NetPolice: Department of Investigations

Department of Investigations
(Primary Function: Case profiling and information warfare. Investigating crime scenes is a daily job for members of this departments, as well as forensic science, hacking, criminal profiling, espionage, and whatever other way information can be gathered and wielded. Direct combat is not a major part of the job description, but the information gathered here is used across the other departments for a variety of purposes.)

Leader: Keys.exe (Bomber)
Assistant Leader: Page.exe (Bomber)
Rank 1: Chicago.EXE (Bomber)
Rank 2: Blacklight.EXE (Bomber)
Rank 3: Astra.exe (Bomber)
Rank 4: Rea.exe (Bomber)
Rank 5: Sesta.exe (Bomber)
Rank 6: #6.??? (Bomber)
Name: #6.???
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 6 (Espionage Specialist)
Element: Normal
Subtype: Sword

Physical Description:
Fine details on what #6 looks like are scarce, as he obscures most of his body with a metallic gray cloak, complete with hood and sleeves. It's actually ingrained in his programming that his face be masked by shadows from the cloak's hood, so no one has ever actually gotten a look at his eyes or hair. Everything from the nose down is visible, though, so just judging by facial structure, it's safe to assume that #6 is a young adult male. There's nothing fastening the sides of the cloak together, so a combat vest, combat pants, and combat boots, all black as the shadows on his face, can be seen. Certain things can't be hidden very easily, though, such as his height at 6' 1", and his physique, which is very lean and athletic by necessity for his work.

Despite having surrendered his identity to become #6, this guy isn't a machine that follows orders without question. Well... he does follow orders, and does so quite well, but his methods are his and his alone. #6 actually laughs a lot in comparison to what you'd expect from a black ops agent, mostly due to how desensitized his sense of humor is. What most would find weird, grotesque, or sometimes bordering on outright horrible #6 could find humor in. When asked how he can possibly laugh at the things he does, #6 simply answers that he's seen worse on the job. On the rare occasions he isn't out on a mission, #6 actually gets along pretty well with the other members of the Department of Investigations. He enjoys messing with Chicago since it's just so easy to do, but otherwise #6 comes off as pretty lighthearted and isn't very hard to talk to. It's somewhat odd to most that he can be so lighthearted while being one of the NetPolice's most relied-on agents who has seen some of the darkest part of the Net, but he hasn't shown any other real symptoms of insanity, so no one has really thought too hard about it.

Custom Weapon:
#6 keeps a simple switchblade on his body at all times, though he moves it at regular intervals so no one else can actually find it. It lacks any sort of tricks or special abilities, so #6 must rely on his own skills to make the weapon worthwhile.
Name: Sesta.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 5 (Evidence Vault Keeper)
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Physical Description:
In what seems to be a recurring element among Navis of the Department of Investigations, Sesta is... short. 4' 8", to be precise. She's also very red at a glance, starting with the sharp red eyes she shares with her sisters Astra and Rea, and ending with a ketchup-red overcoat that's far more ornate than it needs to be. The edges of the overcoat and its sleeves are lined with white leather, the white collar folds back out to cover her shoulders, and the overcoat is fastened together by a set of brass buckles rather than with normal buttons. It's actually a pretty loose fit for her small stature, so the sleeves are pretty baggy and the edge of the overcoat goes a bit past her knees. Murky grey leggings lead down to her leather shoes, which like her overcoat are red with white lining.

Sesta's face is very child-like in appearance, despite not actually being designed as a child Navi. There's really nothing in particular that screams it, but combined with her (lack of) height, a certain air about her presents the child-like notion. Sesta's hair is actually red too, but it's such a dull, muddy red that it could easily pass as brown in some lights. Length-wise, her hair actually extends farthest at the sides, not the back. It's not really a pigtail style in particular, as the shoulder-length strands at the sides of her head are loosely bundled into two clumps, somewhat giving the impression of wings on her head. Aside from that, Sesta is suffering from constant hat hair, as she almost never takes what she wears off her head. It's a pretty simple red, short-billed cap, expect that the cap itself is so puffy and airy that it actually sinks back in on itself, making it look like she's wearing a deflated balloon. Strapped across her shoulder and resting at her hip is a large satchel bag, which has more mysteries to it than could possibly be explained.

