Name: David Harold Grisham
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: David stands at 6' 0" and weighs in at around 180 lbs. with a fairly solid build. He is light complected, and has short blonde hair and green eyes. As he grew up in Sharo, he tends to dress lightly, usually favoring a short sleeve shirt and knee-length shorts during most seasons of the year. During the winter, he might wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt, but not anything heavier than that unless visiting his home where it gets really cold.

Personality: David is laid back and generally friendly, if not especially outgoing. He is more forgiving than most and tends to let things slide. His outlook on life in general is 'what will be, will be', which allows him to take a lot more in stride than the average joe and go about his business. This does not mean he's lazy, however, as he is quite a hard worker when things need to be done. He is not especially technically savvy, but can manage about as well as, if not a bit better than, the average net user.

PET Modifications: None. It is exactly what it looks like: a standard PET that wasn't designed with the current occupant in mind. It does have David's name written on it in magic marker though.


Name: Winter.EXE (V2)
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: Winter is a slender female Navi that stands at an average height of roughly 5'6". She is clad in an unusual one-piece sorceress' garb and matching cloak made of a peculiar cloth that changes color in the light. Depending on how the light hits the material, the colors range from a light frosty-blue to a deep royal-blue. The sorceress' garb itself features both long sleeves and full length pant legs, wraps over itself across her torso like a karate-gi, and is belted at the waist with a simple cloth sash. The simple floor-length cloak, worn partially closed over the mage wrap, is unadorned, denoting Winter's novice status to those select few who know what that means. She also wears high-top traveling boots and a pair of simple gloves; all of which are made of a light silver-blue hued material reminiscent of solid permafrost. Winter's hair, plainly visible as she does not wear a helmet, is shoulder length, and is a silvery-white (the color of fresh snow). Her hair blocks all view of her Navi ear covers and partially covers the silver metal band that bridges the two ear covers. The band is only visible where it arcs across Winter's forehead, and disappears behind her white hair as it curves around to either side of her head. Inset in the center of the headgear is a single turquoise gemstone. Winter's eyes are blue, and have a cool and calm quality to them. Her visibly estimated age is roughly 20 in human years.
Winter's Navi Emblem is an abstract image of the Aurora Borealis against a night-sky backdrop. It is printed upon both ear covers (although not visible) and also upon a coin worn around her neck as an amulet.

Personality: On the surface, Winter gives off the impression that she is absorbed in her own thoughts while seemingly ignoring the world around her, however this couldn't be farther from the truth. Behind the wistful façade is an alert and keenly logical mind... Although her brand of logic may appear to be lunacy to others as her unscientific means of dealing with life in the networld often leads to her taking a more off-beat approach to solving her own problems.
Winter can be startlingly direct, and to the point when she has to be, but is generally introverted otherwise. She is not very trusting, and can be a little cold towards people she doesn't know very well. She is generally calm, cool, and collected, even under pressure. There are scant few things that make her truly angry, but that anger, once roused, can be a frightening thing to behold, much less experience.
Winter is a bit of an oddity among aqua elementals as she has no regard whatsoever for electricity, but has an instinctual aversion to fire. It is very likely that no one will ever see her willingly enter HadesNet for any reason whatsoever, yet she will not bat an eyelash at taking a casual stroll through Electown's network. She also prefers cooler climates, and has a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to frosty treats.

Custom Weapon: Her mind. This Navi uses "Spell Casting" instead of a weapon. Her control over the energy used in her attacks allows her a great deal of flexibility in combat and net navigation.

- Buster Shot (Null) -
Frost Shards: Summons small slivers of super-cooled matter (it can be anything really, not just "ice") and suddenly propels them towards the enemy at very high velocity. Be warned: her attack is not just limited to your normal concept of "Ice." As long as it's composed of small particles and can be frozen, it's fair game. The air itself suffices for ammunition... At present, the shards are too small to inflict actual elemental damage, and are more akin to a hail of needles than Ice darts.

- Charged Shot (Aqua) -
Cold Fang: Summons a small, dense spear-head of super-cooled matter and suddenly propels it towards the enemy at very high velocity. With a little extra effort on Winter's part, this attack can send the target flying. Be warned: her attack is not just limited to your normal concept of "Ice." As long as it's composed of small particles and can be frozen, it's fair game. When nothing else is available, the very air itself suffices for ammunition.

- Melee Attack (Null) -
Chill Touch: This ability channels "cold energy" into Winter's hands as is normally required for her other abilities, but does not release that energy in the form of a spell. This built up energy can discharge into anything Winter comes into contact with, causing the target to sustain great damage at the slightest touch.

