Name: Psi.XNA
Gender: Male (Voice)
Element: Null
Subtype: Shadow

Appearance: Psi is not even a remotely humanoid Navi. In fact, he has more in common with a drafting kit a student might take into an engineering class with the intention of hand drafting a new blueprint than the student actually carrying and using it. Psi's total mass and volume are both absurdly low. He weighs approximately 75 pounds (34 kg), and while he stands at roughly 4'0" (122 cm) tall, his actual body form is really quite compact. At rest, Psi is roughly 8 inches (22 cm) wide from shoulder to shoulder.

Psi's overall design is centered around his core body, with all of the various appendages and modules attached to it. A total of 3 main wings, 8 auxiliary wings, a mechanoid head, and a Navigator's emblem are all attached to this one central module. The emblem is mounted on the center of his body, just below his neck, and is circled by a ring of material that changes color based upon Psi's mood. The rest of his body is a light brushed gray color, with darker gray joints and accent pieces.

Where a person's waist would be, there is instead a sheathed socket mount with what appears to be a 3 foot (91.5 cm) long aircraft's wing hanging straight down out of it and pointing at the ground. The wing's profile is sharply angular, and narrows a bit as one's gaze travels from base to tip. It is a good thing that Psi floats above the surface of the terrain on a distortion field generated by this 'wing', because there is no way the narrow tip of this structure could or would ever support him. This part follows the same color scheme as the cetral body, with the exception of the leading edge of the wing being a polished silver color, like that of a blade.

Where there would normally be a person's arms, there is a matching set of two more of the very same wing-like structure hanging from the bottom of his body. These wings are practically identical, with the exception of being mounted to highly mobile compound joint assemblies on either side of his body. A set of thin color changing stripe markings runs across the wings near the leading edge; this feature is also present on the bottom mounted wing mentioned before.

In addition to the trio of main wing-like structures, Psi also possesses a set of eight smaller, rectangular wing structures. Each of these auxiliary structures is 2'6" in length, 4 inches across, and only a few millimeters thick. These wings are attached to thin, but sturdy 4 inch long armatures that connect to Psi's core body in various locations. Each wing, representing a slot in Psi's memory, features a row of 4 internally glowing color-change stripes that glow brighter than normal whenever the memory slot that wing represent is currently in use. This is the only way to tell that Psi is armed.

Where there would normally be a person's head, there is instead a mechanoid head. Psi's head is narrow, long, angular, and somewhat resembles the head of a bird of prey. This look is achieved by lowering the upper face guard, which resembles a sharp eagle's beak, into the closed position. When open, one is able to see the simple recessed visor Psi possesses in lieu of eyes that stretches from ear cover to ear cover. (This visor glows with an internal light, and changes color with Psi's mood.) A set of razor sharp fan-like fins rises from the back side of Psi's ear covers.

Psi's Emblem is located on his body just below his neck, and on each ear cover. The image printed upon them is the Greek letter Ψ (Psi) in white upon a black background.

Design Notes
-- It should be noted that Psi's head is, for the most part, vestigial. He doesn't need it to function, but it is helpful for indicating who he is speaking to.
-- Another notable design trait is the fact that Psi floats just above the ground. At rest, there will be a small circular zone of distortion or disturbed data/matter beneath him. When in motion, the leading edge of the distortion/disturbance becomes a wedge, and leaves a wake. The effect represents his footprint on the net.
-- There are no visible weapon systems of any kind on Psi's body. No guns, no swords, no emitters, nothing. Anything that looks like a weapon is actually not.
-- Psi never makes physical contact with an opponent when executing his attacks. That includes Melee attacks, such as DashAttack.
-- Psi's current emotional state is displayed by the color of his drive output. Only Psi knows the color code. Drive output can be seen as the lighted colored stripes and markings upon his body and the color of his projected energy fields, be they attack or not.
-- When Psi is at rest, all of his wings, main and aux, hang from their mountings, and point straight at the ground. His face guard is also left open.
-- When Psi is in combat, his main wings deploy to form a Y-shape, and his aux wings fan out below and behind him. His face guard is also closed.
-- Psi's GMOs work as image copies of select encountered characters.
-- Psi is not compatible with SPs. That includes junctioning.

Personality: Psi is a prickly fellow, although much less so in recent months, whose morals could be characterized as residing in a gray area. He is still sarcastic, cynical, and snarky, but the time he has spent with Johnathan (whom Psi finds endlessly entertaining) has done much to tone down Psi's general arrogance. His trust is still hard to earn, but it's more likely do-able these days since others may be less inclined to just try to kill him first (no guarantees, though). Psi is capable and willing to perform acts of kindness... as long as nobody is looking or he can pass it off as some sort of accident or coincidence, that is.

Custom Weapon: Psionic Physics Driver: Psi uses an experimental cyberspace editing tool that allows him to move, sense, and attack in a 360-degree by 360-degree arc at all times. This system is dimensional in nature, almost generating its own physics engine each time it triggers an operation. It lacks in power, but makes up for it with versatility and accuracy. The variety of attack forms available to this Navi are almost without limit, as this system supports Buster attacks, Signatures, Chips, Navicust Programs, and even Subtype abilities. Shutting down or disrupting one or more of those sub-system modules will not disable the Psionic Physics Driver.

- Buster Shot (Null) -
Psi Beam Emitter: Psi alters the equations for the speed of light and the effects of gravitational forces to trap photons into small spheres within a Nova-2 range of his body. Once enough photons are collected, the gravitational forces are altered to channel the streams of photons towards the target. The net result is Psi attacks the target with Rapid number of 'homing laser' beams that deal Power*2 damage, each. The beams are the same color as Psi's current emotion. Sometimes, that's really creepy.... If the target's HP is reduced to zero by this attack, the target will disintegrate rather than explode.

