Name: Dare.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Type: Speed

Dare stands at a height of almost exactly six feet, with dark skin and an athletic build. Her measurements are glamorous, and her carnelian red Navi suit does little to hide them. Her black hair is frizzy and fans out from behind, ending above her shoulders. No bangs obscure her forehead. She normally wears large red shades a bit brighter in color than her Navi suit, but has sharp, dark eyes behind them. She has full lips that are normally curved into a smile and painted dark red with lipstick. Her eyebrows are sharp, dark, and thin, and since her eyes are normally hidden these are usually what displays her expressions.

Above her Navi suit, Dare wears a black, long sleeved biker jacket, the neck open low enough to display cleavage. A flame-patterned star design covers most of the back. She has sleek black fingerless gloves and tall boots, both over the suit. The boots have what look like flashy chrome exhaust pipes angled up and out from the sides near the back. Her symbol is displayed on the round buckle of her black belt and on her chrome earguards: a diagonal strip along a black background, split into jagged colors of red, orange, and yellow.

When entering battle, Dare typically throws aside her shades, which vanish in a burst of flames. Similar flames form a jet black motorcycle helmet around her head, the flames themselves seeming to linger a moment before the face until they crystallize into a dark red face shield. Her pipes on her boots leave trails of flame where she walks.

Dare has a bright and naturally outgoing personality. Like her operator, her outlook is fearless and she tends to look before she leaps. She goes to great efforts to remain constantly positive, and sometimes interprets situations of conflict as friendly competition. She seems to be thickheaded to most concepts other than competition, but this is usually just because she doesn't find them as interesting. She likes to tease others, but her single-minded pursuit actually makes her easy to manipulate. Her behavior in winning actually tends to be sportsmanlier than that of her operator. She takes her losses harder and tries to analyze and learn from them.

Custom Weapon:
Dare can form a large chrome-metal buster gun around her right arm, which she then uses to fire embers of flame at opponents. Charging the buster causes it to fire a large ball of flame instead, which releases from her gun with an engine roar and pop.

Signature Attacks:
Trail Blazer: Dare dashes forward, propelled by fire, and attempts to burn the enemy. She likes to add flourishes like spins, punches, or kicks to this maneuver, and particularly enjoys using it to deal the finishing blow on an opponent. Besides its combat uses, it works semi-effectively when she simply needs to move faster. [Movement x 2, 20 FIRE Melee damage] [(20 x 2) + (20)]


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LVL0: BelfastAvatarsRedPartyDress9.GMO

A cheap pay-to-download .GMO design Bruce bought online from Belfast Avatars on the fly as cover for a mission, not knowing how to program his own. The outfit consists of a red blouse and skirt, made to look like a short sheath dress by a large, dark red breast belt with two silver buckles. The outfit fits Dare's curves well, but because of this snugness and the silver bangle braclets it adds, she finds it cumbersome for battle. It retains the hairstyle and shades from her original outfit, a customization option chosen by Bruce in the interest of time, but adds simple silver earrings. The only conspicuous holdovers from her original outfit are the earguards, which remain the same, and the large chrome pipes which protrude from either ankle of each of her red high-heel shoes.

Because of the lack of customization detail on Bruce's part, if Dare enters battle routine while wearing this outfit, her motorcycle helmet still appears as usual.

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When a fancy dress isn't fancy enough, there's this GMO. Designed to skyrocket its wearer ti the peak of pinache, the gold-colored dress looks like something out of a fairy tale: a tremendous bell skirt, a bustier dress too worn with the shoulders down, but still tastefully covering the bosom so as to allow very little cleavage to be exposed, long, silk gloves reaching to the elbows, and high heeled gold slippers complete the elegant ensemble. Dare's hair is made into as pretty of a bun as Ante could compose, held behind the head with a gold ribbon. Upon the chest, a yellow, five-petalled flower with black creeping from its center is pinned; it is likely not a real flower, as Ante's expertise does not lie in botony. A light, pale yellow belt sash circles the waist, although its not necessary to hold anything together.

Beneath the dress, the undergarments consist of a perhaps overly conservative thin, strapless tube top and bloomers, both in a less flattering pale yellow. Ante is the type to believe that one's undergarments shouldn't be made alluring, since they should rarely be seen regardless. The shoes were not made to account for Dare's exhaust pipes, which Ante assumed were cosmetic... A bit of the ankle sticks past the shoe regardless, so it might be alright...?

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LVL5: Cat-Hairband Waitress.GMO

From the link he received from Teruko, Bruce dug up a GMO for Dare that he only loosely coordinated with Ante's. The outfit completely replaces Dare's usual, with the exception of her trademark shades and the tailpipes on her shoes. A black hairband with slightly rounded orange-and-black tiger print ears is worn on the head. The band is mostly hidden, while the soft, synthetic-fur ears stand out. Her chest is covered by an ordinary, sleeveless white tank top, showing a bit of cleavage. The shirt is long enough to cover the belly, but not long enough to tuck into the bottom. The bottom consists of a pair of short-legged tiger-striped pattern shorts worn at the hips, including a synthetic fur tail of the same pattern attached just above the tailbone. Overall, the outfit is wrinkle-free without being overly tight. A black leather collar with a silver tag bearing her cursive engraved name circles the neck, and a black front-facing pouch on a Velcro-adhered belt of the same color wraps her waist. White lace-up boots with retractable roller skates cover sporty white socks on her feet.