Name: Rafael Larkin

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rafael has long, navy blue hair that goes past his shoulders and wears a muscle shirt with a kind of rip in the middle of the collar, with long pants that are slightly lighter than the top. The main colour on them is black, and they have blue flames on the shirt and leggings. He has a tan skin, and bright blue eyes. He also wears blue gloves, as rather a fashion thing than anything else.


Personality: Rafael can sometimes be full of himself and at other times nervous, but feels the need to be a leader. When he is in "leader mode" he tends to get pigheaded. He had a great relationship with Lavaman, and usually tries to make friends with anyone the same age as himself, especially if they are a lot stronger than himself. He does not overly enjoy giving long explanations to younger, less experienced people.

PET Modifications: A black PET, with am infrared sensor in the top, back and front which helps Lavaman detect his surroundings. On the left side, the side without the handle, there is a small, lidded barrel that stores a pair of earphones in case Lavaman ever wants to talk to Rafael in private.


Name: Lavaman

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Sword

Appearance: Long, navy blue hair going down to halfway down his neck, bright blue eyes, and red armour. The armour is just like one of the suits of armour from the Medieval times, and is a dark blue. It has a red, yellow and orange trim around different plates. Across his left eye is a scar, which appeared as a glitch in the process of transferring him from PET to PET. On the chest plate of his armour is also an emblem, a kind of diamond divided into four with blue pieces, outlined in red.

Personality: Lavaman is cool, and laid back. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to any new thing or anything he's even mildly interested in. While he's not NetBattling or virusbusting, he's trying to write new programs for Rafael's PET. The thing about this is, he doesn't know a thing about starting programs from scratch and has to sometimes run a search program for Rafael's e-mail.

Custom Weapon: A sword, about as long as his leg, that does not attach to his arm and instead has a hilt for maximum versatility. The blade is grey steel, with a highly intense red pearlescant colour.

Signature Attack:
Lavaman uses his arms to summon from the ground too long arms made of hot lava that grab hold of the enemy to drag him to the ground and hold then long enough for an attack.
(Duration - 1 turn. Damage - 40 per turn. Holds on ground with the actual arms along the elbow joints and knees, disenabling most movement.)
Larkin? >.> <.<

Anyway, you could use a bit more description...Everywhere. Just a few more sentences in each section, you can do it. I have faith in you!

SigAttks are rather simple. It is just a special attack with a few rules in place. An example would be...Lava Flow: Lavaman creates a wave of lava that can hit up to three enemies for 20 damage each. 3TCD(Turn Cool Down)

Basically, your first SigAttk can deal a maximum of 60 damage. This can be concentrated into a single attack, or spread out to hit multiple enemies. You can also add a status effect like poison or stun, but those lessen the damage output in order to balance the attack. Understand?
Edited, and fixed up a couple of typos.

And yes, that explanation helps me a lot.

Quote ()


A tribute to the late Steve Irwin. He was described here in Australia as a "larrikin", so naturally it evolved into "Larkin".
Larrikin? What does that mean?

Also, the SigAttk is still not quite right. We don't really use seconds, preferring turn based combat. Plus, 15 damage per second comes to 450, far exceeding the 60 damage cap. You may want to start with something a little simpler.

Forgot the decimal point there. But I get what you mean.

And Larrikin means like, really silly, out there, blokish kind of person.
Now it is a little underpowered. You want to restrict the opponent from movement, right? How about...Deals 40 damage and binds opponent for 1 turn. That sounds about right. Anyway, I can't actually approve this, but it should be good once you fix the sig a bit. Just wait for someone with a red or gold name, okay? Also, I was just asking because my last name is Larkin, which translates to Rough or Fierce in Irish.
I meant turn, and 15 damage per round. That's 45 damage, but I'll make it 40 per turn.

What a strange coincedence (is that how you spell it) that Rafael's last name is your last name... wow.
Well, there really isn't a difference between turns and rounds here. You start off with 3 actions per turn, though using a SigAttk generally only uses one action. Feel free to wander the site while you wait, making sure to peruse the rules section. There may be quite a number of things that you are unfamiliar with at a site such as this.
I did read those, thought probably only half of them. And those half were all about the registration, battling and rules about navis/operators. Good idea.
If I'm interpretting this right, your sig attack does 40 Heat damage+bind, right? I'd advise adding that to its description, since just Bind is a lot easier to write out in turn summeries than, "Holds on ground with the actual arms along the elbow joints and knees, disenabling most movement".

Anyway, I don't want to hold you up any longer, so I'm giving this an approved. If my assumptions on your sig attack were wrong, PM me and we can work out the details. Otherwise:

GET NAVICUST: ATK+1, RAP+1, CHG+1, Undershirt
GET CHIPS: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw

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