Name: Slay

Gender: Female

Element: Normal

Subtype: Sword

Appearance: Without her specialized armor or any of her costumes, Slay is a very unassuming girl of about 5'8" and the appearance of a college-age goth. Her skin is very pale and she tends to wear a lot of eye-shadow around her eyes, although not going as far as black lips or tear marks. Her pupils are a near clear gray color, giving her eyes an eerie whiteness, and her black hair mats over her head in an emo-looking way, often hiding one of her eyes as it hangs. Her facial features would be pretty, mostly, if it wasn't for the coloration of everything involved. Her womanly assets are a mixed bag, as her breasts are disappointingly underdeveloped but she's been told she has a nice butt, only by the bravest of souls.

Her ordinary clothing consists of a plain gray navi-suit. Another darker gray garment, somewhat like a worker's apron, is worn over this, with a heavy leather strap on each shoulder and long flaps of material covering the front and back. The overall apron has a disturbing pattern to it, featuring red-black splotches like dried blood. Gloves and boots of a matching pattern cover her hands and feet. The skinsuit continues up to her head and stops at dark gray navi ear-guards. A mask, almost like a welder's, is attached to this. The mask is ivory white and features a mostly featureless face with lips closed in an impassive frown and ostensibly holes only allowing for the eyes to see through. With the mask down and the apron on, it can be difficult to discern her gender. She also wears a gray belt around her apron, which hangs on her a bit and features the same emblem as her ear-guards: the blade of a knife piercing a flat plane, presumably flesh.

She often changes into a GMO when the situation allows. It's mostly for the sake of helping her practice her role-acting. Most of her GMOs in the past have made her taller and bulk her up, as a short, girlish killer is not as threatening as a large one.

Personality: Slay's personality also defies expectations. While one may expect her to be a ruthless killer, she is, after all, an actor, not an actual mass murderer. She usually stays professional and is very much a skeptic: she is constantly bothered by the depths of Gordon's poor taste. She is more caring than she lets on and genuinely wants to help him. Even though she is not violent, she often acts like a deranged serial killer without meaning to (licking her weapons, taunting her enemies), simply because she's so used to playing the role.

Slay is rather fearless and rarely experiences stage-fright, social discomfort, or terror in battle. Sometimes her lack of fear borders on apathy, which can be bad for her coworkers. She hasn't worked on a project she's found genuinely inspiring (or frightening) for a long time. Despite her apathy for what she's used to, she has a lot of curiosity towards other topics, and has often considered branching out of horror. For that reason, she looks to others and the world around her for inspiration more than most realize.

Like Gordon, she is something of a starving artist, partially because her attempts to teach Gordon have been so fruitless. As such, she values money highly, as well as the work that goes into getting it. Slay tends to be most critical of other women. She has subconsciously been taught to think that big boobs are a "death flag," due to her conditioning as a horror film actor, and doesn't experience breast envy, but does look down on pretty or well-endowed girls. She's lonelier than she lets on, however, and a large part of that is attributable to the way she looks and acts so creepy most of the time.

Background: Slay has many years of experience working under various clients as an actor, either in publication or often as an instructor. Currently, she finds herself employed as an instructor and personal navi for Gordon Van Hurst. In her estimation, it is one of the most difficult assignments she's ever been assigned, but she is often as persistent as the man himself. She is determined to get at least one decent, readable story out of him and has vowed that when the day comes, she will act the part of the monster in the flick.

As a transitory navi who moves from operator to operator, she did not come to Gordon with any significant stock of chips or powerups. Gordon has made little progress in providing her with these sort of upgrades.

Custom Weapon: Slay carries a small knife with a very short, rusty looking yellow-brown carving blade and a curved, gray handle. She's an expert at handling the knife, but she often brings out bigger weapons when using the majority of her attacks.

Starting Set: HP +50, ShockWave

Sig Attacks (60/60):

Name: Chainsaw Slayer- First Cut
Effect: 60 damage melee attack + slashing
Description: Slay exchanges her knife for a tremendous, double-handed chainsaw (in a pinch, it can be swung instead of wielded using just one hand on a side handle). The color of the exterior metal is brown, faded to near gray, but that's hardly as important as the jagged, rusty teeth adorning the chain that surrounds its lengthy blade. The chainsaw buzzes into motion when the ripcord is pulled, then can be used to cleave through a single enemy. Make no mistake, this is a power tool adapted into a weapon, not the other way around. Not flashy, but terrifying!