Name: Mata.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Type: Shadow

Appearance: Mata stands at the height of 5'6 with naturally tanned skin, matching well with her long, lightly permed dark hair that extends just down to her chest. She has a single lock of hair that is dyed in a dull gold color, hanging off the left side of her forehead. Her grey blue eyes shines brilliantly, but they are unforunately covered by a slick, futuristic pair of sunglass with golden lenses.

Mata wears a dull black, skin-tight cat suit with the front zipper open just up to her chest, along with a thin shoulder strap with various pockets that holds different gadgets. A thick, vertical strip of gold runs down the catsuit from the right shoulder all the way down across the leg, along with a thinner horizontal strip that runs right above Mata's chest, forming a cross. Her emblem, which is placed on the center of the cross, is a black and white drawing of an owl's head.

On the side note, Mata's body figure is slightly 'lacking', which she feels extremely self conscious about. Her full name is simply "Mata Hari," based on the infamous double agent. [Speech=404000]

Personality: Mata shows a cold exterior who calculates every move she makes...At least, that's what she tries to portray. Despite being skillful at what she does with her techniques and handling of her equipment, she feels self conscious about few things about her own personality and tries to cover it up. To list one thing, Mata thinks that her natural personality seems too happy and joyous to fit her "spy appearance" and dons her fake, cold personality for the sake of just doing so.

Even though she was created solely to investigate conspiracy theories for Oliver, Mata doesn't believe any of it and carries out her "special, top-secret, espionage" missions rather reluctantly.

Custom Weapon: Mata carries countless amount of gadgets and tools, but she uses a specially designed watch and bangle for her main use. Labeled "Espionage Specialty Gadgets", the watch and the bangle is capable of various functions, combat capabilities, and has a stylish gold tint to boot.