Name: Regalia.EXE
Gender Identity: Male
Simulated Age: 48
Elemental Format: Elec(tric)
Subfile System: Summon
Appearance Description:
No Visor With Visor
Regalia is an aging man in his late fourties, his hair a dusky shade of brushed steel-- going gray but doing so gracefully and evenly, standing currently at a place straddling the blacker end of the black-white divide. It is rather unstyled, sitting medium-length with thick bangs that he pushes aside, out of his face. His skin bears light wrinkles, most of which are concentrated on his face; his body appears to be well-trained and well-kept, with muscles hiding behind a thin layer of caucasian skin that contains just a hint of frailty. Regalia's eyes are small, and lean ever-so-slightly toward the right side of his face, leaving them a little lopsided in position; their irises are a bright green. He is fairly tall, standing at a real-world height of about 6'6. His build is fairly bulky, with broad shoulders and hips that are set slightly back, even when he is standing straight. His thick, trunk-like legs force him to keep them spread slightly apart when he stands, making him look shorter than he is.

Regalia himself is normally clad in any number of light styles of armor, ranging from ringmail to leather to chain-- even some exotic, obviously-nonrealistic types of jumpsuits or light-plate, but not often. His most common outfit is a chainmail getup that is fit like a tunic; white-dyed cloth and leather poke out for about 3 additional inches past the sleeves and bottom of the tunic, providing extra range for the chainmail to slide without pinching or chafing. The chainmail itself is made of what looks like wrought-iron shined to a mirror polish; as such, it glints continuously in the light. Regalia also sports a black bodysuit that covers most of his visible skin. Curiously, however, Regalia is normally barefooted, bereft of even that.

Regalia's A.R.M.O.R. (Automatically Reinforcing Melee Offense Repulsor) is a set of five pieces of platemail that go over his traditional chainmail getup, offering him extra protection and passive effects. It is all made of shining silver, with a golden-yellow filigree. Regalia has protested on more than one occasion about how this makes him stick out a little too much, but his operator's commentary on the armor's original all-gold design quickly silences any complaints from the experienced navi.

Regalia's HELMET is a rounded helm with a neck cover flaring out from the back, with a visor that blocks his eyes from sight. Several small fins push back in rows on the sides of it, looking like rear-facing vents, or gills. A crest rises up from the forehead and points slightly backward, tipped with a brass point that is shaped like a spearhead. The neck cover itself is embroidered with two thick, curved, horizontal lines of gold that run parallel to each other, and hangs just far enough above Regalia's neck that he can freely turn his head. The helmet's visor, thick and occluding, blocks Regalia's slightly off-set eyes from view when he dons the helm, and is made from what appears to be green-colored glass or plastic. It is attached to the sides and top of the helmet's front, firmly-fitted, and comes down to taper off to two points on either side of the bridge of his nose. Keeping his helmet on is a supporting set of interlocking chin straps which stretch from the back and front sides of the helmet, firmly securing it to Regalia's head.

Regalia's BREASTPLATE is actually a breastplate-shoulderguard-elbowguard combo; the main body of it is a thick breastplace that stretches across the entirety of his torso, with an embossed mock-up of his helmet on the chest in gold; two small emeralds denote Regalia's eyes beneath the helm instead of a visor. Framing either side of the engraving are two vertically-positioned lines of thick gold filigree, both with pointed, squared curls rather than the light, airy twists of typical filigree patterns. At the bottom of Regalia's breastplate extends a small 'skirt' of further armor covering with a texture and pattern similar to his neck covering; it comes down to mid-thigh. Beyond the torso covering, the breastplate extends to the tips of his shoulders, where two semi-rounded pauldrons cling closely to the joint and bend with it, reducing his silhouette and bulk compared to more fantasy-esque, "squared" pauldrons. The coverage continues past the joint, with a "tube" of armor that covers Regalia's upper arm, stopping just short of the elbow, where a tightly-gripping, flexible elbowguard clings onto either arm. The pauldrons of Regalia's armor both bear their own filigree and trim, with a large, hexagon-cut emerald inlaid on the side of each one, and the tubes of armor covering Regalia's upper arms both collectively bear the inscription "Strength in peace, or strength in pieces." written on them in text that is readable from the front side; Strength In Peace is written on Regalia's right arm; Or Strength In Pieces is written on Regalia's left.

