Name: CentaurusMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Despite his name, CentaurusMan does not, in fact, have a horse body. He's got horse legs, sure, but only the one pair, shaggy, dark green things with solid black hooves. From the waist up, he looks like a fairly average Navi, albeit one with more of a "knight in shining armor" bent. Forest green plate mail covers him from head to hoof, set over a slightly lighter green jumpsuit. His face is, for the most part, hidden behind a great horned helm. His eyes, dark brown and wide, are just about the only thing you can see of him. His symbol, etched into his right pauldron, is a horse's head viewed in profile.
Personality: A self-described gentleman and protector of the downtrodden, CentaurusMan is, at heart, a gentle soul. He holds himself by a strict code of chivalry and honor, always stopping to lend a hand to those in need and serving as an example of virtue for the people around him. Of course, most of the time he comes off as less Sir Galahad and more Don Quixote. Adhering to a rigid chivalric code is all well and good, but his particular version of it changes from moment to moment, making up new details and clauses as he goes along. He means well, really, but thinking things through has never been his forte. CentaurusMan is a Navi of action, and he tends to get edgy during long lulls in activity.
Custom Weapon: CentaurusMan's trusty Laser Lance takes up the entirety of his left arm and transforms into whatever appropriate medieval-period weapon he needs with the introduction of Battle Chips. A MiniBomb becomes a grenado, a Sword becomes, well, a sword, and so on. Also very nice for bludgeoning.
Signature Attack:
Cavalry Charge- CentaurusMan finally lives up to his name, sprouting a full set of horsey hindquarters and charging full-tilt at his opponent. The legs, of course, disappear when all's said and done.
[30 Null, Knockback, Movement, 2TCD, Melee Attack]
Chips:Cannon, Shotgun, RagingClaw1, RollingLog1
NaviCust: UnderShirt, Shield