Name: Hyde.EXE / HYDE.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Recovery

Hyde stands at about 5'-6", although she can appear taller due to her dark purple Victorian-style top hat, which measures in at an additional 6.5". The hat normally rests atop her black metal earguards. Beneath the top hat, Hyde's dark brown hair is pulled into a strange shape, as though someone had first combed it and then intentionally mussed all the ends. It would be about shoulder length, but is curled up and styled in the upward direction in most places, keeping it from reaching the shoulders. Most of her forehead is visible, save for two locks that always hang at the center. Her eyes are dark and intellectual, and her long eyelashes are attractive, but otherwise she could be said to have a rather plain face. In fact, her dark eyebrows are extraordinarily thick for a woman. The other slightly off-putting element might be her mouth: while her lips are painted dark, a strange choice for her initial character, it helps if she doesn't part them too often. To do so is to display an alarming set of teeth, a bit too large at the top row and with fanged incisors.

The Navi's body structure is curvy, with a level of fat closer to full-figured than thin. It would be hard to call her toned or flabby: her appearance is more or less a healthy middle. Her bust size is well above average. Hyde tends to stand almost ramrod straight, so seeing her slouch can be a tip-off as to when she's changed.

Typically, the Navi wears a dark purple cape, capable of encircling almost from shoulder to toe when drawn. It is joined in the middle by the Navi's emblem: it depicts a deep blue beaker in a circle of white at the bottom left, which gradually darkens to a ring of black at the upper right edge. Beneath this, she wears what could generously be called a jacket. The sleeves are like that of a regular coat, with arms all the way to the wrist. The actual torso of the jacket, however, is so small and tight that it can be secured by no more than a single button at the middle, and stops above the ribcage. The jacket has a grand collar, the inside of which reveals that the jacket is lined with dark red velvet. Beneath this jacket, the Navi has deep red suspenders, which run to support dark violet short-shorts that form the lower half of her costume. The shorts have a deep red belt to secure two items at her side: one is a small black medicine bag, while the other appears to be a brown whiskey flask. Her shoes are dark purple and appear to be classic Victorian-styled high heeled boots, with buttons up along the length of one side of the front.

Beneath all this, Hyde wears a Navi suit of multiple parts. The main portion is a sleeveless one-piece, which has a small black zipper down the middle and continues up most of the neck. It has the design of a small black tie at the neck. Above the belly, the zipper stops and the shirt begins to taper away towards the sides, ending it in two thin flaps with black buckles at the sides. These are designed to lock into matching buckles on the bikini briefs she wears below her shorts. The tall stocking she wears, which have a pattern of black and white horizontal bars along their length, are made of the same Navisuit material, as are her short gloves.

When HYDE appears, the Navi's eyes become subtly brighter, almost orange.

Hyde, at least on the surface, appears to have a very narrow range of emotions. That said, she is actually deeply empathetic, and feels compelled to help out other Navis in any way she can. She could be described as "selfless" in a good light, or "a bore" in another. She is naturally curious and knowledge-hungry, and would far rather learn about or talk about someone else and their problems, rather than dwell on her own. Without realizing it, she often messes with her own hat or slips herself draughts from her flask.

HYDE, an alternate personality that appears to surface when Hyde drinks from her flask or the hat on her head is tilted, is more difficult to finger the personality of. The only certain personality trait is that she likes messing with people. The more she is supposed to respect the person, the more she feels compelled to throw wrenches into their plans. She is a talented actor, and most who've studied her (most don't choose to for long) tend to learn that anything like a concrete personality they've tied down is a ruse, meant to be broken at a time of HYDE's choosing for a cheap laugh. Her favorite forms of humor are crude, bawdy, and slapstick. She doesn't appear to have boundaries of morality or decency, and will do nearly anything to get a rise. That said, she is the type who is more likely to kick someone in the balls than put a gun to their head and pull the trigger.

While Hyde has no memory of HYDE's actions, she is aware of them at least on some level due to the aftereffects and the stories people tell, but she seems to have a number of mental blocks in place that keep her from thinking too hard about certain aspects of herself, particularly ones related to HYDE. She is able to overcome it, occasionally, with pre-meditated focus or intense concentration.

Custom Weapon:
Hyde normally fights with a black cane she is prone to carry around. It has a simple, round iron ornament on the end, and is primarily used for bashing enemies. She is also capable of thrusting with great speed and force, which also allows her to fire needle-like blasts from its end. The energy with which she does so suits HYDE perfectly, but looks something like demon possession if performed by Hyde.

Signature Attacks:
Shady Stim: Hyde produces a large needle with a special concoction designed to put pep in the step of whomever she injects with it... or a crippling apathy, the equivalent of an instant sugar-down. The needles look the same, she can never tell. She basically just jams it on in there! Hyde never uses this on an enemy. Legal red tape due to lack of testing, you understand. (Split Effect: MELEE Haste + 40 Strengthen, OR MELEE Slow + Stun + 10 Damage. Ally or self only.) [40 + 40 OR 40 + 30 + 10 = 80 point average cost, 2 TCD]

Troublesome Tonic: Hyde reaches into her bag and pulls out a classic healing potion, tossing it either to or at the target, depending her whims — er, the precarious control of her arm strength. (Split Effect: THROW 60 Heal OR THROW 80 Aqua, Slashing) [80 OR 80 = 80 point average cost, 2 TCD]

Invasive Procedure: Hyde produces a scalpel... not an ordinary physical scalpel, but a special tool she uses to manipulate code in surgery. As a doctor of unparalleled skill, Hyde can perform a simple operation in a few strokes. Of course, such rushed surgery is bound to have some funny — er, unintended effects... (MELEE 30 Heal + Status Cure + Glitch x 3 + Charge Time 1) [40 + 30 + 20 + 20 + 20 — 30 = 100 point cost, using 30 points of nerf to achieve, 4 TCD]

Vexing Vaccine: Hyde produces a smaller needle with a vaccine originally designed to keep together destabilized systems of certain older Navis, whose out-of-date systems don't hold together so well... Or, maybe this one is a concentrated sample of that same horrible virus, otherwise easily preventable in healthy, up-to-date Navis! (Split Effect: MELEE NC Resistance 1 + Folder Resistance 1 + Sig Resistance 1 + Buster Resistance 1 OR MELEE: NC Uninstall 1 + Glitch) [20 + 20 + 20 + 20 OR 60 + 20 = 80 point cost, 2 TCD]

Mama's Method: Hyde cures a boo-boo by kissing it, or sucking on it, or just licking her finger, or spitting on it... basically, it works as long as the saliva gets there somehow. See? Not all of Hyde's healing techniques have huge potential drawbacks! After all, Hyde sacrificed her dignity long ago, and whoever she's helping usually knows what they signed up for at this point. (MELEE 60 Heal) [80 point cost, 2 TCD]