Name: Honoo.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

With a heavy palette of red used in her design, Honoo is a fiery navi that stands at a height of 5'9". Her red hair is a messy bob hairstyle that reaches shoulder length, with a slight orange hue that can be seen depending on the angle of the individual looking at her. A pair of yellowish-tinted goggles rests on her head when she is outside of combat. Her body is relatively well built, and a closer look (if one can risk it) may reveal some subtle contours that defines her abdominal muscles. Another defining feature is what appears to be a fuel tank mounted on her back. In truth, it isn't so much a gas container for her gauntlet's flamethrower as it is a protective backpack shaped like one.

Honoo's outfit is a skin-tight bodysuit with flowing orange lines running down the sides of her body. These lines emit a pulsing glow, as if fire energy is flowing across her entire body. Of note is a sort of collar around her neck where her Navigator emblem rests, as well as a small armor piece that rests on her left shoulder, held together by a belt strap. Fists of Kagutsuchi, her combat gauntlets, are a metallic matte gray, with oversized fists that are twice the size of her normal hands. These gauntlets can be removed, but Honoo prefers to wear them most of the time. The Gauntlets also hide her main buster when not in combat, protected by a plate of armor and resting in a compartment that allows the buster, a small cannon and a flamethrower, to pop out in combat.

Also protecting her is a pair of Armor leggings. These appear to be rather solidly built, though it fulfills the same function as most other Navi leg-guards.

Honoo is brash, impulsive, violent, and acts before thinking. A complete polar opposite from her net operator, she and her netop shares a unique yin/yang bond that connects the two together tightly. She always speaks her mind out and points things out bluntly without mincing any words. However, Honoo is also truthful, as her bluntness also represents her absolute honesty.

Honoo absolutely detests trickery and long-winded discussions, and prefers a direct approach to handling things, such as smashing her way through barriers or destroying foes in a swath of fiery destruction. She prefers to keep things short as much as possible as well, and will not hesitate to automatically decide on a single decision without consulting anyone else first.

Despite her extremely hostile and short-fused behavior, Honoo believes in a strict code of honor, especially when it comes to opponents and allies. When they have proven themselves, Honoo will be extremely loyal to her allies, to the point of self-sacrifice, or outright declare herself to be the sole navi allowed to defeat a worthy opponent, which she would happily deem as an eternal rival.

She is also an extreme alcoholic when given the opportunity to consume liquor, in particular the digital versions of rice wine. While she can control her impulse from taking the first sip, once she begins it is extremely difficult to stop her rampage.

Custom Weapon:
Fists of Kagutsuchi - A pair of gauntlets with weapons mounted on them. The left gauntlet sports a small Gatling cannon, while the other carries a grenade launcher. Both have a dedicated flamethrower muzzle, while the second barrel fulfills a specific task.

Signature Attack:
Fire Blossom - 60 pts
40 Fire + Splash2

Pulling her goggles down to cover her eyes, her gauntlets release a tongue of searing flame in a horizontal 45 degree arc around her front, burning her targets.