Name: Kina.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Recover
As a time-traveler Navi, albeit an involuntarily one, Kina's style is somewhat futuristic, though she leans far more towards the streamlined end of that spectrum than the hi-tech end. Her white, bell-bottom pants are almost normal looking, though it's hard to say what material they're actually made of, and the same can be said of her white slip-on shoes. Perhaps the most important part of her design other than the Time Ring itself, Kina wears a long white coat outfitted with a unique (and mysterious) power supply to fuel her temporal travels. It's not particularly heavy, but is long, with the torso extending down past her hips and the sleeves reaching all the way to her wrists. A belt of sixteen glass-like yellow orbs is wrapped around the coat and her hips, which contains a seemingly infinite supply of electrical energy to power the rather energy-inefficient Time Ring. Silver wires are sewn into the coat itself to transfer the energy, such that they extend up the sides of Kina's body, loop around her shoulders in a ring, before breaking back off down the sides of her arms and forming a new ring at the end of her sleeves. The sleeves are bell-shaped much like the legs of her pants, but are very rigid at the ends to preserve the shape of the wire rings which actually output the electricity fed to the Time Ring. Both items can be taken off just by undoing a zipper down the middle of the coat and one clip on the belt, but given how essential they are, Kina is reluctant to do so in fear of losing them.

Physically, Kina is a young woman, about 5'8" tall with tawny brown hair and dark green eyes. Her advancement to a future design also advanced the time on her hair, and as such it is quite long on all sides. Kina preferred to let it lay as-is when it was shorter, but at this point she has little choice but to just clump most of it up into a very bushy ponytail of little length. Her figure is slim, and her chest is, while not terribly large due to her build, can somewhat be seen through her non-formfitting coat. Kina does keep a small earpiece around her left ear, which serves only to hold a thin yellow visor she can slide over her eyes to help with all those temporal calculations. It's not great for her general vision, though, so more often than not the visor is just lifted up over her forehead. The soles of her shoes are silver like the wires and Time Ring, as are the hems of her pants, but other than that, Kina is a very sterile-looking at a glance. In truth, however, the lack of color is intentional, as for whatever reason, Kina's clothes like to take on the colors of the portals she goes through. If her shoes, pants, and coat were any other color naturally, the resulting blends would be... rather hideous, as Eliza and Kina have found out the hard way.

Kina is a clever girl, really. That much should be given since she was formerly a research Navi, though. She can figure just about anything out given the right information, but therein stands her shortfall when that information is lacking. Kina is highly indecisive when she doesn't know if a choice is right or wrong, and since she doesn't know darn near anything about the Time Ring, one can imagine how troubled she is right now. The same could be said for her social interactions, as she can keep a good conversation with friends, but dealing with strangers is very difficult for her. It's not that Kina is shy, but she often can't find the words to say to someone she doesn't know.

While she has a good relation with Eliza, having been her Navi for years, Kina's general caution with the unknown is often at odds with her Operator's gung-ho mentality. This is also true concerning her use of the Time Ring, which couldn't possibly be more mysterious. And yet, ironically, Kina is utterly reliant on the portal device in a battle. Since she has no real combat experience to speak of in her life, Kina often finds herself using the Future mode even just to make herself capable of using Battlechips until she can understand how to use them in her present state.

Kina was designed not as a combat Navi, but rather a research model. Given Eliza's passion for all things science, credible or otherwise, Kina had neither the time nor resources to learn how to fight viruses as she combed through dozens if not hundreds of data files daily. Of course, the two of them had yet to find the Time Ring, because after that strange series of events, Kina found herself involuntarily reformatted into a potential future self as a combat Navi with all of the Net's past records at hand... as well as an indeterminate number of its future events. Eliza and Kina are... still working out that one. While it is in a way a nerd's greatest fantasy for Eliza, the potential dangers of misusing the Time Ring are great in number and power, so it's a very nervous trial and error as these two try to sort out the functions of this mysterious time-bending device.

==Custom Weapon: Time Ring==
Kina's Time Ring, as one would think, is her time-travel device. It is aptly named, being just a silver ring of expanding and shrinking size as needed (it is usually just a ring on her right hand in standby mode). The device is controlled by a holographic input wheel around the ring's edge, most of which calibrates the degree of time-travel performed by whatever passes through the ring. When active, the Time Ring is filled in by an opaque red portal in Past mode, green in Present mode, and blue in Future mode. Actual use of the Time Ring is not limited to just Kina, so she can use it to the benefit of allies and harm of enemies as well. As its most rudimentary function, the Time Ring can shut off its temporal abilities, mostly surround itself with a sharp edge, and allow Kina to use it as a chakram.

==Signature Attacks (60/60 points)==

Past > Prior State (45 Heal, 2 TCD; 60 points)
Kina gets injured, and thus goes back to when she was not injured. Simple... as much as time travel gets, anyway. Conveniently, it works on pretty much everyone else too. Just... don't let any newborns near the portal. Please.