Name: Raiden.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: None

Appearance: Raiden is a short Navi of perhaps five feet. He is rather scrawny and somewhat malnourished-looking, and it doesn't seem like there is much fight present in him at all. He has a head of messy chestnut-coloured hair, and a pair of pale silver, pupilless eyes that seem unnaturally large.

The Navi's body is sheathed in a navy skinsuit, without any kind of stripe, except for a silver band around his waist. A single large triangular plate of armour protects his front and back, also acting as a set of shoulderguards. A narrow strip of open space runs down the middle of the triangular plate from Raiden's throat to the bottom tip of the piece of armour. Cylindrical yellow bracers can be found around his wrists and ankles, spawning smaller triangles of metal that cover the backs of Raiden's hands and the tops of his boots. A single long rectangular plate is attached to each of his sides, going from the top of his hip to his knee and acting as a flank guard.

Navi Emblem: A cross of lightning, with a border of electricity, on a navy field. Raiden's emblem is positioned in the middle of his chest, suspended above the gap between the right and left sides of his breastplate.

Personality: Raiden's personality varies widely, depending on the location. When within his PET, Raiden is a flat, soulless Navi that seems to be completely devoid of any kind of will whatsoever. However, when he is jacked into a network, his systems automatically adopt the personality of the area that he is in.

Custom Weapon: Raiden can morph the network to form lightning bolts that he throws at the enemy.

Signature Attack: "Thunder God". Raiden summons a spear made of electricity and throws it at the enemy. 40 dmg + 1 turn of stun, 1 target, 3 TCD.

About Raiden:
Raiden.EXE was programmed by a full Navi team at the Netopian National Defense Coalition (NNDC), which folded three years ago after a massive 'accident' within their lab. He is the electrical facet of a four-part team that was, for the most part, deleted during the 'accident'. However, Raiden somehow managed to survive it, and one of the scientists managed to escape with him. This scientist thought long and hard about what to do with Raiden, because he knew that the Navi was a very hot topic in the underground regions of society. So he decided that the best place to put Raiden was somewhere that most would never expect to find a potentially extrememly powerful tool of infotech combat--in the hands of his teenage daughter.

A CTRL (pronounced "control") is a serial name for the group of Navis that was produced by the NNDC to fight the worst of Netcrime. In many proposal meetings, the NNDC scientists described a CTRL as a "a prism and a beam of light. The CTRL is the prism, and the network is the light." A CTRL channels the network through itself, amplifying and manipulating it, and turning it into a weapon to be used to fight virii and malign Navis. A CTRL is created without any personality coding (it saves space for the gigantic program that controls the network amplification). However, the scientists found that the CTRLs' personalities were subject to the network as well as their powers, and found that the prismatic nature of them depended on and amplified the nature of the network they inhabited to become their personalities instead.