The cat burglar and... fox burglar are taking breaks.

Vixen.EXE 1360z
Eliza Prowl
Key Items: Eliza's PET
Subchips: Minienergy(2)
HP: 100/100 (HPMem: 0)
Level: 1 (Folder1)
Crosses: None
FXP: None
NaviCust Contents: Undershirt (10), Set Ice (15)
NaviCust Points Available: 25/40
Buster: 1/1/1, Effect: Aqua Type
Speed: 3
Signature Attacks
Processes: 60/60
Process Upgrade: 0
Gengetsu (Moon dog): (Cost 60) [(Decoy x1,1rd) Then (20 Aqua x2 Hits); 2 TCD] Snow and moonlight spin together in an instant to weave a decoy identical to Vixen's human-like kitsune form. The decoy and the original then both manifest blasts of ice, fired from their hands. Blasts must be directed at the same target but may originate from any of Vixen's decoys or from herself, in any combination. Decoys that were designated to fire blasts that are destroyed or disabled first result in reduced hits.
HammerToss1 (40+Break+SpinAttack/80+Break)
DrillArm1 (60+Break+Knockback+Long Attack, adjacent targets may be pushed via Knockback into a 2nd hit via Long Attack. Knockback only triggers once)
Mole1 (Conditional Burrow/Submerge)
Rageclaw1 (40+Slashing/20+Impacting, up to 6 uses)
Recover30 (Heal 30HP)
Shotgun (50+Spread1)