DeepSea.Dec, Aka Cala Mary


Cala Mary is a female navi with a height of 5 feet 5 inches from the top of her head down to where she tends to touch the ground. She has long, smooth blue hair extending halfway down her back and a matching set of lovely blue eyes. She has a well curved body, sporting some wonderful E cups underneath an deep blue admiral's coat, which is long enough to reach a little bit past the waist.

And that is where the human characteristics end.

Below the waist shows why she represents a decktype named 'Deep sea', as she has long tentacles instead of feet, their colors fading from her normal skin to white. The tentacles seem to be based more off of a squid then an octopus, but thankfully for whatever gets caught in them, it isn't based off the kind with the razor cups or hooks or that kind of dangerous nonsense. From the top of Cala's head to the tip of the tentacle, she would measure 8 and a half feet long.

Custom weapon: For when she is reduced to a simple buster, she has a trusty harpoon gun and her tentacles to handle the rest of the fight.

Cautious, controlling. She is someone who would try to take control of the board, removing threats towards her and protecting ones towards her opponents. She understands that some things take time, and can patiently wait for the correct timing for action.

Outside of the game, she is less about controlling and more about fun.

Harpoon Crew: 60+30 nerf points
Not Cala's most favorite of card in the deck, but one of the more useful ones for the early game. The Harpoon Crew consist of two men, one man to load and the other to aim and fire, harpoons, and a harpoon gun. The harpoon gun itself is mounted on the back of a giant card, that both men and ammunition. The gun's fire is powerful enough that the harpoon can go right trough a virus and stick into the next.

Unfortunately for Cala, her process slow down upon casting the card. Weither this is an actual effect of the card or a side effect of her trying to, cram the whole thing using the least amount of points is up to debate.

20 HP object
Object Passive: 15 aqua+slashing+Spread1(Behind): B accuracy
Nerf: self slow