Name: Daybreak

Gender: Female

Element: Fire

Subtype: Cursor

Appearance: Daybreak is a fantastic looking character (at least in the sense of looking like she belongs in fantasy) from head to toe. Her hair is fabulously tall, styled into two horn-like curves at either side of her head and banded by red, glimmering metallic coils to hold their shape. All of her hair, from her head to her eyebrows and even her eyelashes, are shockingly platinum blonde. Her skin is tan, standing out against the frame of her hair, but actually has a naturally fair complexion... an exposure to sunlight has created tan-lines that are normally hidden. She is very buxom and has no shame showing that off, although she has various excuses to wave off her promiscuity. Her one consistently visible eye has a remarkable pupil, yellow with flecks of red about the iris, and unnaturally bright. Red eye-lid makeup matches her ruby-colored lips, making her look exhaustingly exotic, as much of her ensemble does.

Her other eye, however, is even brighter; behind her eyepatch is a black void in the shape of a socket, through which a far off sun occasionally peeks, moving as though it were her eyeball. The eyepatch is red and metallic, banded by a gold strap that encircles her head, mostly hidden by her hair; a yellow metal plate in the shape of a sun rests atop the patch. Her right arm is decorated similarly, with a long, red metal glove, through which a moving sun sometimes shines. Behind that brace, too, is a black hole in space in the shape of an upper arm.

The rest of Daybreak's outfit is similarly gaudy: she wears a white, one-piece bodysuit in the shape of a swimsuit, with matching long-legged stockings and elbow-length glove (not plural). A series of gold ribbons encircle her body almost like a harness, forming various X shapes. The ribbons really play up the shape of her body rather than hiding anything. Her ankles and one of her wrists are circled by metallic, red bracelets with sun emblems; another one, a single point of modesty, circles her bust, fastened by a buckle containing her emblem, a sun shining three rays diagonally through a cloud. She does wear ear-guards, but they are also made of red crystal and are removable accessories as well.

Also worth mentioning is the floating, red, robotic-looking eye that accompanies Daybreak wherever she goes. The creature is supposedly a familiar, summoned by the sacrifice of her eye; along with the arm, they allow Daybreak to use her weaponry, which chiefly consist of scorching sun-rays.

Personality: Daybreak has a difficult personality to deal with. While her personality should be primarily valiant or heroic, as befitting a vampire hunter, her chief trait is her paranoia. She suspects all strangers of being vampires, all friends of being vampires in a state of "form-fancy," the ability of vampires to shapeshift, and all otherwise as being contaminated by "the taint," the subtle influence of vampire's evil. She sees herself as the only one immune to the taint and one of the few capable of fighting vampires.

Beyond that, she really craves attention more than anything. She dislikes being ignored and will latch desperately onto anyone who shows an interest in her story. She has a seemingly inexhaustible number of past adventures and adversaries to talk about and will use any opportunity. At her core, she does want to do good as well, but she has another unfortunate trait: a love of being an underdog and getting into pinches, bordering on masochism. She loves having things stacked against her, making it basically impossible to break her illusion of a world dominated by vampires.

Daybreak is discretely curious about Marion's family, especially since she suspects that Tatjana is a vampire and Alexandru is a dhampir. Alexandru is not allowed to interact with her often because of two factors: Marian's embarrassment about her old vampire-crazy life and her overexposure to fetishist comics. Living with only vampire fiction and doujinshi, Daybreak took in equal parts of both, and expects all sorts of things to devolve into a sexual encounter.

Background: Daybreak was created during the glory days of Marian's vampire kick, trained to be a vampire hunter. Unfortunately, those days ended shortly after, when Marian lost the PET and was forced to get a generic navi replacement. Alone with nothing to read but mounds of vampire literature, vampire world building, and erotica doujinshi, Daybreak cultivated a truly unfortunate new world view: one populated only by vampires, their victims, and sequel encounters waiting to happen.

Since being rediscovered, she amazingly doesn't seem to hold a grudge against Marian, though the operator feels pretty guilty about all of it, which has partially contributed to the operator's agreement to use Daybreak again. She's very excited to break out and into the world again, seeing it as utterly important, as well as thrilling: after all, since she left, the taint has only spread further, the roots of vampire's control rooted deeper, and the world further corrupted.

Custom Weapon: Daybreak's custom weapon is her eyeball familiar, which is capable of emitting rays of various intensity. The sun's rays are the greatest weapon against vampires.

Sig Attacks (200/200):

Right Arm, Sun Spear: Fires a beam of light from her metallic arm that is capable of piercing targets... to some extent.
40 fire shot attack + spread1 behind target, 60 points, 2 TCD

Left Eye, Bright Shield: The metallic body of Daybreak's eye shifts, expanding its plates outward into a dome-shaped shield, and affixing one's fist, its sun-pupil facing forward from the knuckles.
2-hit shield, 40 points, 1 TCD

Left Eye, Molten Tears: Daybreak's familiar blinks out tears, unleashing a splash of molten lava that burns flesh or armor.
10 fire shot attack, 40 points, passive

Huntress Harness: Wraps a layer of tightening, heated red silk ribbons in a criss-cross pattern across the body. They pull tight and convert pain to pleasure, or, as Daybreak prefers to call it, God's strength. It also serves to close up bleeding wounds.
30 HP recovery + 20 strengthen, 60 points, 2 TCD