Sesta is a packrat, is well aware of that fact, and embraces it wholly. She loves all kinds of gadgets, toys, gizmos, and whatever other odd pieces of technology she can get her hands on. Sesta also loves her job, because as the keeper for the NetPolice's evidence vault, she has at her fingertips the single largest collection of bizarre devices and doodads on the entire Net. The "like a kid in a candy store" simile applies well here. On more than a few occasions she's been caught trying to weasel away particularly old pieces of evidence that no one is likely to miss. Her desk in the Department of Investigations is easily the most cluttered space in the entire building, so much so that when she sits down at it, you can't see her past the piles of junk on it. That's not to say she's disorganized, though. While it might look like a mess, there is an method to the madness, and Sesta can pull a piece of evidence out at request within seconds, whether it be at her desk, in the vault, or in her bag (where it really shouldn't be in the first place), making her quite good at her job.

Among other Navis, Sesta absolutely radiates positive vibes, as only someone who spends every waking moment amongst what she loves could. Depending on your personality, she could come off as a great Navi to be around, or that picture-perfect example of what a "sickeningly happy person" is. Say hello to everyone she passes, take orders for coffee when she's brewing a pot, fix the jam in the data copier when no one else wants to, and so on. Just, whatever you do, do not steal Sesta's stuff. She'll share, but do not take it without her knowledge or permission. Seriously, don't do it.

Custom Weapon:
Endless Satchel
This beige, heavy cloth bag holds everything that Sesta loves: gizmos, gadgets, doodads, and various other quirky objects. And yes, "everything" means everything. Sesta's satchel holds far more than its volume logically allows, which lets her pack a multitude of armaments retired from the department's evidence vault... and a few "borrowed" pieces too.
Name: Rea.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 4 (Interrogations, Victim Questioning)
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Bug

Physical Description:
Rea is a lovely young lady with a very persistent cold. She shares the same big and glossy red eyes as her sisters, but those vivid and lively eyes seem almost stranded amidst her cold and shivering body. Her short-cut hair is a rusty brown color, and her pale pink lips cover a set of pearly white teeth that are usually chattering. She's the tallest of 3 sisters, but at 5' 2", she's still pretty short. Her body frame is a bit small to keep proportion with her height, but her feminine charms are not lost on that. Lithe and limber, curves in all the right places, and an overall air of beauty in defiance of her cold... Rea's a looker, alright, but it's too bad that you're usually looking at all her clothes.

To be specific, Rea wears 5 layers of clothes. She shivers, her teeth chatter, and her nose is almost always dripping, which makes Rea bundle up in a futile effort to suppress her symptoms. Heavy insulated gray snow boots and Mokolo wool-lined blue snow pants cover her feet and legs, thick fingerless gray mittens are worn on her hands, and on her head is adorned a blue snow cap with a fuzzy pom-pom on the end. All this plays second fiddle to her blue coat, though, which is so fluffed up with insulation that the coat alone takes up about twice as much volume as Rea herself does. It's a wonder she can even move in it, let alone keep the buttons from popping. It's largely unknown what Rea's middle layers consist of, as the giant coat is just that giant.

Given a rare opportunity to actually warm up, Rea will shed the heavy layers down to one and actually show some of her beauty. Her mittens are removed, the boots give way to a pair of leather slip-ons, the snow pants were hiding a somewhat form-fitting pair of jeans, and underneath the winter coat the whole time was a mild pink-colored sweater. The snow cap goes on and off at Rea's preference when she's warm, as it's admittedly there more for the cuteness than the function.

Unlike the icy presence she radiates, Rea actually has a warm personality, albeit a very mild warmth. Despite her sickly plight, she's a good listener, and is often a good person to confide in without getting talked down to. She's not quite meek or shy, but Rea's not very assertive either, as it's a bit difficult to get up in someone's face when you're prone to shoot icicles at a moment's notice. And, for that reason, Rea has developed the habit of being overly apologetic. It's somewhat of a necessity when you can inadvertently impale the wall you're facing with a moment's notice. She's aware that her volatile cold symptoms are the only things that qualify her as an interrogator, but Rea can't help but apologize profusely to an incarcerated criminal when an icicle whizzes just millimeters from their head.

