Name: Ameliorate.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Recovery
Appearance: Ameliorate, or Mel, is a netnavi of standard height, but her most notable feature is her azure blue hair that runs down her back and ends at her knees. She wears a full-length royal blue kimono with long wide sleeves and a floral design of white daisies that runs down the left side of the kimono. Her hair almost always hides the right side of her face, however her matching azure eyes were designed to see straight through her hair, so her vision is never impaired by it. Her emblem is a flower with a yellow core and six white round petals arranged evenly (starting from the top with one pointing upwards) against the azure blue background. This sits on top of both her ears, but is usually hidden by her hair. Mel's hair has many purposes as it is fully dispensable and regrows as fast as it is removed. Its main (and original) purpose (which it does perfectly) was to hide a large white flat pack strapped to her back which holds various items to assist in rendering support to injured programs, however it was developed with a variable modulating core which allows it to be used in other, more unique ways. These are determined by encrypted digitiser pads built into Mel's hands which activate or change the hair into the desired functional mode. These pads sit in her palms and are white.
Personality: Like her owner, Mel had no knowledge of the world due to her experience program not being written correctly. However, unlike her owner, this makes Mel cautious rather than curious, and wary of others rather than believing everything she hears. Rarely quick to make an judgement, Mel would rather do the right thing at her own personal cost rather than do nothing and let people suffer. Mel is not quick-witted, and frequently misinterprets humour as a lack of seriousness.
Custom Weapon: Scalpels - Mel has an almost unlimited number of small scalpel blades loaded into a highly pressurised mediator under her right arm. The original idea was that a clean blade of any size would be ready at a moment's notice for quick surgery, however the creator realised that with even more pressure and a few adjustments, the blade selection and delivery system could be turned into a very effective launcher of painful razor-sharp blades. A solution of cold water and antifreeze can also be coated onto these blades as they leave the canister to shrink the metal and increase its effectiveness.
Signature Weapons:
Glaciator [Aqua, 20 Life Drain : 40 Points : 1 TCD]
Dispensed hair is digitised into a bolas coil which is then launched at a target. The strands will wrap and lock onto an object and release a medicated solution designed to rapidly cool the target by leeching warmth. Some excess energy is then intelligently radiated back to the sender.
Splitter [Normal, 4 Hits of 5 Damage : 4x5 = 20 Points : 1 TCD]
Dispensed hair is digitised into 4 straightened spines which can be thrown at a target. The spines are not very durable, but are useful as a distraction to break one's concentration (or defence).