Regalia's GAUNTLETS are made of thicker plate than the rest of the armor, belying their occasional use as melee weapons. Their main frame is a solid tube that covers the forearm up to the wrist before splitting off into a cover for the backside of the hand, complete with studs for the knuckles that will rotate down and forward when Regalia makes a fist. The fingers are covered by thinner, interlocking plates over each of the phlanges of Regalia's fingers, all of them plain silver and clearly lacking the filigree present on every other piece of armor covering Regalia.

Regalia's LEGGINGS are indeed so; they are a set of interlocking plates and guards that fully encase his legs, with few openings or weakspots for anything to get through. They stretch from his waist, just below the breastplate enough for him to bend, down to his feet, where they cap off in a pair of thick silver boots, studded at the toes and with a small spike on the back of each, near the sole. The boots themselves come up to just below the knee, with a bolted joint on the sides of his ankles, allowing him to angle it freely. The upper portion of the boot does not attach to the knee-guard of Regalia's armor; it instead clings entirely to the lower shin and calf, swiveling with the foot and ankle when he turns them. Regalia's upper legs and thighs are covered by a solid tube of armor similar to the one that shields his upper arms; it is, beneath the skirt of his breastplate, attached to it by a set of four belts; two in the front and two in the back. Attached to this are a pair of solid-armor kneepads that are further fastened to Regalia's knee by a pair of two straps and buckles on the inside of the joint.

Regalia's CAPE is, outside of battle, made of white silk; its' edges are bordered with a gold trim in the form of lightning bolts which criss-cross each other, and in the center of the cape are two vertically positioned green bolts. The pattern of Regalia's cape is visible on both its' inside, which faces Regalia, and its' outside, which does not. During battle, the lightning outline of the cape remains, but the entire thing, trim and all, becomes made of actual electricity, with the cape inside the fringes filled with a wild sea of errant electrical current, arcing around wildly like a captured thunderstorm.

Regalia's WEAP- sorry, custom weapon is a pointed cane made of redwood, coming up just past his waist. It is trimmed with several bands of gold inlaid with darker, fancier filigree patterns in silver, and is topped off by a faceted emerald orb, firmly affixed to the cane by four thick golden 'claws' which hold it in place. Regalia frequently uses this item as a sort of summoning focus, turning it into whatever weapon the current situation calls for; a sword, a bomb, a lance, a block, etcetera. When he is done with the object (or the object is destroyed, often by its' own usage), it simply reappears with him.

Personality Description:
Regalia is an often quiet man, usually content to keep his opinions and his feelings to himself, locked away behind the armor. He is experienced, however, and elderly at that; as a result his wit is rapier-sharp, and his mind keen as any navi. While normally he remains stoic as such-- not much can be seen besides his curt, neutral expression through the armor-- Regalia's stiff demeanor possesses a sole weakspot, that of navis or people less experienced or younger than himself. Especially so are those navis modeled after children; he has a hard time keeping himself from taking them under his wing, and an even harder time fighting them, if it comes to that. That said, he is more often benevolent than pragmatic in his actions, preferring to put others' safety before his own.


Regalia summons his helmet upon his person or his target; its' exact appearance is described above. It is an object with the "Light" property, and a reduced-cost-passive effect of producing a barrier centered on its' wearer every turn.
[20 HP Object + Light + Equipable + Passive: Barrier 20]
[20+60+20 = 100]
[3 TCD]

Regalia summons his breastplate onto either himself or his target; its' appearance, like the rest of his armor, is described above. It is an object with the "Light" property, and a reduced-cost-passive effect of healing their wearer.
[20 HP Object + Equipable + Light + Passive: Heal 20]
[20+80+20 = 120]
[3 TCD]

Regalia summons his gauntlets onto either himself or his target; their appearance is described above. The gauntlets are an object with the "Light" property, and a reduced-cost-passive effect of granting Regalia/their wearer a 1-hit tower shield whenever he/they call for it.
[20 HP Object + Equipable + Light + Passive: 1-hit Shield]
[20+60+20 = 100]
[3 TCD]

Regalia summons his leggings onto either himself or his target; their appearance is, for the last time, described above. These leggings are an object with the "Light" property, and a reduced-cost-passive of curing one status on their wearer.
[20 HP Object + Equipable + Light + Passive: Status Cure]
[20+90+20 = 130]
[4 TCD]

Regalia's backside is constantly adorned with a cape made of multiple bolts of lightning, which he can channel through his armor to deal damage to attacker and target alike. They crackle and arc and sway as though they were a cloth cape, but disappear for a short time when he uses them to attack.
(20x3 = 80)
[20 Elec + Passive x4 cost]