Name: Vigil.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: Vigil is garbed in a great deal of black, which, given her NetOP, isn't all that surprising. Her form is covered in a skin-tight, black dress with a deep v-neck that ends just above her abdomen, with the fringes around her shoulders looking almost like monochrome peacock feathers. The dress appears to be one full item down her arms as well, her long fingers garbed in the same shadowy material. The dress flares out just a bit below her knees in a mermaid style, giving her the freedom to move, but even so, the woman doesn't bother to do so all that often.
Adorning her head is a long mane of needle-straight black hair that falls to her knees, the strands spilling out from beneath a crimson helmet that comes down over her eyes, leaving her nose, mouth and throat about the only parts of her that show any 'skin.' Additionally, on the dress itself, and along the sleeves are several, constantly-moving eyes that seem to draw in a great deal of information around her, all fed into Alexander's PET.
Personality: Having been created for the express purpose of battle, Vigil has something of a delight in combat. Whether pit against other navi or against viruses, it's one of the times that she feels excited to be 'alive.' However, that's not to say that she relishes only battle, but instead finds it a fun distraction from the normalcy of NetNavi life. With others, she's often inquisitive, and while several may find her garments a bit unnatural, she doesn't let that at all interfere with her curiosities. She's also a bit of a stepford smiler, wearing one no matter what her mood is, so as to not cause untold concern in others around her.
Around those that has considered her a friend, Vigil is rather warm and friendly, but still has a slight air of distance, as if she is afraid to fully committ to a full friendship. She is a bit teasing with male netnavi, something that Alexander's friend instituted while Alex wasn't quite paying attention and has since been unable to find and fix.

Custom Weapon: An closed eye spawns into existence near Vigil's location before it opens widely, firing a bright white beam at her target.

Signature Attack(s):

Name: Spying Eye
Description: Vigil's creations are linked directly with her Sight, allowing her to better see her foes.
Effects: 10 HP | Passive Take-Aim Standard action
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Points Used: 40

Name: Glaring Eye
Description: Vigil's aggressive eyes are equipped with a glare, allowing her foes to see just how angry she is with them.
Effects: 6 HP | 38 Passive Damage (Null, Shot)
Cooldown: 3 Turns | Charge: 1 Action
Points Used: 90 [Effective 120 w/ Nerf]

Name: Peaceful Eye
Description: Vigil can produce eyes of care, allowing them to recover her or her allies.
Effects: 4 HP | Passive 14 HP Recovery
Cooldown: 1 Turn | 15 HP Sacrifice
Points Used: 60

Name: Craftsman
Description: Vigil can temporarily overdrive her craftsmen abilities, allowing her the ability to work faster in a dire need, while also constructing a defense from the leftover parts.
Effects: 1 Hit Shield | Sig Chill (1)
Cooldown: 1 Turn | 15 HP Sacrifice
Points Used: 60

Name: Eyedrops
Description: The eye glyph beneath Vigil showers her in a small burst of energy, removing negative effects.
Effects: Status Cleanse
Cooldown: 1 Turn
Points Used: 30

- 0 Zenny
- 2 Minichip Subchips
- 150 HP
- 3 Actions
- 1/1/1 Buster Stats
- Canon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Barrier
- 80 Signature Points
- 40 NaviCust Points
- Undershirt, HP+50