Name: Multiman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon
Height: 5'4
Weight: 140 lb
Body build: Average

Body type: Human square rectangle shape.

*Hair Color: Black with red tips

Suit Color:
Black with red stripes.
Headgear/Face: He has a cloth that in battle covers his face from nose down.
Armor: He has red shoulder pads and black boots that go up half way of his shins.
Boots and/or shin protectors: Boots that go up his shin about half way to the knee (from ancles)
Voice: Calm collected/soothing voice usually.
Body Posture: Tall ready for a fight.

Standing at a similar 5'4" and 140 digital pounds and an Average build. He has short ish black hair that is tipped red. His navi suit is black with red lines across it randomly (note the line pattern changes any time he jacks in or out or teleports). He has black shoulder pads and black and red boots that go from his ankles to about half way up his shin. During battle his face is covered from the nose down by a black cloth.

Personality: Calm collected kind of person. Keeps calm under pressure. If your in trouble just make more of yourself.

Navi Custom: Undershirt, +50 hp
Custom Weapon: Instead of using a blaster he throws kunai made out of energy. Charged shot is a shurican
Signature Attack: (See the Signature Attack Rules topic for specific details.
Masters of legions of objects and tinkering, Summon types can call forth barriers, weapons, companions, or any number of other creations for their own use. They are masters at their craft, so the best quality Objects come from Summon types.

Passive: Mobilize: Summoned Objects have a one-use Movement action.
Passive: Self-Destruct: When reduced to 0 HP, your summoned Objects explode in a Nova 2 radius for (max HP)/2 damage. The summoner can disable or re-enable this per object as a free action, using direct contact. Objects consumed by triggering their Damage Method do not activate this ability.

Active: Masterwork: You may add 20 + (Level) HP to an object's max HP as a free action. This can not be used on the same object more than once. (Once Per Turn)
Active: Crafting: As a free action, create an Object with 20 + (Level) HP, Normal property, and with damage methods Throw, Knockback, Microburst, Pull, Gravity, and Telekinesis. (Once Per Turn)
Active: Shadow Clone Jutsu

Effect: Summon 8HP Object (8) Passive Movement (60) Passive 4null Attack (12)

Nerfs: Sacrifice 15HP (20)
Total Points: 80
Cooldown: 2 Turns

Description: Makes a clone of himself at the cost of some Hp. The clone can run and shoot. Straight forward really.