's pelvis has a water cannon attached to the front of it, when asked what it's for, he simply replies, "Gotta shoot water from somewhere," the gas-bomb launcher on the back of the pelvis seems to serve for more comedic amusement.
Attached along his legs are four double-barreled shotguns, apparently these are used to give him boosts forward as he walks. They apparently make really loud noises, annoying most people at the office, so he tends to stay out on the field. His feet aren't visible, but they're there... somewhere.

Personality Description: GunAim is very strict to business, that is, catching rogue navis and other criminal offenders, and does his job well. He's not very talkative otherwise, unless talking about guns and weapons. He really seems to have no other interest in talking about things other than his work or weapons. He can be very blunt, and will always give an honest opinion, and he really doesn't care how others think of him, as long as he can still live like he is, a living weapon.

---Normal Weapon---
GunAim usually uses his multi-round armaments for his rapid shot, and his more one-shot based weapons for his charge shot.
Name: Greaveman.EXE
Position: Rank 2 of Department of Navi Prosecutions
Element: Normal
Subtype: Melee

Physical Description:
Greaveman.EXE stands nearly 7 feet tall, and weighs 230lbs, all of which are in toned, sculpted muscle. Though his bronze skin highlights the contours of his physique, his muscle structure is more similar to that of a gymnast or a runner, rather than a body builder. His eyes are a bright golden orange, and his short black hair is spiked upwards, thanks to a red protective headband. This headband also curves down the side of his face and over his ears, like that of a boxer's training helmet. His chiseled face and prominent chin gives him a look of confidence, and power. He is shirtless, but black tape wraps from his fingers to the middle part of his forearm, and his knuckles are studded with circular, gold metal plates. He wears a pair of black basketball shorts with a red stripe running down each side, and the shorts themselves end just above his knees. Covering from his shin to the top of his foot, he wears his weapons of choice: a pair of metal greaves. They are a dull silver with gold trim, and wrap over 180degrees around his legs, which are secured by straps in the back, and reveal the black tape covering underneath. The greaves are segmented, allowing other smaller metal plates to cover his angles, and all the way over his foot and just past his toes.

Greaveman has a very deep voice, and an often intimidating presence, but his demeanor is very calm, relaxed, and flexible to the situation. He is a natural teacher, and has learned how he should compose himself appropriately, especially in a teaching environment. He knows when to be tough on his students, and when to smile and applaud their efforts. His confidence is matched only by his selflessness, he often takes on additional duties to help ease the workload of fellow NetPolice, and to prevent his skills from stagnating or getting rusty.

Standard Weapon:
Steel Greaves & Knuckle Studs, used in a combination of Muay Thai and Jujitsu-based attacks
Standard Attack: "Straight Kick." A fast, simple kick to the opponent's side or head.
Charged Attack: "Angle Kick." A powerful kick delivered to the opponent, drawing strength from Greaveman's entire body.
Name: Circle.EXE
Position: Netpolice (Navi Prosecutions, Rank 1)
Element: Normal
Subtype: Break

Physical Description:
Circle takes the form of a featureless man inside a dome-shaped shell. The humanoid part of the navi itself is entirely unremarkable, its appearance consisting of a relatively short, thin male figure in a gunmetal gray bodysuit with innumerable wires extending from various points on the forearms that connect to the inside of the dome. The humanoid's helmet is also gray and featureless, simply being round and covering all of Circle's head except, sometimes, the face. A face mask and visor are embedded into the helmet, capable of being materialized and dismissed at will, that cover Circle's usually expressionless face when present.
The shell is solid metal when active and dome-shaped with a six-foot radius. Rather than being solid, however, the surface of the dome is pockmarked with shallow cannons. The weapons themselves have a short range, marked during battle by a glowing white circle that appears on the ground around the navi. When inactive, the outline of the shell is still present as a faint projection around the navi.

Circle is a bit of a control freak. He likes to be in charge of everything regarding his mission, and in control of every element of his area of defense. He also prefers to work alone, though this may be due to his battle style more than anything personal.
Outside of battle, Circle is serious, extremely blunt, and to the point. He doesn't talk more than is absolutely necessary, in part because he feels no need to. Being a war-designed navi, parts of Circle's personality program were bypassed or are missing entirely as they were deemed "unnecessary" at the time. As such, he can be very one-dimensional, and simply falls silent or gives an error message when he isn't sure how to respond to something. Despite this, he has a very subtle sense of humor that has worked its way into some of his speech and mannerisms.

Custom Weapon:
Dome cannons
Name: Runeknight.Exe
Faction: NetPolice: Department of Navi Prosecutions Assistant Leader
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Physical Description:
Runeknight is tall for a Navi, standing at the Net Equivalent of 6'3" and weighing around 230lbs. Runeknight is a fully armored Navi, clad in steel blacker than the darkest night. The armor is less European and more futuristic in nature, fitting his body perfectly. Cobalt embellishments adorn the armor at the edges of each individual plate of armor and he wears a cobalt cloth around his waist that hangs in front of him, down to his knees. His helmet is black with a visor that seems to be made of cobalt crystal. The visor juts out like the beak of a bird of prey, covering Runeknight's face entirely. Runeknight wears a cobalt cape that hangs to just above his ankles. In black thread, at the center of the cape, is Runeknight's emblem, three interconnecting spirals of energy. Runeknight's weapon of choice is a spear, creatively dubbed the Rune Spear, designed with a serrated tip with small spikes jutting out to either side and a smaller spike on the opposite end to serve as a counter weight. Several runic markings adorn the metal shaft of the spear, the runes glowing with a cobalt light when Runeknight enchants his spells.

