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Zenny: 120
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel1'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel1" class="signaturetab">Name:  [URL=]Aelieth Hadrok[/URL]
Key Items:  PET</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel2'); void(0);">Net Navi</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel2" class="signaturetab">Name:  [URL=]Holoß.net[/URL]
Level:  8
Element:  Electric
Type:  Speed

HP: 140
Speed:   4
Attack:  2
Rapid:   2
Charge:  2

Currently Equipped:  Undershirt (10)
Currently Unequipped:  None
Remaining NaviCust Points: 30/40

HP Memory x2
Process Upgrade x7
Speed Upgrade x1
PowerUP x3

[SIZE=-1]*Sprite courtesy of The_Grim_Reaper[/SIZE]</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel3'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel3" class="signaturetab">[b][u]Battle Chips[/b][/u]
Current Folder:  Default
[b]Folder Contents[/b]
RageClaw x1 (40+Slashing / 20+Impacting. 6 uses)
Cannon   x1 (40+Knockback)
Shotgun  x1 (50+Spread 1)
Guard     x1 (Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage)
Dash Attack x1 (90 + Impact.  Up to 5 enemies)
DBLBeam x1 (Either 40 null damage to all enemies (red) or heal 30 to all allies (blue))
Wideshot x1 (60 + wide attack. Up to 3 adjacent enemies, but must hit all at the same time)

[b][u]Sub Chips[/u][/b]
MiniEnergy x2
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel4'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel4" class="signaturetab">[b]Hardware Upgrade:  Variable Hertz Projector:[/b]   By keeping his projectors' refresh rate in constant flux, Holoß's attacks create multiple afterimages that make his attacks appear to connect several times.
--[b]Mirage I:[/b] 20 passive damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive)
--[b]Mirage II:[/b]  20 passive damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive)

[b]Hardware Upgrade:  Hard-Light Retrofit:[/b]  By retrofitting a more powerful version of his hard-light projectors into each of his smaller projection points Holoß's holograms have gained a transparent hard-light coating, allowing an extra layer of padding to better protect his core systems. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive. 20 point HP Barrier; Passive.)

[b]Projector Adaptation:  "Deer in Headlights":[/b]  Holoß focuses the extreme brightness his projectors are capable of to momentarily stun his opponents. (Cost: 40 points. 10 damage + Elec + Stun to one target. 1 TCD.)

[b]Projector Adaptation: "Double Vision":[/b]  Splitting his projectors, Holo creates a double that can move and mimic attacks, but deals no damage.  Once the double is gone, a beam of electricity fires at an enemy.  (Cost: 60 points.  1 Decoy, lasting 2 rounds + Elec + Shot + 20 damage. Special (Fluff): The damage dealt by this attack is activated when the Decoy ceases to exist. 2 TCD.)
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel5'); void(0);">Cross Information</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel5" class="signaturetab">[b][u]Crosses[/u][/b]

[b][u]Friendship Points[/b][/u]
SummonerMan: 18 FXP
Anyis: 4 FXP
Rhea: 1 FXP
Gear: 1 FXP
SplashMan: 3 FXP
ViralMan: 6 FXP
DruidMan: 1 FXP