- Strong Melee Attack (Aqua) -
Gale Force Strike: This ability channels "cold energy" and "wind energy" into Winter's hands as is normally required for some of her stronger abilities, but does not release that energy in the form of a spell. Instead, Winter focuses the energy at an invisible point a few inches from the palm of her hand, compresses it, and proceeds to attempt a palm-hand-strike. When her hand has reached a certain proximity to the opponent's body, the energy is suddenly released in a concentrated point-blank explosion of super cold, super compressed wind that chills to the bone and possibly can send the target flying, all without Winter ever physically touching the target.

Note: In addition to her spell casting abilities, Winter is also armed with an array of summoned artifacts, including (but not limited to) a rune saber, a long staff, a crystal ball, and a pair of enchanted bracelets. ((Descriptions pending.))

Signature Attacks:
Arctic Mirror : (Cost: 40) ((Decoy) + ((5 Aqua + Slashing) x 4 Shards, Delayed); 1 TCD)
- Description: When cast, this spell causes Winter's image to blink and then blur. Shortly after, Winter's image will appear to replicate by a duplicate image of her stepping out of her own image, or vice-versa. How this is actually accomplished will vary depending on the current circumstances, but the result is a confusing false 'Winter' clone mirroring the movements and actions of the real Winter. While this decoy is out, it will appear to perform the same attacks as Winter on the same targets the real one is attacking at the same time she attacks them, only no physical damage will be dealt by the fake. The decoy remains active until struck or until the end of the turn in which this signature was activated. When the decoy is destroyed, either by being hit or time elapsing, it will shatter into a hail of ice shards which are immediately launched at a hostile target nearest the decoy's place of expiration.

Novice's Healing : (Cost: 20) (Recover 15; 1 TCD)
- Description: When cast, this spell heals a modest amount of the target's HP with little more than a brief faint blue glow around the recipient to mark its use. This spell is not particularly impressive, effectively or visually, but then again what novice spells are?


[b]Zenny[/b]: 0 [b]BugFrags[/b]: 0[SIZE=2]<PRE><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC101'); void(0);">David Grisham</a><div id="PaladinGC101" class="signaturetab">[URL=][b]David's Profile[/b][/URL]<br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC1101'); void(0);">Sub Chips</a><div id="PaladinGC1101" class="signaturetab">Mini-Energy: 2</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC1102'); void(0);">Key Items</a><div id="PaladinGC1102" class="signaturetab">Standard PET
Dentech Student ID
David's Dorm Room Key Card</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC1103'); void(0);">PET Upgrades</a><div id="PaladinGC1103" class="signaturetab">[b]HP Memories[/b]: 0
[b]Process Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Buster Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Speed Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Navi-Cust Expansions[/b]: 0
[b]Cross Expansions[/b]: 0
[b]Support Programs[/b]: 0
[b]GMO Slot Expansions[/b]: 0
[b]Sub-Mem Expansions[/b]: 0</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC1104'); void(0);">Navi Customizer</a><div id="PaladinGC1104" class="signaturetab">[u][b]Navi Cust Pts[/b]: 25/40[/u]
Undershirt (1/1)
SetIce (1/1)</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC1105'); void(0);">Winter Folder</a><div id="PaladinGC1105" class="signaturetab">[u][b]Folder Chips[/b]: (4/30)[/u]
Cannon (1)
Shotgun (1)
[color=blue]IceCube[/SIZE] (1)
RageClaw1 (1)</div></div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC201'); void(0);">Winter.EXE</a><div id="PaladinGC201" class="signaturetab">[b][URL=]Winter.EXE's Profile[/URL][/b]
<a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC2201'); void(0);">Stats</a><div id="PaladinGC2201" class="signaturetab">[b]Level[/b]: 0
[b]Element[/b]: Aqua
[b]Subtype[/b]: Wind
[b]HP[/b]: 100
[b]Attack[/b]: 1
[b]Rapid[/b]: 1
[b]Charge[/b]: 1
[b]Actions[/b]: 3
[b]Navi Cust Pts[/b]: 25/40
[b]Signature Pool[/b]: 60</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC2202'); void(0);">Signature Abilities</a><div id="PaladinGC2202" class="signaturetab">[u][b]Signature Pool[/b]: 60/60[/u]
Arctic Mirror : (Cost: 40) ((Decoy) + ((5 Aqua + Slashing) x 4 Shards, Delayed); 1 TCD)
Novice's Healing : (Cost: 20) (Recover 15; 1 TCD)</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC2203'); void(0);">GMO Data</a><div id="PaladinGC2203" class="signaturetab">[u][b]GMO Memory Slots[/b]: 1/2[/u]
--Unregistered--</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('PaladinGC2204'); void(0);">FXP & Crosses</a><div id="PaladinGC2204" class="signaturetab">None</div></div></PRE>