[Terrain] Boost (#): This attack gains damage bonuses from specific terrain types. The type of terrain required and quantity of the bonus are specified.

2x Exponential Boost: Damage is doubled from its previous amount for every action in battle that has passed since this chip has been activated, stacking. Attack ends as soon as any other action is taken.

Altitude Change: Forces all battle participants out of High Altitude or Submerged status, regardless of whether or not it hits them. This effect cannot be avoided.

Attribute Lock: This battlechip cannot be imbued with an element or extra damage.

AquaBody: Immune to Aqua damage.

Aura Boost: +20 Attack Damage when user of this chip is protected by a Barrier. +50 Attack Damage when user of this chip is protected by an Aura.

Back-Stab: This attack always executes from behind the target, which helps in bypassing some defenses and makes it more difficult for some targets to react to it.

Beam Attack: A line piercing attack effect that breaks through all defense types except Invincibility. Dodge if possible. Counts as Cursor Type for the purposes of Traps. Damage bypasses Traps, but may still trigger them. Found exclusively on beam type attacks such as N.O.Beam and GunDelSol.

Beam Immunity: This Object is immune to Object Erasure and Beam Attacks.

Blind: Decreases the target's ability to hit anything by 50% for one turn, starting the turn after this attack connects.

Bubble Trap: Encases the target in a bubble for 1 turn that makes them vulnerable to Elec Damage. Trapped targets suffer from Hold, and their attacks cannot penetrate the bubble from the inside. Any attack that hits the bubble from the outside instantly breaks it, freeing the victim.

Bug Share: Inflicts enemies hit by this attack with all bugs and glitches the user is currently afflicted with.

Bug Spreader: The number of targets this attack hits is increased by 1 for each bug or glitch the user has.

Burn: Deals X Fire Elemental damage per action to the victim per turn of Burn. Always takes effect the turn following acquiring the status. Can be cured with Status Cure before full damage is dealt, or possibly even before it begins to deal damage. Wood Elementals suffer double damage from this status effect. Burn naturally expires after one turn, unless stated otherwise.

Carry: If anyone, user, ally, or foe, grabs the attack at any point before it hits something, they are pulled along by it until it either hits something or they let go. This does not affect the attack in any way.

Chain(#):This attack will adjust it's path to hit multiple enemies, but it cannot chain-target a previously struck target. If a target manages to get hit more than once by this effect, it is not because the attack targeted it more than once, but due to some other series of events. The number of times this can occur is specified in the effect. If the attack misses a target, the chain is broken, and no more redirections occur. Note: Piercing always accompanies Chain by default.

Cone Attack: Attacks in a cone shape, hitting 1 panel ahead, then 3 panels wide after that. Rare instances of this effect go one step further for 5 panels wide at 3 panels distant. The distinctions are made on an individual basis in the chip descriptions.

Counter: Responds to an attack with a counterbow of some sort. If the incoming attack is imbued with Impact, Counter does not trigger.

Cursed Body: All attacks that hit this object lower its HP by 1, regardless of power. It is also immune to all effects besides Object Erasure. Because of this, it cannot transfer effects other than damage to its target.

Cursed Mind: If an attack connects with VoodooDoll, a B accuracy check is performed. If it succeeds, the damage is inflicted on the enemy it is bound to, and this ignores all known defenses. If it fails, the damage is instead randomly inflicted on another participant, be it another enemy, the user's allies, SPs, or even the user.

Delayed Use Boost #: Gains a specified amount of damage for every previous turn in battle that has passed, stacking.

Demon Blade: This chip gains damage equal to the user's total lost HP.

Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn. Failure to use the chip twice before the end of the turn means forfeiting the second use.

Drain: This attack deals the listed damage to the target, and heals the user by the damage dealt. For battlechips, elemental weaknesses and terrain bonuses will increase both damage dealt and HP healed.

Drop Attack: This attack originates above the battlefield, and falls to the ground. It gains one rank of accuracy against High Altitude targets.

Dual Mode: This chip has two separate modes of operation. The user may pick which one they wish to use at the time of activation.

Elapsed Time Boost #: Gains a specified amount of damage for every previous action in battle that has passed since this chip has been activated, stacking. Attack ends as soon as any other action is taken.

ElecBody: Immune to Elec damage.

Element Shift: An effect exclusive to Objects wherein the object changes Elements. The Elements it changes between as well as the conditions for the change are both specified in the Special listing at the bottom of the chip entry.

Elemental Counter: Counter attack is launched if the parent defense was not hit with an effect it is weak against.

Fear: Targets affected by this suffer from Freeze and gain Haste1.

