Name: Manticore.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind

Appearance: By all accounts, Manticore is a feral and savage monster who some would argue shouldn't even exist. His body resembles that of a muscular black lion with a pair of massive dragon wings and a long multi-segmented scorpion tail ending in wicked stinger. Several areas of his body are highlighted with blood-red streaks, including all through his mane and the underside membrane of his wings. The beasts back and the top of his wings have thicker, armored hide and have at numerous places deadly quills, some a mere couple inches while others extend to almost a foot in length. His paws and the bones running through his wings end in razor-sharp claws and his maw is lined with rows of razor sharp teeth. Even when at rest his expression and appearance in general tend to inspire terror in all but the most hearty or foolish.

Feral.GMO: Sometimes Manticore's data becomes especially unstable (or when the good doctor or a foe angers him enough) and his body briefly undergoes a change. His appearance becomes much more savage, quills growing from almost all parts of his body, his thick hide covering even his underbelly and his head shifting to look more like a fanged dragon than lion. His eyes are replaced by a trio of brightly glowing red eyes on either side of his head and he becomes taken over with utter blind rage, attempting to slaughter anything in sight. Friend, foe or random objects beware.

Personality: Little is known about the inner workings of Manticore's mind. Since he was at one time a normal net navi, and the property of Dr Gorgon, he seems to recognise his authority even now. Unfortunately due to the 'good doctor' mutating his code with a cocktail of bugfrags and what was supposedly bits of cybeast data, he has all but lost his mind. He is constantly flooded with rage and hunger and the only thing that seems to sooth his fury is battle. In rare moments of calm he finds himself remembering brief and confusing moments from his past life or the nightmare that was his transformation when he was thrown into the net to be reclaimed later.

Custom Weapon: Like the mythical beast he appears to be, Manticore tends to either tear things appart with his claws and teeth or stab them with his stinger. When he moves in certain ways and wills it, he can set loose volleys of quills from his shoulders or a snap of his tail and engage foes in ranged combat.

Signature Attacks: (60/60) [Process Upgrades: 0]

Quills: (Cost 40) [10 Null, Shot Attack; Passive]
In battle Manticore constantly moves his muscular body, wings and tail in a manor that the longest and deadliest spikes are being thrown every turn at his foes with minimal input from him. The quills target random foes but if he ever finds himself fighting alongside allies, they would be wise to make themselves smaller, less inviting targets...

Hungering Strike: (Cost 20) [10 Null+Lifesteal, Melee Attack; 1TCD]
The hunger that fills Manticore can briefly be put at bay with a bite that tears appart and consumes the data of a digital denzen! Navi or virus, it all tastes like net chicken and repairs him just the same.