Name: Vixen.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Shadow

Appearance: In her natural form, Vixen is a small arctic fox with a blue tint to her pelt. The fur of her legs gradually gains a darker coloration as it descends, leaving her paws black. The tip of her tail is a pure snow white, as are the tips of her ears and her snout which can be seen peeking out from her mask. She wears a mask of yellow, almost golden, armor on her face, however it's impossible to tell if it's a part of her body or just an accessory. Her whiskers peek out from tiny holes and, through narrow slits, her eyes can be seen. The irises are glimmering light ice blue, matching her claws and teeth.

Vixen is a slight creature, standing only one foot tall at the shoulder. She is three feet long, a foot of that length being tail, and she weighs a mere 15 lbs. Her emblem in this form rests against her breast, but her thick fur hides it almost completely.

Kitsune.GMO: Vixen's hybrid fox/human form is that of a 5'9" tall and voluptuous woman that lives up to her name. A tight blue bodysuit covers most of her body, highlighting every curve and muscle. It is cut low, revealing flawless jade-like skin in a tight 'V' shape just above her rather large D cup breasts. The bodysuit keeps things mostly under control, but the navi clearly has no shame, let alone undergarments or wrapping. Right below her collarbone sits her emblem, hanging on her bare skin almost like a necklace or brooch.

Peeking out from the rear of her bodysuit is a long and fluffy tail, of white fur with a blue tint along it's length, ending in a tip of pure white. She wears wrist-length black leather gloves and knee-length leather boots ending in two-inch high heels and ninja tabi toes. She still wears the same yellow-golden mask, only larger, which on her human face now appears as that of a Japanese kitsune. Her lips, which can be seen below the mask, have a icy blue gloss that goes well with the glimmering irises of light ice blue that peek out from the mask's narrow, slanted eye slits. Long silver hair pours from the back of her head, with blue highlights that make it match her tail.

Where her human ears should be are another set of emblems matching the one on her chest. Despite this, she can hear just fine from them or from her mask's ears. It's still not known if her mask can be removed or if it's a part of her body.

Emblem: A circle, cut in half diagonally with one part blue and the other black. A golden kitsune mask sits in the center of it, which a thin line of silver outlines, as well as highlighting the split between black and blue. The entire emblem is surrounded in gold metal, matching the mask.

Background: Vixen was acquired as a plain old, custom navi when Eliza (Then just Tatiana) was just twelve years old. The two of them learned together over the years how to manipulate people, especially men, to their whims. Even as Eliza grew into a beautiful woman in her own right, she made sure her constant companion got to 'grow up' too.

Following the icy navi's specifications, along with some input from Eliza, she became the sultry Vixen she is today. Eventually they took their act into the professional field and started making a living off their wiles and the misfortunes of others. It wasn't long before the pair was able to secure a comfortable living, but of course they would always aim higher and want more.

Personality: The icy kitsune is cold and manipulative towards everyone and everything with the sole exception of her partner and friend, Eliza. She prefers to sit back in the shadows and gauge a situation before stepping into a confrontation or mission. Once things begin however, she is in her element. She enjoys the thrill of combat only slightly less then that of manipulating others into fighting each other while she watches.

She has a dominating and sadistic streak that she normally hides, as it's hard to get into someone's good graces once they have her figured out. For this reason she prefers to remain a complete mystery. She doesn't even like telling people her real name or background, preferring any number of aliases, embellishments and flat-out lies. It's just another game she plays, seeing how far she can spin her tangled web of lies before someone finally starts pulling on the threads.

Custom Weapon: She really prefers not to combat in her arctic fox form, but when she must, she claws and bites her foes with claws and teeth made of razor-sharp ice, as hard as diamond. For ranged combat, she can fire similar shards from her mouth, propelled at high speeds.

In her hybrid form, the kitsune can manifest icy-diamond claws at her fingertips, more to-scale with her larger body and more deadly by far. She may also create small weapons made of the same material to wield in melee or hurl. If all else fails, she can just fire half-formed ice bullets from her hands.

Signature Attacks: (60/60) [Process Upgrades: 0]

Gengetsu (Moon dog): (Cost 60) [(Decoy x1,1rd) Then (20 Aqua x2 Hits); 2 TCD] Snow and moonlight spin together in an instant to weave a decoy identical to Vixen's human-like kitsune form. The decoy and the original then both manifest blasts of ice, fired from their hands. Blasts must be directed at the same target but may originate from any of Vixen's decoys or from herself, in any combination. Decoys that were designated to fire blasts that are destroyed or disabled first result in reduced hits.