Fighter Range: This attack reaches three panels ahead, and can hit up to 3 enemies.

Gigas Charge #: Expend one action to increase this chip's base damage by a specified amount and upgrade Knockback to Microburst. Buster Charges do not work as a substitute.

Glitch: Inflicts a random glitch on any targets this attack hits. Occasionally causes multiple glitches if stated in the attack description.

Gravity Crush #: Instantly defeats any target with HP at or below the numeric value. Undershirt will not prevent this effect from working. If the target would survive Gravity Crush damage, they instead only take the base 10 Aqua damage. Exclusive to Whirlpool series chips.

Ground Attack: this attack can only be executed on the ground, and at ground level. If there are no panels or other large surfaces present, this attack cannot execute. If the terrain is broken up, and the attack reaches one of these breaks, the attack fizzles.

Ground Effect: Similar to Ground Attack, except this effect targets everyone and everything currently standing on or hovering over the ground, no exceptions. The attack strikes all targets instantly. High Altitude and hovering over broken or missing terrain are the only means to avoid becoming a target.

Group Attack (Arc): This attack may hit between 1 and 4 enemies on average, perhaps more depending on the situation. This version of Group Attack hits in an arc that loops back to the attacker. If attempting to hit too many targets with poor RP, you may also hit yourself, so be careful.

Group-Attack: This attack is able to strike a group of targets, as defined by the battlemod in his or her last mod-post. If no clear groups are defined, a max of 4-6 targets is assumed.

Gust Guided: The accuracy and targeting parameters of this attack are affected by Wind. (Not Northwind.)

Gust: Sends the target, or targets, flying backwards. Similar to the Wind effect, but only operates in short duration bursts.

HeatBody: Immune to Fire damage.

Homing: An attack with this effect may attack a missed target again the following turn, unless it impacts upon something first. It may only return to attack again one time, and only on the turn after the attack was launched.

Ice Type: This chip counts as Ice Type for the purposes of potentially freezing targets on Aqua Element Terrain or environments, as applicable.

I-Field: A form of X-Hit Barrier. Impact counts double against it.

Laser TAG: Attack triggers when something moves through the targeting laser beam, no matter who or what that may be.

LifeSword Range: This attack reaches 2 panels ahead and 3 panels wide. allowing the attack to hit up to 6 targets at a time.

Line Attack: Attacks all targets in a straight line. The attack will pass through anything it touches until it has hit the max specified number of targets (if there is a max). Defenses may still negate damage, though the attack will continue regardless. This effect measures in targets.

Line-Chain: This attack moves forward in a rough line, but may shift side to side slightly as it advances to engage more targets in its general path. The attack cannot ever stray more than 45 degrees from its original path, and cannot make greater than a 45 degree turn at any given time.

LockOn: Same effect as an automatic Take Aim if lock is achieved, except target lock is also necessary to fire the attack. Counts as Cursor Type for the purposes of Traps and Counters.

Long Attack: This attack reaches two panels ahead, and can hit up to 2 enemies.

Magnetic Draw: Drags up to 3 targets towards you. Stronger than the Pull effect.

Magnetic Pull: Drags the target towards you. Stronger than the Pull effect.

Miasma(mod): A method of delivering poison damage. This effect generates a damage zone, and bypasses all known forms of defense without exception. The coverage varies, and is denoted by the modifier listed in parenthesis after this effect.

Negate [Effect]: A sub-effect exclusive to Traps that detects a specific effect. and then cancels the action or set of effects equivalent to an action that were associated with the effect. IE: If a Trap says Negate(Fire), and an enemy uses a Fire attack or a passive Fire based effect, that entire attack or passive effect is completely canceled. Superpiercing and Beam attacks cannot be Negated, nor can attacks with Nullify.

Object Absorption: If this attack hits an object, it adds half of that object's HP to its damage.

Object Erasure: Instantly destroys Objects on contact. This includes Casings.

Object Orbit: This attack will orbit the first object it comes into contact with, damaging all around the object. Orbit lasts one turn following contact with the object, and may strike nearby targets repeatedly.

Object Triggered Blast: When this attack strikes an object, it throws out a field of damage around the object equal to half the original attack's power, striking everything near the object without exception.

Panel Break: Breaks panels in a Small Area. This effect doesn't work against Metal terrain. If an attack with this effect hits an occupied panel, it merely cracks it instead.

Panel Crack: Damages panels in a Small Area, cracking them. If already damaged, this effect breaks them instead. This effect doesn't work against Metal terrain.

