Everything for Ante and Teru's sig is below.

Ante - Zenny: 1175 - Bugfrags: 240
Name: Teruko Hotta
Items: Ante's PET, MiniEnrg x2, Blank .GMO x3, Process Upgrade x8, Speed Upgrade x1, HP Upgrade x4, SP Base x1
E-Mail: THOTTA@dentechmail.net
Name: Ante
Level: 10
Element: Normal/Variable
HP: 230
Stats: Attack=1, Charge=1, Rapid=1, Speed=4
.GMO Files: Summer.GMO
NaviCust Points: 20/40
NaviCust: Undershirt (10), HP +50 (10)
Extra: None
BattleChip Folder (21/30):
PileDriver1 x1
DrillArm1 x1
RockArm1 x1
Shockwave x1
Sunshine x1
Gaia1 x1
LilBomb x1
Shake1 x1
Quake1 x1
Binder1 x2
Wrecker x1
Yo-Yo1 x1
SummonBlack1 x1
Timpani x1
ClusterShot1 x1
Arrow1 x1
NeedleCannon1 x1
Wideshot1 x1
Attack +10 x1
Elec +30 x1

Unused: None
Sig Attacks
Deal Hand
-Strengthen 20, Passive

Swap Two
-Strengthen 20, Passive

-Heal 15, Passive

Pass One
-Summon 80 HP object with passive: Generate 1-hit shield
-4 TCD
Lvl. 1 ZephyrCross (Normal/Wind)
-Get Away: 10 + Stun + Dodge, 2 TCD
Lvl. 1 KaijuCross (Fire/Break)
-Big Stack: 60 Strengthen + Imbue Fire, 2 TCD
Level 2 DareCross (Fire/Speed)
-Action Cards: Strengthen 30 + Imbue Fire, Strengthen 30 + Imbue Fire, 3 TCD
-Straddle Bet: Self-Haste + Dodge, 15 HP sacrifice, 2 TCD
Zennocracy: 2 FXP
PianoMan: 1 FXP
Melodia: 2 FXP
Mordenite: 5 FXP
DueAccountabilityMan: 5 FXP
Hoodwink: 15 FXP
Gale: 20/30 FXP
ZephyrMan: 56/70 FXP
KaijuMan: 64/70 FXP
Dare: 144/70 FXP
Support Programs
Element/Type: Normal/Shield
Level: 0
HP: 40
ATK: 10
Actions: 1
Special: None
Sigs: None
GMOs: None