Name: Boxer.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Type: Guts

Appearance: Where Joey is a towering beanpole, Boxer is a stocky powerhouse. His most prominent feature, aside from the meaty beat sticks he calls "arms", is the overly caricatured cleft chin which, at last measure, was wider than the rest of his head. A constant field of stubble adorns his lower face, stopping just below his nose and covering where his usual leering grin splits his face. Boxer's appearance was loosely modeled on Pops back in his prime, muscles rippling underneath a black, skintight Navi suit modified to look like a tank top that runs down his body to about mid-thigh. Around his waist is a gigantic championship belt, identical to the one Pops is wearing in the pictures lining the gym, save for the boxing bell Emblem emblazoned upon the medallion in the center. Even though the belt is huge, his movement is unimpeded by the awkward accessory. Similar to Joey, Boxer sports red shorts, a pair of red gloves and black boxing boots. When his combat routines activate, a red boxing helmet appears around his head, covering the coif of black hair that rests atop his head.

Personality: In Boxer's mind, he's the best thing since... well, since ever. Much of his personality is borrowed, once again, from Pops. Unfortunately, Pops is a product of another time, leaving Boxer with an arrogant, abrasive, hot-headed, overly-competitive and, quite frankly, chauvinistic personality, quite unsuited for this day and age. This behavior was, of course, encouraged by the Twins while he acted as their Navi (Boxer has been each of the Sangrelli children's Navi at some point or another), as was his man-handling of Joey in the boxing ring. Of course, when Sara and Jess went through their training (Pops didn't discriminate when it came to making sure his children could hold their own in the ring), he kept his personal opinions to himself lest he find himself deleted by a vengeful father, but in dealing with people outside the family, his views on women and their position in society become well known rather fast. As part of Pops' nothing-but-boxing mentality, Boxer manifests nearly all of his attacks as a punch of some kind, which keeps him in close combat with all of his enemies. Boxer's one track mentality, along with his abrasive personality, has often resulted in trouble for the Navi, leaving Joey to deal with the consequences.

Custom Weapon: Fisticuffs — He's a boxer, he hits things. That's about as inventive as he's going to get with this.

Signature Attacks:

Sucker Punch: Boxer delivers an unexpected blow to his opponent, catching them off guard and sending them reeling. 30 damage + stun (60 points)

NCP: Undershirt, HP +50.