Name: Cambiare.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Variable

Default: Cambiare stands at an average height along with a slim build. He wears a light gray skin-tight jumpsuit with his emblem, which is empty and black with silver edges, placed on both side of his shoulder. He wears black bracelets and anklets that are too thin to be really noticeable, along with a gray helmet that has a light black stripe running straight across the middle with a colorless crystal residing at the forehead. Cambiare also wears a pitch black visor that completely hides his eyes. There are multiple designs on his jumpsuit: First are the two thick, black stripes diagonally placed upon Cambiare's chest and directly points towards the center of his chest. Second are the stripes that stretches across the side of his arm, starting from the emblem. And finally, five thin layered lines sketched across his thighs. [Speech = Gray (666699)]

Cambiare with Finny (Art by Chardes)

Brio Form: Cambiare's dull, grey and black colors are replaced with red and orange respectively. The bland stripes over his body are replaced with complicated tribal designs and the crystal placed on his helmet is now brimming with bright, red color. Cambiare's bracelets and anklets expand so that it begins to cover a good half of his lower arm/shin. The empty emblem is now replaced with a burning musical note and the color of the rim changed to metallic orange.

Tenuto Form: Cambiare's color scheme changes to green and white to replace his grey and black, along with the crystal changing color to brilliant emerald. The most notable change in this form is the fact that the stripes placed on his body has spread out and expanded to form a "pad" as a form of protection. The stripes on his thigh are spread across his legs and the large stripe on his chest also separates to also wrap around his stomach to form the design of a rib cage. The bracelet transforms into a giant gauntlet that covers 3/4th of Cambiare's arm with the stripe "padding" running straight down the arm and the armament. The gauntlet makes the navi's arm wider than usual, doubling it as a viable shield. The empty emblem is now replaced with a green diamond.

Grazioso Form: The grey on Cambiare's suit changes to dark blue while his black stripes turn yellow. The stripe designs on his body become segmented and thinner than usual and the crystal on his forehead turns sapphire blue. The biggest change that takes place in this form is the transformation of his bracelets and anklets, designed to improve the navi's speed and mobility. The bracelets stretch along Cambiare's forearms and become adorned with several rectangular ports all pointing in different directions. Each port serves as a thruster and an energy exhaust used for both mobility and combat. The anklets transform into large boots that stretch up the navi's knee, having a darker shade of blue with the segmented stripes running down the center. The boots have the same rectangular ports placed at the back and the sole and create large blue energy wheels for speedy situations. His emblem is replaced with a blue circle resembling the wheel he utilizes.

Cambiare, despite his stoic appearance, is quiet nervous towards anything he comes across. Whether it may be fellow net navis or viruses, it is usually accompanied by his unusual, nervous laughter he silently lets out to himself. It is also for the same reason why his visor completely blocks the view of his eyes from others. He relies on Finny's operating much more than a usual navi would with their operator, but it is something he wouldn't easily admit.

Custom Weapon: Cambiare's bracelets can convert into weapons, such as a glove for fisticuffs or a standard buster.

However, Cambiare's real feature is to change his entire programming with a help of an external program drive used by his operator. His body will change shapes and colors and adjust himself in need of the situation. There are, however, flaws to the system. Cambiare can only assume new forms after a certain time limit to prevent himself from overloading from dramatic changes of his program (Single form change per turn). Secondly, he himself cannot change his forms at his will and his operator is the only one who has access to his forms. Finally, skills are limited to each and every form, rarely having the same skills allowed across different forms.

Currently, Cambiare only has two forms: Brio Form (Musical term for a "vigorous" play style) and Tenuto Form (Musical term to "sustain a note"). Finny will be able to create new program drives as Cambiare expand his Process Memory and other factors.