One other personality quirk that Rea's cold has produced is that, despite her being an Aqua Navi, she is very uncomfortable with bitter temperatures. In fact, since it seems to relieve the symptoms a bit, Rea has come to enjoy heat and fire very much, despite how much of an elemental mismatch it is. In the absence of a reliable source of heat, Rea must wear her many layers of clothes, else she is likely to ice over about half of NetPolice HQ. Despite the difficulties this sickness burdens her with, Rea doesn't mope or whine about it. It's actually pretty hard for anyone to complain about their problems when Rea is such a trooper with her own problems that are likely far worse.

Custom Weapon:
Seasonal Cold
A Navi with a cold is a strange concept, and Rea doesn't really help to make it any easier to normalize. She wasn't created with it, but ever since she picked it up at her old job, it just won't seem to go away no matter what Rea does. That's as much a problem for those around her as it is for Rea. When she shivers, sub-freezing temperatures radiate out from her body. When she sneezes, she sneezes icicles at bullet-speeds. That in particular causes some... occupational hazards within the Department of Investigations.
Name: Astra.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 3 (Hacker)
Element: Elec
Subtype: Team

Physical Description:
You'll think it immediately: short. Astra, despite being an adult-modeled humanoid Navi, is only 4'4" tall. Her tiny body is completely engulfed by a heavy green robe, from the soles of her feet to her arms, which only show themselves when Astra reaches outwards, else they are swamped in a second outer layer of cloth that swamps her arms and extends down to her hips. In fact, it'd probably be easier to say that the only thing that isn't usually covered in green cloth is her head, although some have claimed, albeit unable to prove, that underneath all the cloth, Astra doesn't wear shoes of any sort. Aside from the heavy green cloth, copper-colored wires are woven throughout the robe, giving Astra a look that many think akin to a circuit board.

Once you get past her robe (both layers of it), you come to Astra's head. Dirty blonde hair tied into pigtails adorns her cranium, along with her weapon-ready binoculars strapped on across her forehead. With all her hair bundled up like that, anyone can get a clear view of Astra's face: tiny-looking on the whole, as expected of her stature, but one thing does stand out. Big, glossy red eyes belong to Astra, just as with her sisters, and they give her a very potent look. Not angry, persay, but you can definitely feel a sense of focus when she's staring at something.

Nerd in just about every sense of the word. Astra is almost always sitting in her office at the department, plucking away at whatever hacking assignment she's been given. She's not really antisocial, persay, but she does get too focused on her work and tends to not go outside often because of it. Aside from her natural reclusion, though, it's generally been decided throughout the department that keeping Astra in earshot is for the best. She has an awful habit of speaking her thoughts, and on more than one occasion has let fly some pretty sensitive information that would be real trouble in the wrong hands. It's all been out of range of anyone who shouldn't here it so far, and since everyone would like to keep it that way, no one has made an effort to correct Astra's camping of her workspace.

Outside of police work, Astra, by her design, is a huge enthusiast of astronomy. She and her Operator worked at an observatory before this job, and Astra just couldn't get enough of using the telescope to gaze through space and spy on other stars and planets. Obviously, the department doesn't have such a powerful telescope at their disposal, but Astra regardless loves to spend her days (nights) off in a telescope, looking into the night sky.

Custom Weapon:
Galactic Binoculars
Strapped to Astra's head with a leather headband is a pair of extremely high-grade binoculars. The zoom on these things is insane, to the point where Astra could probably pick out a speck of data from a mile away. Binoculars by themselves don't serve as very good weapons, though, so Astra's are modified to shoot lasers out of the lenses.
Name: Blacklight.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 2 (Forensic Scientist)
Element: Elec
Subtype: Variable

Physical Description:
Conservative by design, Blacklight isn't the most outrageous Navi out there. His build is a little scrawny, his height 5'7", and his hair a basic black. His uniform consists of navy blue slacks and a jacket, which is emblazoned with his emblem (a single tube emitting a dark light) on the chest pocket. The rest of his gear is up to personal choice, which Blacklight answered with a pair of heavy brown boots, a black T-shirt, and a pair of sanitary gloves (to keep evidence clean). His distinguishing piece of equipment is a metallic visor that curves around his eyes before hooking behind his ears. The black metal is accented by a deep purple glass strip for Blacklight to see through. At Blacklight's will, the visor will emit a dark light (delivering the Navi his name) that can image things that would normally remain invisible or too small to see. He typically keeps a gray attaché case in tow, full of various forensic tools.