- Charged Shot (Null) -
Dimensional Blaster: Psi channels a Planck-scale portion of his energy output into the Emblem located on his body by altering his own conductive equations. Before firing, Psi alters the spatial coordinates of two circular planes in space, essentially linking and swapping them. The energy is then released through the portal, and towards the target from a second portal that opens within a Nova-2 radius of Psi's body. The second portal can point in any direction, and be generated anywhere within the Nova-2 range limit. The exit portals cannot generate closer than Nova-1, making this move strictly ranged. The beam is the same color as Psi's current emotion. If the target's HP is reduced to zero by this attack, the target explodes from within.

- Melee Attack (Null) -
Planar Division Drive: This attack alters the equation for matter along a simple flat plane composed of 4 points. The alteration severs the bonds of matter/data at that point, dealing damage to the target. Targets with greater than zero HP usually have their matter/data bonds restored after sustaining Rapid number of divisions that inflict Power*2 damage, each. The max range for this attack is Nova2, and the dividing planes assume the color of Psi's current emotion. If it is enough damage to render the target's HP to zero, they are cleanly divided, often falling to pieces before deletion.

- Strong Melee Attack (Null) -
Force Projector: This attack alters the static forces between Psi and the target at close range, causing a momentary release of force in the target's direction... again by altering equations. The nearly invisible pillar of Newtonian pwnage smites the target for Power*Charge*8 damage at a range no greater than Nova2 (it's nearly invisible because it causes a visible distortion effect). The point of impact releases a discharge of energy that is the same color as Psi's current emotion. If the attack is enough to reduce the target's HP to zero, the target shatters and their fragments are blown backwards.
Signature Attacks: (60/60)

Siphon Filter: (Cost: 60) [20 HP Barrier & Recover 30 HP on Self; 2 TCD]
Description: Psi alters the frequency and wavelength of one of the layers of his Drive Field in order to siphon energy from the Net locally. It does this by capturing particles from the space around him, and stripping them of their charged subatomic particles for Psi to absorb and channel back into the drive. The thin layer of Neutrons this leaves behind are caught in the Drive Field, and broken down to form a 'dark matter' barrier around Psi that will repel incoming attacks. Visually, this makes the spherical field around Psi more visible, or visible at all for that matter.

[Spoiler=Psi (Zenny: 750) style="width: 400; height: 14; color: black;"][Spoiler=Johnathan Murnane style="width: 392; height: 14; color: black;"][URL=][b]Johnathan's Profile[/b][/URL]
[Spoiler=Sub Chips style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"]Mini-Energy: 2[/Spoiler][Spoiler=Key Items style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"]Psi's PET
Braille Monitor
Johnathan's Dentech Student ID
Johnathan's Dorm Room Key Card[/Spoiler][Spoiler=PET Upgrades style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][b]HP Memories[/b]: 0
[b]Process Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Buster Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Speed Upgrades[/b]: 0
[b]Navi-Cust Expansions[/b]: 0[/Spoiler][Spoiler=Navi Customizer style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][u][b]Navi Cust Pts[/b]: 25/40[/u]
Undershirt (1/1)
Shield (1/1)[/Spoiler][Spoiler=Psi Folder style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][URL=][u][b]Folder Chips[/b]: (6/30)[/u][/URL]
Cannon (1)
Shotgun (2)
[color=Red]FireHit1[/color] (1)
[b]BronzeFist[/b] (1)
RageClaw1 (1)[/Spoiler][/Spoiler][Spoiler=Psi.XNA style="width: 392; height: 14; color: black;"][b][URL=]Psi.XNA's Profile[/URL][/b]
[Spoiler=Stats style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][b]Level[/b]: 1
[b]Element[/b]: Null
[b]Subtype[/b]: Shadow
[b]HP[/b]: 100
[b]Buster[/b]: 1/1/1
[b]Actions[/b]: 3
[b]Navi Cust Pts[/b]: 25/40
[b]Signature Pool[/b]: 60[/Spoiler][Spoiler=Signature Abilities style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][u][b][URL=]Signature Pool[/URL][/b]: 40/60[/u]
[b]Siphon Filter :[/b] (20 HP Barrier & Recover 30 HP on Self; 2 TCD)[/Spoiler][Spoiler=GMO Data style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"][u][b]GMO Memory Slots[/b]: 1/2[/u]
--Unregistered--[/Spoiler][Spoiler=Crosses style="width: 384; height: 14; color: black;"]Crosses? This Navi? That's a joke, right? XD[/Spoiler][/Spoiler][/Spoiler]
Battle Chips

2x -- Cannon
Damage: 40 + Knockback
Accuracy: A
Description: A decent sized cannon with a single shot.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

2x -- Shotgun
Damage: 50 + Spread 1
Accuracy: A
Description: A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Duration: Once
Element: Null

1x -- FireHit1
Damage: 60 + Impact + Double Attack
Accuracy: A
Description: Throws a blazing punch from a distance.
Duration: Up to 2 uses before the end of the turn
Element: Fire
Special: Double Attack: After spending an action to attack with this chip, you may choose to spend a second action and attack with it again before the end of the turn.

1x -- RageClaw1
Damage: 40 + Slashing (Attack) OR 20 + Impacting (Throw)
Accuracy: B / B
Description: Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Duration: Until Overridden/Broken. Breaks automatically after 6 uses.
Element: Null
Special: Throw deals damage to both target and thrown object/enemy. Success is entirely dependent upon RP Quality. This chip has a variety of uses.