Signature for the team is posted below.

MeleeMan - Zenny: 1180, Bugfrags: 19, FP: 70
Name: Rania Firebrand
Items: MeleeMan's PET, HP Memory x6, NC Upgrade x2, Process Upgrade x17, Speed Upgrade x3
Subchips: 1x MiniEnergyPack, 3x EnergyPack, 2x Escape
E-Mail: Rania Firebrand on Electopia Server
Level: 27
Element: Fire/Melee
HP: 470
Stats: Attack=2, Charge=2, Rapid=2, Actions = 6
.GMO Files: Recovery.GMO, Political.GMO, MallCop.GMO, Cheerup.GMO
Faction: Netpolice, Department of Justice
NaviCust Points: 50/50
NaviCust: Undershirt (10), HP +100 (15), HP +100 (15), HP +50 (10)
BattleChip Folder (30/30):
RageClaw1 x1
Gutpunch x1
GutStraight x1
BronzeFist x1
Coldpunch x1
MagBolt1 x1
MagBolt2 x1
ElecPulse1 x1
Firehit1 x5
Firehit2 x2
HeatBreath1 x1
HeatBreath3 x1
Firesword x1
LineOut2 x1
MudFlop2 x1
Golemhit1 x1
Gaia1 x1
Yo-Yo1 x1
WideBlade x1
StepSword x1
Windracket x1
AreaGrab x2
Guard1 x1
Lava Zone x1

Unused: AirSpin2 x1, IronShield1 x1, ElementSpark x1, AuraHead2 x1, Kunai1 x1, LavaDragon3 x1, BigMudWave x1
Sig Attacks
Soul Fist: Berserk Blitz
-180 melee fire damage + microburst, 6 TCD.
Soul Fist: Iron Grip
-30 damage melee + hold + hardbody, 3 TCD.
Soul Fist: Heatwave Suplex
-210 fire melee damage + stun, 6TCD.
Survivor's Code: Red Rage
-Passive 30 strengthen.
Level 1 SeraphimCross: Change Normal/Melee, +10 to normal chip damage
--Dynamic Speed: +1 movement, passive

Level 2 RassCross: Change Normal/Object, +15 to normal chip damage, +20 HP, +1 action
--Sys-Spew: 120 melee damage, lava seed effect, 4 TCD

Level 2 AnyisCross: Change Aqua/Melee, +15 to aqua chip damage, +20 HP, +1 action
--Ghost Infusion #1: 20 strengthen, passive
--Ghost Infusion #2: 20 strengthen, passive

Level 1 DjinnCross: Change Fire/Shadow, +10 to fire chip damage
--101 Tales of Grandeur: 20 HP barrier, Nova 2 Stun, 2 TCD]
Rass- 84/150
Seraphim- 69/70
CrushMan- 7/30
Anyis- 152/120
Djinni- 69/60
ThermalMan- 11/25
IcicleMan- 9/25
Eidolon- 10/30
CourseMan: 47/30
Hall: 28/30
Twig: 4/30
Wand: 6/30
Hyde: 5/30
Support Programs
Element/Type: Normal/Variable
Level: 20
HP: 100
ATK: 10
Actions: 2
Special: FloatShoes, Second Chance, Chip Preset - Stepsword
Steel Skin - Ironbody, 2 TCD
GMOs: Swimsuit.GMO, Political.GMO, Blood Soaked Blade.GMO