Blacklight is very focused towards his forensics work, but quite amiable as well. He won't mind stepping away from the microscope for a moment to do someone a favor or help them out with something. He often plays the "good cop" to Chicago's "bad cop" when talking to witnesses, and holds the responsibility of keeping his partner in check. His major flaw is actually his work ethic, which might actually be too good. When he really gets tuned in, you could sometimes even shout in his ear and he wouldn't hear a thing. This has created problems more than once, especially when examining things out in the field.

Custom Weapon:
X26 Taser
A traditional police-use taser design. Being mostly a non-combat Navi, Blacklight relies on this to shock the opponent into submission or until he can escape. The X26 is made of navy-blue plastic, with a yellow tag on the side denoting the model type. Rather than having the trigger on the belly of the weapon like most traditional firearms, it is set in the hollowed-out middle of the body, leaving the handle to only serve as stability.
Name: Chicago.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Rank 1 (Profiler, Investigator)
Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor

Physical Description:
With only a glance, you can tell Chicago is a hardboiled PI, right out of the old movies. Most of his body is draped by a beige trench coat which bears his emblem (a crossed magnifying glass and pistol) on the upper left chest area. He sports black leather shoes meld seamlessly with his black slacks, and... that's all you can really tell. The rest of his clothing is always buried underneath the coat. Chicago stands a fairly impressive 6'2" tall and has a pretty decent build. His sloppy hair is hidden under a beige bowler hat, although the thick stubble on his face leaves nothing to imagination as it gives away his brown hair color. His dreary blue eyes always have a glazed look to them, making Chicago a hard man to read. Finally, a cigarette always dangling from his lips complete his look, giving a very faint glow to his face from the burning ash.

100% business. Don't you dare start talking about trivial stuff while he's working on a case. Chicago is very pensive in his thoughts, and only speaks when he has a complete scenario mapped out in his head. When he is speaking, though, he is so terribly blunt. He doesn't soften up even the most grotesque things, regardless of who he's talking to (and is often steered away from cases involving children because of it). When he's not working, Chicago is usually just lazing around in NP headquarters or in his PET, waiting for something to happen. The only Navi he really acts somewhat casual around is his partner, Blacklight.

Custom Weapon:
Single-Action Colt
A semi-automatic handgun mirrored after a popular model. The metal is all jet black, from the barrel to the trigger to the safety. The only off-color on it is the brown rubber pads on the sides of the handle. The only thing that really differs it from the real thing is that, rather than firing bullet, it shoots high-heat lasers.
Name: Page.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Assistant Leader (Case File Manager)
Element: Wood
Subtype: Recover

Physical Description: Page is a very casually designed Navi by anyone's standards, especially when she's one of the higher ranking members of the NetPolice. Her rank is (inaccurately) depicted by a 5'7" body with a very serene face. Her long purple hair is braided into a ponytail that reaches halfway down her back, while most of the rest of her hair is tucked under a dark green beret she always wears. Her eyes are a clear light green, and are covered by a large pair of glasses by design if not by necessity. Her shirt, a sweater hiding a more than modest bust, is a deep, deep purple that almost borders on black in certain lights. Covering her legs is a long, ankle-length layered skirt, of the same dark green as her beret, that frills out at each layer at the waist, at the knees, and at the ankles. On her feet are a simple pair of dark green boots that mostly blend in with her skirt. Page's emblem is a closed leather-bound book, and is kept on the side of her skirt on the hip.