Runeknight is much like his NetOp in his views of the world. He holds the concepts of honor and chivalry above all else and fights in defense of these beliefs. Runeknight prides himself as a knightly Navi, and lives his life to protect those that cannot protect themselves, especially female Navi is distress. As a current NetPolice Navi, Runeknight believes that it is his duty to seek out injustice and halt the evils caused by such notorious villains as Drakkas and the chaotic Cybeasts. Runeknight is quite affable and generally gets along well with others; however, he finds it difficult to let people past his armored exterior. As such, he has a difficult time creating lasting friendships without a concentrated effort by his companion.

Runeknight takes his role as the assistant leader of Navi Prosecutions very seriously. However, he prefers to take a hands-on approach to his job and so leaves the paperwork to a trusted few subordinates. He enjoys the visceral feel of taking down the criminals who threaten the well-being of the Net and often leads the charge from atop his armored warhorse.

Custom Weapon:
Rune Spear
Name: Gridlock.CMD
Position: Department of Navi Prosecutions: Department Leader
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Physical Description:
Gridlock is a tall, solidly built Navi with an alert air and commanding presence about him. He has short cut almond brown hair, and generally average facial features. His eyes are a darker shade of red, and radiate a sense of quiet alertness and calm consideration.

Gridlock's Navi Emblem is emblazoned upon his ear covers only, which are both always visible. His Navi emblem is of a green and black wire-frame grid matrix in the shape of a closed featureless padlock on a dark red background.

Gridlock.GMB: This is Gridlock's default GMO, and the one he uses when heading into the field. In this form, Gridlock is clad in a dark gray body suit with a white side stripe, over which he wears a custom suit of personal combat armor. On his body is worn a matte black and smoke gray composite armor shell that protects his upper body, complete with smoke gray shoulder armor with white accent parts around the curved edges. His legs are encased in black full plate armor from waist to foot with lighter gray segments around the joints and a white armor shell over the feet instead of black. His forearms are similarly protected by a black armored shell vambrace that end in white gauntlets over his hands. On his head, Gridlock wears a black and smoke gray open-faced helmet with white trim, a clear visor that passes before his eyes, and a white command antenna on the left side. The helmet also features an armored lower face guard, which Gridlock is able to materialize or dismiss on command. Upon his back, and directly attached to his torso armor, as a boxy simple gray back unit with two radio antennae rods sticking up from the top. In this form, Gridlock hand-carries his personal combat shotgun, a modified PW-05b he's had with him since making it into the Department of Navi Prosecutions (which he is able to summon and dismiss out of thin air).

Gridlock is a flexible Navi. He is observant, and adapts himself well to almost any situation. He is highly intelligent and flexible enough in his thinking to come up with on the fly solutions to many of the problems he encounters as he encounters them. He has an easy manner with those who know him, but his otherwise generally quiet state and thinker's scowl makes him seem unapproachable at times. Though, one look at his rascal's grin, and the notion of unapproachability shatters like so much glass.

One of Gridlock's biggest personal worries is becoming obsolete, which fuels his interest in new technologies. His hobbies reflect this, as he can be found researching the latest scripts or looking for ways to modify and upgrade the gear he has. It's not unusual to find him chatting with members of the technology department or even people from Sci-Labs.

Professionally, Gridlock could best be described as a natural born leader. Having once been where the people he commands are now, and very recently at that, he has an understanding of what it means to be a regular member of the department and strives to do well by his subordinates. He has a knack for creative problem solving and the experience to know, or at least guess at, which methods have a chance of working and which don't. Couple this with his calm presence under pressure, determination, and resolve to get the job done with a minimum amount of risk to his people, and it's easy to see why he is looked up to by those that work under him. Or, with him, if you ask him.

Custom Weapon:
Modified PW-05b "Prosecutor" Shotgun
-- Gridlock's weapon of choice, at a glance, appears to be the standard issue shotgun they hand out to every Navi grunt that manages to make it through the Department of Navi Prosecution's equivalent of SWAT training. A second glance doesn't do anything to dispel this notion, which is a major morale booster for the recruits using the real thing, and an eyebrow raiser for the veterans (both from the department and outsiders alike) who have traded in their standard issue arms for more exotic gear. Those who know about Gridlock's hobbies eye the weapon with well founded suspicion. In it's primary operating mode, the weapon fires the same heavy spread rounds one would normally expect from the PW-05b line. However, Gridlock had his "Prosecutor" modified with the latest technology to allow it to charge up and fire a savagely powerful beam of energy designed to punch clean through the first thing it hits and then go on to smash whatever's beyond it like a hammer. Another feature of this weapon is Gridlock's ability to materialize and dismiss the weapon as he sees fit, allowing him to call it to hand in a pinch.