Name: Ship.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Aqua

Type: Normal

Appearance: Ship's body actually has two main components. The first would be the young girl in aqua navisuit riding in the smokestack of a ship. Ship wears a navy sailor's cap over her blonde curled hair. Her skin complexion is fair, although her only exposed skin is the head. Her large, bright eyes are sea-green and normally do their part to outshine the shade her cap casts over her eyes. Her suit has the white collar of a sailor suit meeting her Navi emblem, a white lifesaver with four orange stripes in a deep blue sea, on her chest. Two navy ribbon edges hang from the emblem. The gloves of the suit are deep blue with a white trim, cutting off with raised white studs at the knuckles and returning to the aqua shade at the fingers.
The little girl is actually bound to the ship: her model only continues to a point about halfway between the knees and the ankles. The ship is a part of the Navi and her female part is unable to leave it. The ship itself looks very much like an ordinary cruise ship: in fact, it was originally modeled after one of the famous cruise-liners of Electopian Cruiselines with the intention to help advertise. The boat is mostly smooth-white in color, with a blue-green paint line for decoration at the base. Dark notches in the semblance of small windows adorn the upper deck. A black paint line adorns the rim of the ship to the deck. The deck itself is modeled after the actual ship's friendly wood-finished decks, but is actually composed of the same metallic material as the rest of the ship. Round panels decorate the ship's sides in the semblance of windows. An adjustable light is also on the front of the ship, although this seems like an afterthought in the Navi's design. The smokestacks are white at the base and decorated with a thick black rim at the mouth. The ship rests on a texture which makes it appear to be resting on some sort of liquid surface, even on the net floor: this is simply a texture, however, and does not function or really appear to be actual aquatic terrain.
Her battle routine adds a manual wheel interface with a disk that appears between her hands, allowing her to steer her ship in tighter maneuvers.

Personality: Ship's personality is a strong foil to her operator's. The Navi, naturally sociable and charismatic from her time in advertising, aggressively seeks to get to know other Navis. Although she appears young, she has actually been around for a number of years advertising for Electopian Cruiselines. Therefore, while her personality may seem cute, she's not naïve when it comes to emotions and motivations. In spite of this wisdom, her personality lends her an air-headed demeanor in relation to actual book knowledge. Throughout those years she was kept to her PET and the advertising network computers, thus she has no experience with Netbattling whatsoever. Ship tends to try her best and has a naturally generous side that leads her to seek to help others.

Custom Weapon: Wave Raiser — Waves and jets of water can naturally be created around Ship's lower half, although to a weak potential at her starting level. This, the most basic form of her ability, allows her to fire small jets or waves of water beneath the ship through slamming down the forward end or simply through quick movement. Most of these are aesthetic details: in actuality, she can spontaneously generate a jet of water without the theatrics from beneath the ship's base.

Signature Attack: Bank Wave — Through a sharp turning movement, Ship can create a large wave from the origin point of the ship's contact with the ground. The newly formed wave grows in size before crashing against a selected target. (Ground-type, 40 damage, Spread)

Pic: Revising.

Level 0 GMO: Girl.GMO

Much to Ship's displeasure, this utility GMO serves only one purpose: letting her through doorways. The GMO simply reduces her to the girl part of her form. Her ankles, strangely, are sunk into the floor of whatever surface she is in. Like in her regular form, she must have at least part of her body obscured (in this case, by a strangely liquid surface, rather than by her boat).

Ship can not use this form in battle routine!
Event .GMO, LIttleViking.GMO (from Pyre.EXE)
With this .GMO active, Ship's vessel takes the shape of a wooden "longboat" from ancient time. Her hull is long and narrow, but the sides bulge outwards above the waterline, giving the underside of her hull a relatively flat shape, as if it was designed to be able to sail in shallow waters. A single keel runs along the underside of the hull, and wrap up the bow and stern and transition into tall sternpost and oversized prow. The sternpost looks to be carved into the shape of a serpent's tail curled back and down in a tight spiral, while the prow is covered in carved scale shapes up from the waterline and gradually widens into something like a pedestal.

Atop said pedestal resides Ship herself, at least everything from her knees up. It's said the longboat prows were usually in the shapes of serpents and other dangerous looking creatures instead of young girls, but Pyre felt she could have some artistic license to make the costume better fit its owner. Ship's lower legs are covered in leather woven boots, while the rest of her torso is covered in a hunter green, mid thigh-length tunic. A brown, woven leather belt fits snugly around her waist, making the lower portion of the tunic look almost like a skirt while also keeping light vest of dull silver chain-mail in place. The bottom of the tunic is ringed with a brown embroidered band with knot-like designs, with similar bands around her collar and cuffs.

Her sea-green eyes and fair complexion is unchanged, but her blonde hair is longer and straighter than usual, and braided into two long pigtails that normally rest over her shoulders and down her front. The rest of her hair is normally covered by a dull silver cap helmet. The helmet has a bronze studded rim, to which a bronze nose guard and two cheek guards are attached. The rim and nose guard are etched with woven designs, while the cheek guards are etched with side profiles of a dragon-like sea serpent's head, maw open and viper-like fangs bared. Though not required, she can chose to have her hands occupied with a circular shield and a hatchet-like hand axe in the other. The shield is about 2.5' in diameter, and its outer face is painted with her navi symbol, a white "lifesaver ring" with orange stripes on a navy blue background. The hand axe has a "bearded" axe head, characterized by a long cutting edge with a thin span that attaches to the axe handle, like an upside-down "L" shape. The blade is slightly curved, and the sides are etched in woven designs much like the ones found on her helmet.

Her means of locomotion in this form come from two sources: the first being a rectangular white cloth sail with several green vertical stripes, supported by a single vertical mast almost dead-center in the middle of the ship along with multiple adjustable ropes to change the sail's orientation. The alternate means of locomotion comes from the dozen long oars jutting out from small holes lining the rim of the ship's hull, 6 on each side. A dozen circular shields (smaller than Ship's own) also line the sides of the ship, each one with a unique painted design. If she looked closely, she'd recognize two of them. The first has a white winged spear over a pale magenta background, representing Pyre, while the second has a dark silver mask over a pitch black background to represent Escort.