Name: MediocreMan
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Shadow
Appearance: MediocreMan looks like any normal netnavi in terms of build, which is to say that he is of average height, weight, and shoe size. He often gets compliments from men in black leotards and chrome colored armor and helmets because snazzy dressers think alike. Nobody has ever seen his face, and rumor has it that nobody bothered to program him one.
Personality: MediocreMan is either incredibly loyal or insane. According to records kept on file at child services, a newborn infant was found on its doorstep but immediately kidnapped by a baby carriage talking about a time traveling netnavi protecting his future operator against the ravages of poverty. Regardless, MediocreMan takes care of Gramps with unflinching resolve, but still maintains a classic uncaring attitude about anything else. And he thinks that Gramps gurgling is instruction and guidance during netbattles. So he might need a friend.
Custom Weapon: Thift Store Buster — The cheap operator's buster of choice! Looks like a regular buster that has seen better times.

Signature Attacks: (60 Points Total)

Explosive Decoy — MediocreMan's decoys go out with a bang. When one of his decoys vanishes, the vengeful residual data immediately fires off in a shadowy beam that inhabits an opponent's body. The sudden influx of shadowy and fragmented data causes a short circuit in the nearest stun-able opponents system. Damage Delay (Decoy Vanish): Stun. Shot Type. 1 TCD (30 Points)

Deadly Decoy - MediocreMan imbues a decoy with shadow energy. When the decoy vanishes, a surge of shadows will strike down the nearest opponent. Damage Delay (Decoy Vanish): 10 + 10 Life Drain. Shot Type. 1 TCD (30 Points)