Personality: In simplest terms, Page is the world's big sister. It really doesn't matter who you are; talking to Page for a couple of minutes will make you feel like family. That's both good in the heartwarming sense and a little scary since you get the feeling that you really can't defy her. It's not a threatening feeling, but just... you can't really imagine what would happen if you did. That concerned, sisterly look... That warm smile... How could you possibly betray that?

Once you get past your adoration for her, you'll see Page as a very composed lady. On the surface, she's Keys' secretary, but on the sides she manages the department's case files, hands outs assignments to investigators daily, sends the routine status reports to Internal Affairs, and repairs damaged information files, all while helping Keys keep his child's attention span on track. In simpler terms, Page is just one of those types that works really well the more work there is to do. Despite being like a superwoman in that regard, Page has a very large soft spot for children, which played a major part in her following Keys to the Department of Investigations. That family-like warmth she radiates is available for everyone, but children in particular always get the brunt of her affection.

Custom Weapon:
Big Book of Everything Ever
Page's weapon is a book. A really, really big book. Formally, it doesn't have a name. Informally, it's the Book of Everything Ever. From historical records to statistics to stories, it's all in this book. And, it's all penned by Page. It isn't really designed for direct attacking, since the best thing for a buster attack it offers is clubbing someone with its massive hardcover girth.
Name: Keys.exe
Position: NetPolice, Department of Investigations, Leader (Strategist)
Element: Normal
Subtype: Shadow

Physical Description:
His status is great, but his stature... not so much. Keys is actually a child Navi, modeled after a young boy standing about 4' 9" tall. Seeing how he isn't an adult, Keys' body is pretty lightly built, and as a result lacks some of the physical prowess that many of the older NetPolice Navis possess. His hair, which lies completely flat on his head, is jet black in color, with the bangs hanging about an inch above his sharp blue eyes. Those eyes are usually what keep many from instantly disregarding Keys as some random kid, as they have the strange quality of making anyone who looks into them feel as if they're being read like a book.

His clothing has a very professional look to it, which only furthers the contrast between his appearance and position. A pair of black shoes and pants lead up to a royal blue blazer, which is buttoned all the way up to the collar. Keys can often be seen pulling on the collar as if it's too tight, but for some reason he never loosens it up. His emblem, a skeleton key on a black background, is pinned to his blazer's chest pocket. Aside from that, the only other remarkable piece on Keys is a rather large brass key ring pinned to his side that keeps a collection of various antique keys in order.

Keys' intelligence and qualifications as the leader of the Department of Investigations comes through his imagination, and he has an abnormally large memory bank by any Navi's standards. A name, a face, an idea... Give it to Keys, and it's safe for the next few years. Still, he was modeled off a 12 year old boy to achieve that imaginative level of thought, and many of those childish mannerisms are what make up Keys as well. More than anything else, Keys has a suspension of disbelief that dwarfs that of many Navis throughout the Net. No matter how ridiculous a theory or situation sounds, Keys will give it as much consideration as anything else. While that isn't so much due to a venerable wisdom as to a young boy's fascination with the mysterious, it does provide him with a good mindset to study criminal cases and root out deep-hidden clues that most might not see. Without a doubt Keys deserves his position because of this, since his vivid imagination has, time and time again, busted open cases that few thought possible.

His work ethics aside, Keys' 12 year old mentality does hinder him in certain areas. His mind can wander off track pretty easily, and every once in a while he'll find himself thinking about something a mile off of what he was supposed to be doing. Along with that is his Achilles' Heel: girls. In a troublesome misstep by his designers, Keys was placed at that tumultuous age where girls hop between "Ew, gross" and "Hmm... maybe..." at a moment's notice. It's a frustrating matter that Keys is well aware of, yet unable to address since Navis do not officially "age". The problem is only compounded on the fact that his Department of Investigations has a respectably even male/female ratio, so not a day goes by where he doesn't interact with one of his female subordinates.

Custom Weapon:
Key Ring and Imaginary Doors
At Keys' hip rests his namesake weapon. It's simply a brass ring with five keys hanging from it. What you can't see, though, are the doors associated with each key, which only materialize when Keys uses the appropriate key. What resides inside those doors is a perpetual mystery, although in their most basic use, Keys can fire data blasts out of them as a simple buster attack.