Piercing: This attack is able to pass through targets it strikes until it reaches it's maximum stated range. If no range is stated, the attack continues on until it reaches the edge of the battlefield. As with Line Attack, defenses may still negate damage, though the attack will continue regardless. This effect measures in panel range.

Piledriver: If the first hit connects with Knockback and the second hit also connects, the second hit deals double damage.

Pincer Attack: Attacks a single chosen target from two opposing directions at the same time.

Plague: Inflicts the same number of glitches you are currently suffering from on all affected attack targets. This is in addition to other Glitch effects.

Poison: Damage is considered Poison, and cannot be Imbued with an Element. Poison damage is dealt on a per-turn basis, and takes effect the turn after the target is struck with it. Poison can be cured with Status Cure.

Prismatic Body: All non-break attacks deal this object NO damage. Any attack that connects with this object has its damage redirected at the nearest object, virus, or Navi, without regard to who or what that may be. All instances of Splash and Spread are also redirected towards the nearest objects, viruses, and Navis until all instances of the effects in a given attack have been redirected towards viable targets. Every time this object fires an energy beam, it loses 1 HP.

Rebound(#): This effect allows an attack to ricochet around the field. It will attempt to bounce off of enemies or objects until it has attacked (#) additional times, with the damage of the chip reducing by 10 for each attempted attack. Each attack against a given target lowers the chip's accuracy by 2 ranks against that target. Unlike Chain, Rebound can miss repeatedly and still continue trying to score hits, even against targets already hit by it.

Reflect: Damage returned is equal to the damage of the attack blocked or the damage cap listed, whichever comes first. Reflect is not subject to negation by Impact.

Refresh: Lowers CD on all of your signatures currently in cooldown by 2.

Shot Eraser: It is possible for this attack to nullify projectile attacks equivalent to half of this chip's attack damage or less that cross it's path. RP quality must be excellent for this advanced feature to function.

Slashing: Bypasses Shadow, and can be used to cut various things.

Slow: Decreases movement speed and evasion for one turn, starting the turn after this attack connects.

Snare: A combination of Hold, Grapple, and Trap effects. However, in exchange for RP versatility, the chip can backfire depending upon RP. Nullify cancels Snare. Snared targets can be set on fire for an extra 1x base fire damage, though the target will be free of Snare the following turn.

Spin Attack: Strikes at all enemies in an 8-panel circle around the user. Accuracy varies depending on the number of targets designated: 1-3 targets @ B Accuracy, 4-6 targets @ C Accuracy, 7-8 targets @ D Accuracy.

Spray Fire: If a shot from this attack misses its primary target, it has a chance to hit something near the enemy instead of completely missing. Good RP increases the chance of triggering this effect.

Stand Alone Defense: This defense spawns upon the field like an object, and remains in place until destroyed. It cannot be equipped.

Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs. This includes Status Effects and Glitches.

Superpiercing: Only Aura, Barrier, Counter, and Invincibility can stop this attack. Dodge if possible. Counts as Break Type for the purposes of Traps and Counters. Damage bypasses Traps, but may still trigger them.

Terrain Changer: Ceases attacking when the Terrain Change effect is completed. The area of the terrain being changed by the attack is also the area/distance traveled limit of the attack itself.

Terrain Effect Bonus: Adds an additional effect to an attack where applicable, depending on the type of terrain used.

Time Delay: Upon taking damage, there is a 2 action time delay before the attack triggers.

Trap: Responds to a set of trigger conditions, usually an attack, with a counterattack. If the attack that would trigger this effect is imbued with Nullify, or the person who set the trap is struck by Nullify, the trap is destroyed and does not trigger.

Trick Shot Spread: Automatically aims and spreads damage at one enemy nearest the point of impact. Can shoot around corners and bank off walls, floors, etc.

Two-Handed: This attack can only be used if all other active chips are overridden first, regardless of the number of 'hands' the user supposedly has. This means activating this chip will dismiss all currently carried weapons and hand-held gear, regardless of type.

Variable Mode: When using this chip, the user may sacrifice an additional Sword-type chip, adding its damage to to this chip. Only ONE chip may be used for this purpose.

Variable Targeting: Allows the user to select a target for each individual hit of an attack. This means they may strike the same target multiple times, multiple different targets, or a mix of the two as they wish.

Wide Attack: This attack hits a line of targets perpendicular to the direction the attack is launched in. Unless otherwise specified, a wide attack can hit up to 3 targets, max. Once a target is hit, the attack ends, thus all targets must be hit at roughly the same time.

Wind Type: This chip counts as Wind Type for the purposes of Wind triggered effects, such as traps and terrain.

WoodBody: Immune to Wood damage.

X-Range Attack: Strikes up to 5 targets in an X pattern.